Test et Déballage du Logitech G513 Carbon RGB – Le meilleur Clavier gamer ? [FR]

hi everyone it’s sebyin seby1 tutorial PC so we will be meeting today for a unboxing of a
gaming keyboard brand logitech the G513 carbon so it’s a
keyboard gamer that I propose to you discover with me we will analyze the
backlighting the installation of the software is there any usb ports
feel to use the noise that’s all the little props he
could be all features so we just have to
start the whole presentation of this g 513 carbon of beauty
look at this, the box is very beautiful and what he keeps all his promises
that’s what we will see together start the presentation it’s gone
aluminum chassis usb port lighting rgb and keys hands off touch rejection
announced 25% faster than the keyboard ordinary gamer that’s what we’re going
see in this test this g510 keyboard logitech carbon
but we will start first with the unpacking is so this keyboard is very
heavy than its aluminum chassis rather, it is a guarantee of good quality
manufacturing we also see that the wrist rest there and wet the foam
with shape memory there are six skates antiskid on the back what should
allow to have some stability that’s what we’ll see together
unpacking so we defeated the cable usb which was so at the front of the keyboard
and we see that there is a lot of touch provides a supplement with a host
touch there are about a dozen touch of proposing they are two
thomas gaming certainly we continue the unpacking here and so we see that
the keyboard is really beautiful the wrist rest I’m going to
position against the keyboard and we will look together design design
it’s important in a keyboard too and so we see the wrist rest that is
very pretty very comfortable aluminum design look at that
it’s beautiful I really love the color I love the style when we
touch it’s really finally feeling really the metal arm it’s really
nice we see that the design is particular the keys we see them
really good what will be easier some to clean there are skates
anti-slip thick enough and we can obviously handle the slope of the
keyboard we find that the usb cable and very thick it looks very sturdy but
it will connect your keyboard on two usb ports on your computer
I kept taking off the little ones plastic that hides the logitech logo
that goes with a mirror effect sending the usb port which is proposed to
the right rear of the keyboard so here you can go
plug in your mouse charge your phone
it’s really a good point since all the gamer keyboards do not offer it
so now we will go to rgb lighting and so as soon as you
have plugged your keyboard so with the two usb ports on your tower
directly the lighting will work good it’s going to be standard you’re going to have
wave effects but after you can be adjusted via software already
looked a little bit the effect that it gives the connections
we see that the lighting is pretty good here I find that the quality
lighting is very very good ago really a strong intensity on the
keys to his very visible that’s it there is no diffusion on the sides
it’s really that touch that is enlightened so that in the dark we
will do a test but in the loire see that the keys are very
easily visible what makes you can play in the dark without
problem and you will easily find your gaming keys so that’s really
very practical we really see this lighting is beautiful
it is certainly the most beautiful lighting that I’ve seen so far in
a rgb keyboard so now we’re going to look
installing the software to be able to manage this lighting is managed the
layout of the keys and so it’s download the software from logitech I
you will put the link in description of the video which I invite you to unwind
the description so the installation this terminal apparently there are
apps though on android and on ios I do not want to test them today
goal is to really stay at the level of the pc function and so that’s the wizard
video games and we will be able to touch finally manage the gaming keys
particularly and perhaps to have a specific color
that’s the basic thing we did waves which is very pretty but which is
not necessarily useful for a gamer and Then we will be able to regulate
colors you have to put some colors fixed colors like the d
wave effect effect you have a flames effect you have here and the
see you can re maps and keys in terms of colors here we go
select a few keys and their give a specific color if it is
wish we can also be extinguished the other affected only lit up
some keys this is me from the layout that I have
remembered this one actually I all the keys a bit peculiar
I took it a specific color and I will not touch myself
for video game keys for the moment I did not have a great need
in forger that the assistant software video games it is also valid if
you have a mouse for example or a keyboard
or not a keyboard or a mouse pad rgb since it also exists
I do not really know what it’s all about that’s it, then you’ll be able to define
profiles for keyboard or for your mouse besides profiles share
I leave as you will be able to define for such game battlefield
you want the keys to be arranged like this or otherwise for a
other game and that’s the result that I I chose in terms of lighting rgb
yeah the top keys are a little different
Besides, it’s very nice to watch at the level of lighting when we
look closely really we see that the lightning manager of beauty me
I love I’m really a fan of this lighting
there are no light leaks on the sides or down it’s really that
the key that is illuminated what makes we have a lot more intensity
they are really super visible and even besides the small icons in
bottom of the sailboats key are very visible
the c1 one of the possible provisions if you want to light up your gamer keys
so right now I was talking about gamer key so the basic keys
are very good but you can have more curved keys that will be
maybe more easily you find it easier to play without
watch them yeah so here’s the touch by the q key yes we see that it is
really beveled she has some very special form we compare
besides the z key before and the touch z gaming we see that they are
not at all like the touch go a little more
these are the completely different in much more beveled terms of form
much more hollow what makes you really go
feel very fast when you go play and it’s pretty handy at play
to test it is really super nice and the key replacement is really
very easy we will watch this together but it’s really super simple but
see them a little bird’s eye view see the key that is really
very different from others so that’s really very well done
it is a very good point of logitech ready the replacement of the key you
move it vertically the high key and hop you lift his defeat all
simply in particular you put the touch support you a little bit hard
here and it’s done for ceni yes it’s super simple you will be able
change all your keys very simply
these are the facts there I changed when even several keys and that’s what
it gives with this bird’s eye view plus it allows to see the design of the
keyboard with a bird’s eye view we see that the keys are really of any
beauty and lighting is really great good now I propose you to
watch the sound together and now it’s time to get to the
conclusion of this keyboard test logitech g500 13 so I tested the
model with the roberge switches and at which activation distance 1.5 mm
they are hyper reactive a lot more responsive that the majority of keyboards
same gaming that you can find in the trade at the point level
strong an aluminum chassis really has a sense of ruggedness a usb port to
the back of the keyboard which is really handy to connect especially its
mouse or for can be recharged by a man his phone
rgb lighting really beautiful I think it’s really
high quality the wrist rest he’s really very
nice we also have 12 keys gaming that are offered in the pack
easy to detect loans when one therefore plays without looking at his keyboard
it’s really a real plus good as I say them just before so
the switches are very responsive only 1.5 mm two activation distances
personally I love a lot more enjoyable than a gaming keyboard
mechanical or activation distance is greater for example 2 5 or 3 mm there
it’s really nice we also find that noise is
rather content I think it’s rather nice as noise you could
see the test the cimt is you can you make your own opinion at the level
from the point made I find that the keyboard it is a little expensive anyway and here and
finally the software logitech inserm available only under windows and not on
mac nor on linux which is still a weakness
quite damaging for the owners of these operating systems this is the
video is over I hope she will you please do not hesitate to leave an inch
blue to subscribe to the chain and then I’ll see you soon for
a next video it was Seby1 tuto pc do you wear well
ciao ciao Sebyin – Seby1 tutorial PC – 2019 – Hardware test

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