The Best Horror Games(Pc/Xbox/ps4)

Horror video games often take it to a level
we never imagined we would love it so much. That They make Video games give you the feeling
of really being there Whether you are solving the mysterious cases
or roaming around a haunted asylum, the actions of the main character will feel like your
own. Hey everyone its your boy blood wizard y.a
and Here is my list of the best horror games that I would love to share it with you
The list below contains the scariest horror games of all-time, going all the way back
to the 90s. horror has come a long way since games like Alone In The Dark, it is important
to see how it has grown since, and how diverse the scares have become Silent Hill 2
When we speak about silent hill,The first game was scary, but the second was even scarier. If you have not played it yet , stop watching
this video and run right now go get the game and start playing
The game begins with a mysterious letter from the main character’s dead wife. What he has to do but try to find his wife? If there is even a chance she is still alive,
he is willing to go through hell for her — and he does. Thou the beginning is mostly about finding
keys, Silent Hill is a town that will creep the fuck out of your mind, not unlike the
constant fog that surrounds you. (there is a remaster for the PS3 and Xbox
360 back in 2012 and it is still worth it if you wanna try the game now Resident Evil
if Silent Hill is defined horror,then Resident Evil is defined as the FPS horror game. The Resident Evil game are know to hand you
a gun, says“good luck”, and proceed to hide enemies in the worst (or best) places. The moment you think you are safe, a monster
pops out infront of your screen and scares the shit out of you and your aim suddenly
becomes horrifying. But Resident Evil is not all about jump scares,
it builds atmosphere too. The games usually build the atmosphere with
long hallways, mysterious sounds, and enemies that will have you running in the opposite
direction. These monsters are a result of a virus that
usually stars are behind it Most of the Resident Evil games are about
secret agents working to protect experiments on horrific viruses. Things go wrong, as they always do, and you
are usually fighting your way in or out depending on the game one thing for sure The monsters
will send shivers down your spine as soon as you see them Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
Though this game is obviously a part of the Resident Evil series, it must be listed separately
simply because it is the first in the series to enter VR world. It was also the first game that got the spotlight
for the PlayStationVR that anyone thought might be half decent. But man it was definitely not, it fuckin blew
our minds. If you thought you were scared of other Resident
Evil games, Biohazard will leave you shaking in your boots. the VR let you truly feel like you were really
there, no matter how much you knew it was a video game. In fact, it has been recommended for first
players to play for no longer than half an hour at a time in VR. First of all, Biohazard really is terrifying. Second, VR is an intense experience and can
easily overwhelm even the best of gamers. biohazard was one of the scariest horror games
I ever came through, and it’ll go down as one of the best of my opninion
Alien Isolation This would not be a true horror list without
mentioning Alien Isolation. This game is horror survival like no other
games that I played before, basically it’s a game of hide n seek between you and aliens. In this game if you dont run fast enough,
trust me the big alien would surely kill you. You may have a gun, but the game is specifically
made to make sure you hardly use it. it does this by limiting your ammo, crafting
materials, and making the enemies able to take a lot of damage. This makes for stealth strategies even those
who are experts at games like assasins creed would have to die first to figure out at the
end of the road, either you fire on the alien and hope it dies, or run like hell and hope
the next room over has a locker you can hide in. It’s one of the best jump scare games pc
and console players can both enjoy. Alan Wake
Alan Wake. Is a horror game that looks like Silent Hill
and tried to improve the narrative. It is a work of fiction, made up entirely
by the mind of Alan Wake. Wake is a writer, caught up in his own creation. Every enemy is a manifestation of his own
imagination and parts of his life Alan Wake does not use a weapon to attack
enemies or “ghosts. ”he actually
uses a flashlight to burn the enemies away, reveal who they really and then he destroys
them. Though some might argue that the flashlight
functions about the same way as a gun would, but at then of this road ,Definitely I would
hope and love to see a sequel for this masterpiece The Evil Within 2 As a sequel should, this game takes the series
to a whole new level. Sebastian enters STEM once again in hopes
of saving his daughter, Lily, and helping MOBIUS. The enemies here are fully developed characters,
people who have entered STEM had been corrupted by it and the potential power within Lily. If you thought the first game was a little
too glitchy for you, the second fixed a lot of those problems. The story is not exactly the same, of course,
and it is not nearly as satisfying to uncover the mystery when you already know most what
is going on. The Evil Within 2 has well-written characters
and enemies, making it definitely worth a play-through and a spot on this list. Dead Space
This game is a twisted story of a Borg-like alien race determined to conquer the universe
through monoliths called Markers. These Markers carry an alien virus that will
convert whatever species it touches into Necromorphs through their corpses. The Necromorphs, reanimated dead, spread the
virus by attacking the living until they are the only thing left. Together, they form a large enough biomass
to make themselves a whole new alien to send out more Markers. As the main character, your options are fairly
bleak. You can never be sure which is the right decision
as the people telling you what to do have rather questionable motives the entire game. If you like jump scares, alien zombies, Dead
Space is for you. It is one of the most brutal space horror
games to play, and it just does not let up in both violence and narrative twists. F.E.A.R.
this is not a game that will have you trembling in fear like Silent Hill, but it will keep
you on edge. Horror will happen, and it will consist of
so much more than the little girl at the end of the hallway. The story itself, for example, has plenty
of twists and turns like any other Resident Evil game. F.E.A.R. received critical acclaim mostly
for its combat style. The game. really knows how to make every player feel
like a badass lone wolf. In combat, you have the capability of slowing
down time. This way, each shot counts and you can take
your time aiming to really get everyone in the room. Not only that, the world explodes around every
bullet and grenade, The last horror game on the list is Outlast
this is a game were you hold a camera and put a different spin on it. Instead of attacking spirits and ghosts, this
camera only helps you see them. Since Outlast does not lend the player much
in the way of weapons. So many innocent people that were manipulated
by circumstance and taken advantage of. In the end, you might feel that you have escaped,
but the game inserts doubt so cleverly you will never be sure., the mechanic of the camera
will reward you with a nearly complete movie of your entire play-through. it shows just how much you use the camera
and how skillfully the game was designed to make you use it at so many key moments. If you have a few favorite examples of your
own to add – be sure to let me know down In the
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  1. There is another Alan Wake game, but unfortunately, I cannot recall its title. :/ If I remember right, it still centers around Alan, but the times you see him on the TVs throughout Alan Wake.

  2. Really like your transitions at the start for your social media etc! Never played silent hill but I believe I had one or two from ps+ a long time ago. Always meant to play it. On another note I remember playing Slender for the first time and giving my mum a chance to play it. Terrified her being a spectator! lol

  3. Its so sad that Silent Hills was cancelled! P,T demo was fantastic!
    Resident evil franchise is just the best! Awesome horror game list man!

  4. I really wish I could go back and beat PT but I never did because I wuss pussed out, so sad I’ll never get to beat it! Great video and keep it up!

  5. this is a very standard list of horror games, I would have loved to hear more personal opinions about the games. Good list anyway 🙂

  6. Dude I backed out of Outlast, I'm too jumpy for horror games haha! Subbed! Us smaller channels need to help each other!

  7. The resident evil series is definitely my favourite, cool list btw you definitely have a nice taste. I really enjoyed your video good job!

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