The Best Mouse in the World?

Woah? Woah! What’s up, guys? Lew here, back with another video, and today we are checking out something that I have been very excited for but unfortunately it’s been sitting here in the box for far too long. This is the MX Master Mouse from Logitech Now, I have been a big fan of these top tier Logitech mice for a while You’ve probably seen the Perfomance MX that sits on my desk in various Instagram photos. and even videos! This is the new iteration with a number of improvements So, I’m really excited to get it out of the box and finally start using it. As you’ll see the package has this flap here flap! We’re back on the flap! Back on the flap! This package has a flap on the front and it exposes the actual mouse as well as a few steps here for getting it up and running You see it has an ON switch, connects via bluetooth or with a receiver and it can even connect to multiple devices at once.. If you have a laptop and a desktop or multiple laptops on the back we can see.. it has a smart speed adaptive scroll wheel the performance MX had that as well It’s also got a unique thumb wheel and it has advanced power management with up to 40 days of battery life on a single charge So let’s go ahead jump inside the box and take a closer look at this new ‘state of the art’ mouse! from Logitech State of the Art! That’s the best! If the art form is building mice, computer mice then this is the state of the art! Always like that saying! Alright! So here we have it.. The actual MX Master along with some paperwork that you don’t care about! oooo…….. oh! my goodness!!! Wowww! Ok! this might seem weird to hear me get this excited about the mouse but that feels Beautiful! the texture here is unreal! I mean unreal in a good way Very smooth with a tiny bit of grit A lot pleasing than the previous generation and then on the thumb portion You have this kind of mosaic pattern So you can sense the difference in texture from where your thumb rests Vs the rest of your hand also a little bit taller! than the performance MX which is nice.. Really shapes around your hand very nicely Wow! I’m gushing over this thing I apologise guys.. On the front here or top I should say you have the scroll wheel You can hear it what it sounds like you can also believe it has free scrolling I know that on the Performance MX If you spin at a certain speed it’ll start free spinning and you also have your standard mouse buttons On the other side here We have our new horizontal scroll wheel This one dosen’t make any kind of clicky sound but, very smooth! There are also back and forward buttons in this location here and then this entire thumb rest is also a button! You also have some LED indicators here three I assume that those will be used for indicating battery life On the bottom of the mouse.. you have a power switch a connect button your sensor and then one two three and a button underneath it This is going to be used for pairing with multiple computers as I mentioned now If you don’t have bluetooth and for whatever reason you want to use RF you do still get a standard little dongle here Dongle! everyone loves the word Dongle! Some people have interference issues with RF if they’re using a mouse near a router for example Others might have issues with bluetooth if they have number of bluetooth devices connected So, regardless having both options is a positive thing.. The last thing inside the box a standard USB cable this will be used of course to charge up the mouse let’s see how long it is.. how long is that? uhhhh…. What do you think that is? four feet? four feet? It’s about a four foot cable Now, since this is a mouse There’s really a little need for a demonstration You probably all know exactly what it does but what I can tell you in this unboxing and first impression video is that the materials here are very very nice It is an expensive mouse If you want to check out current price and availability I’ll put a link down in the description But the result of that expensiveness is very quality feeling product! For anyone looking for the most premium of mice Upgrade your mousing Now the mouse will work with both Mac and PC So, regardless of which platform you are on You can fully utilize the MX Master and all of it’s features Alright! So, there you have it the MX Master from Logitech possibly, the greatest mouse on the planet! Let me know down in the comments which mouse you’re currently using If you enjoyed this content, make sure to leave a thumbs up down below Thanks as always for watching! and I’ll catch you on the next episode later! Dongle!

100 thoughts on “The Best Mouse in the World?

  1. I've had mine for about 2 years with no plans to get a replacement. I love it. So many features that can be customized to your liking.

  2. why easy swith button is underneath? so when you want to change between PC and Android device you need to turn mouse to press button. so ridiculous. in MK850 button was on the side and that was great. why? if so why logitech flow do not support Android connection.

  3. This is trash for gaming here’s why,

    The two buttons for key binding is just to small for your thumb so some times you accidentally click the wrong button which like i said is very bad for fortnite if your gonna keybind these, another example would be that some times the scroll wheel will sometimes fail which makes it hard to switch guns for pubg and fortnite and the grip on the scroll wheel is not very good so your finger can easily slip sometimes.

  4. I own it, definitely not the best. Scroll wheel is terrible, It's too light and loose and after awhile it looses up even more. Battery also lasts around 14 days, not that long as they say. Besides that, it's fantastic, well build and comfortable.

  5. For me a wired mouse is better than wireless mouse to be honest because the time response with the wired mouse is actually better than wireless mouse,and for gamers we know about the information for better gaming experience I'm not saying you wrong but I'm saying you are not not have the precise information

  6. I'm using it with SketchUp and I'm having lag issues. after a year, the scroll wheel arrest stopped working. Perhaps a wired mouse will perform better.

  7. M510 is better and 1/5 the price! If only they had kept the left and right click on the main scroll wheel! the addition of the weighted scroll wheel was not enough for me to fork up 70 to 80 dollars more. It made me so made when I found out MX had lost some functionally from the m510. I almost bought it

  8. I really liked this mouse, even though it was so expensive, until…
    …it broke. I was really bummed out about that. It lasted about a year and a half and stopped working properly. I've used cheaper ones for years and years.

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