The AbleGamers Foundation – Helping Disabled Gamers Everyday!

Video games are becoming part
of our daily life, and you might not even know it. ROBITAILLE: Video gaming is
an $11 billion industry, and it’s only getting bigger. I don’t know
if the industry is aware of the amount of disabled
players that are out there. There are 33 million people with
disabilities that play games. Gamers are everywhere. It’s a big secret.
But trust me — We’re out there. I think the real important thing
that gaming brings is that social interaction. You really want gamers with and
without disabilities together forming these communities, because that helps break down
barriers of perception about people with disabilities. Back when I was in grade school, a friend of mine introduced me
to my first Atari. It was around then
that I began to realize that video games were something that I could do
just like anyone else. I’m real passionate about
the ability to paint yourself and present yourself in a way
that you want to be seen. In a video game,
you see my avatar. You see my helmet and my horns, and you go, “Oh, that’s cool,”
and you just go on about it. That’s such a great equalizer,
because we’re all in the game. You can do something together. You get to learn to know
each other. That makes us all
more of a community. BARLET: I started looking online
for some resources to support the 33 million gamers
with disabilities. We found nothing. So we created it. He’s created a network so people
are not isolated anymore. They can talk to each other about their barriers
and their obstacles to gaming. It’s helping so many people
to bring their passion to life and be able to game in the way
that’s best for them. It becomes this real community
of gamers with disabilities helping gamers
with disabilities. SPOHN: Come on. You versus me.
One race. [ Laughs ] Right in the beginning,
you’ve wrecked me. That’s it. You were the person
that I was thinking about when we were going through this
and designed this device. SPOHN: I sat there
and helped figure out with you where the buttons should go. BARLET: Yeah. Adroit is the most friendly
device that I’ve found so far. If you really love a game and if
you want to be good at it, you can be good at it. Sometimes it takes some thinking
outside of the box, but it can be done. So, AbleGamers, you rule.
Just pointing it out. You know, there are 54 million
Americans with disabilities. And many of them want to do
a lot of things they can’t do, and some of them
take it upon themselves to create things
that would help them and end up helping
the wider community. I think one of the most powerful
things AbleGamers is able to do is to reach out
to big companies, big content producers,
and explain to them why they should be caring
about people with disabilities. And we don’t give the sad story, because we don’t think
the sad story is what we as an organization
want to present. We want to talk about us
as a market. ROMEO:
As a game designer, as somebody who’s engaged
in pop culture, in creating
pop-cultural artifacts, I think we definitely do want to
have a larger audience. And if it’s possible
to include disabled players as part of that,
sure, absolutely. What the AbleGamers Foundation
is really trying to do is change a culture. We want every developer
to heed our call and add accessibility
to the nth degree. I want the AbleGamers Foundation to teach you how to make
your content accessible. And then I’m going to work
very hard to make it part of your culture. So that the game you’re
working on today is accessible, but you’re sitting
in a boardroom as an executive producer
for the next title, going, “Well, what about accessibility?
What about accessibility?” That’s a win. -BARLET: Stop. Come back here.
-SPOHN: Oh, no. No, no, no. BARLET: No, no, no, no, no.
Oh! Come on. So close! For me, it’s just a matter
of being able to do something I couldn’t otherwise do. -BARLET: Oh! [ Laughs ]
-SPOHN: Fail. Those kind of door-opening
experiences, particularly when you can
share it with a friend, they’re priceless. [ Engines revving ] MALE VOICE:
You win. The creation
of the AbleGamers as a whole was really me trying to hang on
to what was important to me. And I knew
it had to be important to other people as well.

85 thoughts on “The AbleGamers Foundation – Helping Disabled Gamers Everyday!

  1. Dlive22891 sent me. I think what you guys are are doing is awesome, so people that have some disabilities can enjoy what we enjoy, I saw a blind kid playing Zelda on a Youtube video, what you guys are doing reminds me of that kid. Thank you for doing this guys.

  2. DLIVE sent me here. I had no idea that this organization existed! The gaming industry has been able to spark happiness in many peoples lives over the years, but this organization really hits the mark by reaching out to those who were once thought to be able to enjoy the pleasure of gaming. This is a great cause! 🙂

  3. My home boy, big dog, bruceski DLIVE sent me here!
    great cause, i was really unaware of all of the stuff shown to me here,

  4. Dlive thaks 4 sharing this. we´re starting to see the benefic aplications of videogames and you guys are PIONERS

  5. Dlive sent me here saying you guys are here and helping all these people that's really cool keep up the good work!

  6. Dlive sent me here you guys are putting so much effort into this thank you for all this hard work. I hope to see the foundation grow and expand.

  7. Dlive threw me in this direction, and what your doing in commendable. Fantastic Idea and a brilliant cause. Big shout to Dlive22891 for raising awareness too. Good work.

  8. Dlive sent me. You guy's are really changing peoples lives and giving disable people equality. We're all equal in the gaming community and I bet that gives kids that joy moment of not even thinking of there disability. keep up the awesome job that you guy's are doing, you guy's rock.

  9. dlive sent me.i feel really bad for disabled people.always have always will.even if i don't win adam fenix,i don't care.i'm glad i found out about this organization,and am glad to see that there is still good in the world.keep up the awesome job and kudos to dlive for raising awareness!

  10. I think is really cool. I have a friend who is partially disabled and he is like the best player i know at Halo and COD. I think this is a really great what your doing. Dlive22891 sent me

  11. man i subcribed,liked and comented that Dlive22891 sent me here I really want the Adam Fenix code…Good Charity 😀

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  13. Dlive sent me this is a good charity i appreciate the fact you went out your way to make this charity then again by making custom controllers, good job

  14. Yes Phillips. We have an open call for applications for our Kids grant program. Keep an eye on our website for when, it will start soon.

  15. So if you're a quadriplegic who only can move a couple fingers. There is hope. They will make a controller that utilizes your tongue, chin, blinking and the two fingers. Amazing!!!

  16. Wow, I love your foundation here! I just found you and I already love you lol. Ive spent the last 5 years trying to cope with becoming partially disabled (mostly not affecting my gaming… until a yr and a half ago) and its really nice to know Im not alone!! Keep doing what you do, this is amazing ♡♡♡

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  18. Hey there!

    Just checking in now that I've got my stream (more or less) back on a normal schedule. This is a fairly decent video; any chance we can get an updated one for sharing to channels?

  19. Check out @Vymps on twitch he is a good friend of mine he has cerebral palsy and plays with one hand he’s really good and works hard to build his brand pls give him a check

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