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CARRIE REA: Christopher is hilarious, he is very funny. CARRIE REA: He is, you know he is into wrestling and video games and the computer and he loves Skylanders, you know, he is an all round happy kid. COMM: 18-year-old Christopher has a form of dwarfism so rare that it only affects one in every 250,000 births worldwide. CARRIE REA: When Christopher was born, he looked like a perfectly healthy baby. He was eight pounds five ounces. It wasn’t until he was about 18 months old that they started to notice skeletal deformities; knock knees, his feet turning, his chest has sunken in, his chest and ribcage kind of flares out. They first thought that he had Sanfilippo syndrome. But it wasn’t Sanfilippo, it was Morquio. CARRIE REA: Morquio syndrome, which also goes by the name Mucopolysaccharidosis type 4A, which is why they call it Morquio syndrome because who wants to say all that? It’s a lysosomal storage disease. The children are missing an enzyme that is required for the breakdown of sugar molecules. COMM: Unlucky for Christopher he has all the symptoms of Morquio syndrome, which amongst other things meant he has lost the ability to walk due to skeletal abnormalities. CARRIE REA: He stopped walking when he was around six or seven. That was difficult because of the deformities you know, he had a little hard time making friends because he was already shy. And then he couldn’t run and play with the other kids. CARRIE REA: Yes he did have to deal with bullying, you know he was pretty miserable there. So we withdrew him and we homeschooled him. COMM: But it wasn’t just Christopher who was born with his rare form of dwarfism. His two younger sisters also have the condition. CARRIE REA: To have one child with Morquio is extremely rare. Morquio syndrome only occurs in one in 300,000 births in the United States. And once you have one with Morquio, you have a one in four chance and we have three. CARRIE REA: I think that it has been easier for the girls than it was for Christopher because they don’t seem to have some of the issues that he’s had like the enlarged organs, theirs are still normal-sized. Ember and Ashlyn are both extremely happy children and they are like best friends, you know, they are always playing together. CARRIE REA: Oh the biggest challenge of having three children with Morquio syndrome, I would say, is all of the hospital visits. COMM: All three children have had to have numerous surgeries due to their condition. As well as taking a multitude of medicine every week to help with the symptoms. CARRIE REA: This is the closet were we keep the kids medical supplies. They receive a shipment once a month of medical supplies. So we have got their container for all of their needles and then the top has the IV bags and saline solution and tegaderm and just all the supplies that the nurses need that they use on a daily basis and their medication has to be refrigerated. CARRIE REA: This medication – Christopher takes 10 vials a week, Ember takes six and Ashlyn takes five. It’s based on weight, and with it they take a pre-med of Benadryl and Tylenol. The Benadryl is to help in the event of an allergic reaction and the Tylenol is to keep them from getting a fever. CARRIE REA: You know Ember, she is more of a diva and Ashlyn is, she is very shy. CARRIE REA: Christopher, he is a character all by himself, he really is very funny and very stubborn and you would think with an attitude like that he’d be a lot bigger. CARRIE REA: But once he gets somebody to sit down and talk to him about his video games you know, he is in heaven, that’s what he loves.

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  1. The parents should have been responsible enough not to have any more children knowing they could afflict more children with this syndrome. Not good parenting.

  2. There was a boy in our school who reminds me of this man.
    I'm beginning to think he had the same condition.
    Fortunately for our school everyone loved him and he was one of the most popular kids in school! He was homecoming king twice and everyone wanted to be his friend.
    It's a shame theres still some schools out there with kids who bully others for being disabled.

  3. Never Judge a person for first sight because he may not be Ken on the outside but he's Ken on the inside 1 LIKE=I PRAY FOR CHRIS

  4. For those who are giving the Rea family a hard time, stop it. Christopher didn't choose to be born the way he is and neither did his sisters. We can't choose how we're born. Just because you're born different doesnt mean you cant live a good life

  5. What's done is done, I don't really think it matters they chose to have more kids. I'm more concerned with the fact Chris was pulled out of school bc he was bullied so bad! Kids can be so cruel and Chris seemed like such a sweet guy. It's a shame he never felt the acceptance that so many of us take for granted. This story is so inspiring, thanks Barcroft for another great one!

  6. The two younger girls should not have even been conceived. They look like great kids, but they're going to grow up into a hostile body that will require constant doctor's visits. I would NEVER wish that on anyone but the worst of society.

  7. His father seemed so sad .You know however we try to understand their condition we can't REALLY feel for them.Its impossible.We are greatly fortunate that we are normal…Like most people.But we crave for more.We should be thankful to god for what she has done and help people with these kinds of disabilities wholeheartedly.

  8. I know someone (like) that and I’m gonna show this to him because it will inspire him to move on and have a happy life.

  9. Take this children to prophet tb Joshua in Nigeria this is evil attack and you will see goodness of the Lord Jesus Christ in your will testify that God is able

  10. I myself have MORQUIO, and as you can see, I look different to this young fellow. His sister's are less effected than him. It can have very different effects on each person. Each case isn't same as the one before. I was born in the latdm70's, my mum went on to have my brother few years later, I've seen other posts saying that because they knew possible of having children effected orbit wasn't science just luck on how the genes were transferred over to the embryo at time of fertilization.

    My older sister carries themgne in her DNA, but isn't physically effected like me and my brother, luck is all it is. I'd nutmeg without my brother and I'm sure my sister dud aggreenshe didn't know life if i wasn't here.

  11. So who is the ginger bastard with the glasses? His best friend?

    Now before anyone gets angry, I'm a ginger bastard meself.

  12. If you're at risk of passing down horrible illnesses to children, don't have biological children. Become a teacher, adopt, tutor, babysit, get a surrogate, etc. There's options. You don't need to have children. You're placing your desires (not needs to have children) over the hypothetical kid's pain/suffering.

  13. *cough cough* born different? No one is "normal" ,EVERYONE is different were all weird and unique in our own ways, were all beautiful and no one is ugly or weird (in a bad way)so dont let people say you are (srry I just needed to say this)

  14. I feel like, if you’re a good person, live a good life, and have God, no one should judge you. Have a nice day… hope if you have depression or different, that you know you’re worth it. Have a nice week or weekend! Love you! 😍😘🥰

  15. That’s not how genetics work. Each time you have a child it’s 25% chance. It’s not a total of 25%, it’s 25% for each pregnancy.

  16. Life is quite bizzare. The parents are perfectly normal but all their 3 children sadly suffers from such deformities. You just can simply love such parents for not giving up on their children. ^_^

  17. Kinda envious that he could like… Just be full after half a burger or a handful of Doritos.
    Must save so much $ compared to regular gamers

  18. I almost died when I was 6 months old due to rodea virus and I am still here so keep on keepin on cris

  19. I wish they didn't have to live in a two-storey house! It would be so much easier if everything was ground floor!

  20. If you KNOW you have a 1 in 4 chance to pass on a genetic disorder to an unborn baby, WHY TAKE THE RISK? Have you taken THEIR quality of life at all into consideration? Is this some kind of by proxy?

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