The BEST BLACK FRIDAY Gaming PC TECH DEALS (Aus, USA, Worldwide 2019)

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  1. Surprised you called out the Vengeance RGB Pro 16gb kit given there seems to be a few sellers offering CL16 2x16gb if same kit for circa $180!

  2. If you guys are looking for an ultrawide monitor, the Sceptre C305B-200UN is a 200hz ultrawide, and is $70 of on Amazon!

  3. The thing is the higher u buy from Ali express the duties (tax) also go higher like here in India the free limt is around 80$ I guess :/

  4. but the h310 mb are PCI-E 2…b360 is better in that category…..but dont make mistake…..go AMD more for your money every day all day

  5. At this point, it was too much Brian. We as old viewerds love it, but if new people watch this kinda meh. Just saying. 3 or 4 vids is okay, but you need to be the "usual" brian for a while.

    Like all the old quote says "Something that too often makes it boring".
    Just saying. No offense man. Keep up the good work 👍

  6. For USA viewers there's the 850w 80+ gold fully modular supernova g5 is going for 100 dollars and is down from 160, can be found on amazon, won't be in stock till the 5th but can still be bought

  7. Hell yeah 😎
    3 days ago I gots me the Corsiar HX1000i platinum PSU for $159 (:
    also ever since I picked up the LG27GL850 I can't go back to VA panels lol

  8. I feel a lot of people seek interesting promos here, but not only budget builds, that's why some of these motherboards are unusable and throttle cpus because of low quality vrms and materials etc, won't even mention overclocking

  9. Love the video! I do want to say that the deals he showcased in the US weren't actually deals however. The ryzen 5 2600 has been 115 for the last few months, the asrock b450 pro4 is in the same same, I believe the AOC C24G1 monitor has also been going for around 145 for awhile as well.

    In the US right now is just really good. For black friday deals you have to look at the higher end more expensive components for big savings (x570 mobos, 80+ gold modular psus, high end cases, higher end monitors) If you are in the US black friday deals are best for peripherals and the for a lack of better term secondary PC components (cases fans PSUs) I also want to point out that reference rx 5700s have been going for as low as 280$.

    Love your videos Brian keep it up. If you haven't you should try using when looking at US prices.

  10. These are great Black Friday Deals, Here is another Black Friday Tech Deal – PureVPN is offering 88% discount on its 5 years subscription

  11. Microcenter ad

  12. I am indeed enjoying the content. I learn a few things every time I watch one of your videos. Could you do a i7 3770 3rd gen build with Q77 MOBO? I have one paired with a XFX RX 480 8G, 1600 ddr3, 500w coolermaster psu and thermaltake case. It is a perfectly capable gaming machine and most people could throw it together for about $300 USD or less if they hustle. I started with optiplex 7010 i7 for $80 usd. Nice office btw.

  13. CanadaComputes in Ottawa…
    Gigabyte RTX2060 Windforce 3x ,399$ ,IN Store ? >389$! Canadian Dollars $$ 2700X 199.00, 2600 154$ 2600X 159! 2700 184.99 in Store 180$! Asus X570 TUF 199$!, 224 for WiFi,less with a CPU Purchase,Gigabyte RTX2080 Aorus EX 849$! 765$! open box models ! Amazon d o t C'eh R5 3600X 255-259$!!! Same price as the 3600 non X

  14. dude I don't trust chinese chinese brands. I do trust taiwanese and chinese american brands. Then again we all chinese. So that's where the confusion stems.

  15. I ended up picking up nothing, staying at home by myself and looking at my empty bank account.

    Saved myself 100% best deal ever.

  16. Such great deals today for computer geeks out there.

    I bought a Corsair 220T Computer
    case. (White) $75
    Corsair H100i AIO (White) $100
    Corsair LL120mm RGB fan
    (White) $30
    750W PSU (White) $80
    Corsair Vengeance Ram.
    (White) $160
    Ryzen 3600X $175
    MSI Tomahawk Max B-450 $95

    BOO YAH!!

  17. I can't even bring myself to mention the name of that mechanical keyboard. . . anyway, I can't remember if there were other ones on Aliexpress that Bryan reviewed, but I do prefer an all-black keyboard with RGB lighting (the ones featured with RGB here were all metal).

  18. I purchased a Ryzen 7, 2700X, at 'Micro Center' here in New York (US, just in case someone has blocked us out) for $129.99US (or $192.27 AUD). Plus I got another $30.00 US off a combo deal when I purchased an ASUS Prime B450M-A/CSM MATX (sale price before $30 taken off was $69.99 US). Total for both, Including Tax of 8.63%., was $184.65 US (or $273.12 AUD). Maybe they stick it you guys because they have to ship so far.

  19. CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200 (PC4 25600) Desktop Memory Model CMK16GX4M2B3200C16R was $59.99 USD at Guess I've started my new build!

  20. In my mother tongue Bengali "Ai go" means "Oh no". So it's better for me to stay away of the PSU, I think!😂😂😂

  21. so no tax no customs for Australia when ordered froma aliex…, here in europe we wait about two months to get goods. If you select premium shipping its expensive af. and shipping raise the tax, customs (carine) you have to pay. If I buy something for 40€ you can add 22% tax and person who process goods in my country. Final price +- 60€ And you wait for goods aprox twoo months.

  22. I've been using the silicon power ssds for awhile now and they are nice. Good specs for the price. Their 1tb nvme drive is 3400/3000 mbps

  23. Mate really disappointed you didn't do a EU section as well. There are people in Europe who also love you work mate! Don't leave us behind like that (sad face) we don't have that many good bloggers in EU that post in English..

  24. imo black friday and like all other sales are fraud. Got 960gb SSD from Sunstri for 70$(chinese brand, but they make a lot of stuff, they are ISO certified and have 3 years warranty) so far so good, speeds are similar to EVO 850 from samsung, using it for photos and videos, and games, so far so good. Anyway be carefull buying stuff, just check prices time to time on stuff ur interested and when sales comes you will know for sure if it's a deal or not

  25. the blur in this video looks like a cheap blur from smartphone cameras these days like latest note 10,LG V50,Mate 30 Pro lol,tell me what's the matter Brian 😄

  26. I suggest everyone buy this

  27. Right now there is a 3500X (a 3600 but with 6 cores 6 threads) for around 110$ with a coupon :

  28. Guys this cyber Monday gift ur loved one's with this amazing apple watch series 3 which is also discounted for u guys only click the link below

  29. My black Friday build was

    -MOBO: ASUS AMD AM4 ROG Strix X570-E Gaming;

    -GPU: ASUS ROG STRIX AMD Radeon RX 5700 Overclocked 8G (The 5700XT is a waste of money, it's the same GPU at 98%);

    -CPU: AMD RYZEN 5 3600 (The 3600X is a waste of money, it's the same CPU at 99%);

    -PSU: ASUS ROG Thor 850;

    No link

    -SSD: WD BLACK SN750 1TB M.2;

    -HDD: WD 2TB Purple SATA3 (Previous HTPC build);

    -CASE: ASUS ROG Strix Helios GX601;

    No link

    -RAM: G.SKILL Trident Z Neo 16GB dual channel kit;

    -Free shipping on all parts;

    -Discounted sales prices, up to half the prices;

    -On top of lots of free AMD codes to get free games, and free Xbox live gamer pass PC for 6 months.

  30. Mostly I bought games but I took the plunge on one piece of hardware.
    Works out to $150 Aud according to Google.

  31. Picked up a Gigabyte Aorus 2070 Super for $780.00AUD Pretty happy with that even if the rest of the stuff I bought wasn't on sale. Looking forward to vertically mounting this thing!

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