The best value RTX 2060 on the market – MSI GeForce RTX 2060 VENTUS 6G OC

[Music] hey what’s up guys Winston here and today we’ll be taking a quick look at the msi geforce RTX 2060 Ventus OC edition now for a short message this video was made possible thanks to holding two computers distributors in DIY PC components gaming laptops as well as gaming accessories give them a like on a Facebook page and remember to share this video thanks for listening the GeForce r-tx 2060 is invidious latest addition and entry point to the RT X 20 series of graphics cars and features that much talked about touring architecture that allows the ray tracing capabilities it comes with 6 gigabytes of gddr5 ace clock frequency of 1365 megahertz with a boost speed of 1680 megahertz the msi Ventus 6 gigabytes OC Edition as the name suggests features the overclocked GPU that can run to a clock speed of 17 10 megahertz for cooling it comes with a large heatsink with copper heat pipes and is cooled by a dual tox 2.0 fans for connectivity there’s a total of three display ports and one HDMI there’s been reports that the r-tx 2060 can easily outperform the gtx 10:17 well let’s find out but before then let’s do a quick unboxing and build a test rig using the msi geforce r-tx 2060 Ventus OC edition all right let’s do a quick unboxing of the msi geforce r-tx 2060 a Ventus OC edition all right this box oh we have a nice envelope MSI envelope the supercell side we have like a welcome leaflet there’s the driver disc as well as the MSI quick installation guide alright there’s somewhere else there’s no cables no connectors just the graphics card itself there you go there we have the the msi geforce r-tx 2060 Ventus OC edition alright let’s start off with the the fans we have some nice fans here this is the msi talk 2.0 the talks Twitter fans as you can see there there’s a nice large heatsink with copper heat pipes for your cooling and then obviously the nice branding there the msi with the geforce r-tx on top I don’t see any LEDs on this one or any RGB so yeah ok there’s the nice backplate here it’s a nice design just gives it a bit of a ruggedness to the graphics card interns seemed like no it’s plastic yeah it’s not metal I was expecting and then for connectivity you have three DisplayPort and one HDMI which is more than enough and remember this is the entry-level to the touring architecture the r-tx 20 series so don’t expect huge comparison performance difference to the r-tx 2070 as well as 2080 but however people been saying that it is performing better than the older generation the gtx 1070 oh I forgot to mention also the is powered by an a pin PCI connector right there for your graphics card all right so let’s put this into our test rig and see how it performs against the RT X 2070 which we previously reviewed as well as the geforce gtx 1070 which we have in our labs so without further ado let’s get cracking we’ll see you in a bit [Music] well what can I say I’m seriously impressed with the overall performance of the graphics card it easily outperforms both the older geforce gtx 970 and AMD’s Radeon rx 519 during our benchmarks and produced excellent scores and four of our tests including you ELLs 3d mark Port Royal or the impressive score 3,820 this card is already overclocked to 1710 megahertz the default is thirteen sixty five megahertz so I don’t see the need to overclock it further however if you want to push it to the max you can use MSI Afterburner software but please be very careful any overclocking is done at your own risk like the previous gtx 1060 there is no MV link connector which means you can’t run to these cars together in sli mode apart from that is a great replacement or an upgrade if you already own a gtx 960 or even a gtx 970 if you want the latest Nvidia graphics card that offers ray-tracing capabilities GDD our six video ram with an overclocked GPU that the msi geforce r-tx 2060 Ventus OC edition is the card you want great performance great price and great value for money and there you have it this is the msi geforce r-tx 2060 Ventus OC edition hope you enjoyed this video give us a like and leave a comment below don’t forget you can subscribe to our YouTube channel and visit our website for more news reviews and Hot Tips until then this is Winston for Frank it calm [Music]

62 thoughts on “The best value RTX 2060 on the market – MSI GeForce RTX 2060 VENTUS 6G OC

  1. That implies that the rtx 2060 has value to begin with, last gen the gtx 1060 was on par with the previous gtx 980 at 250 and now we have to pay 350 and above just to get slightly more performance than the previous gen 70 card (i know about the 1070 ti but it only exists because vega exists) what the heck nvidia? First your 2070 doesnt have a sli connection and… WAIT the 60 series never had sli , the 2070 is on par with the 1080! And 2070 and 2060 are based on the TU106 silicon right? If so then nvidias cheating. Nvidias 06 chips have always been the 60 series never in the 70 series. Except .. holy.. they had gtx 1060 6gb and 1060 3gb w cut down cuda cores, and the 2060 is just a 2070 with less memory and cut down cuda cores. NVIDIAS SCREWING EVERYONE. There selling a $250 GPU FOR $500 AND A SUB $200 GPU FOR $350! WHY IS ANYONE RECOMMENDING THE RTX CARDS?

  2. another YT tech sellout.
    None GPU with just 6GB gpu memory in 2019+ is actually worth it. S C A M.
    Very sad to see YT community tech lick the boot of their master. enjoy it.

  3. Best value 2060 is actually the founders edition card, nothing can touch its build quality for the 349.99 price point.

  4. From the benchmarks I've seen elsewhere, it some times outperform the 1070 ti, some times doesn't but comes close. Overall, it's pretty comparable with the 1070ti, but for 100$ cheaper. So yeah.. it's gonna sell real fast.

  5. Ventus is nice. I have a 2080rtx ventus runs very cool. At 65% 99 percent load for 5 hours. The temp is around 58-62C. Beautiful non RgB card perfect for my lowkey build.

  6. gtx 1080 to rtx 2060, yes or nope? XD maybe ill just keep my gtx 1080 for 3 years or 5 years more since i bought it on june 2018 lols XDD

  7. I don’t know much about graphics cards but currently I have a GeForce GtX 1060 3gb should I upgrade to this? Or a Gtx 1080Ti

  8. GPU temp? VRM and memory temp? Are they actively cooled? How loud are the fans? Do they spin at all at lower temperatures? Really poorly done review with no useful information

  9. The pricing in India is way beyond the limits that someone could expect. Starting with Nvidia RTX 2060 FE costs Rs. 31,000 ($435) that is the lowest price we have got for RTX 2060 which is sold by nvidia itself to all the way upto Asus Strix RTX 2060 OC Edition for Rs. 52,000 ($730). I mean what on earth is going on with the price of nvidia GPU's in India. How could even someone afford RTX here although it is a marvellous technology

  10. Hey Iv just bought this card and on msi rivertuner the core clock says 1920mhz ?? any ideas why its so high ? iv not touched it

  11. one of the worst review I have seen. (looks like he's reading from a script )Beware this card runs Hot. inadequate cooling.

  12. MSI and Gigabyte are killing me with the plastic backplates, not even a cutout for the chip actually… wtf, who came up with that stupid idea?

  13. my inno3d variant had coil whine, it wasn't the psu but was wondering if this card has coil whine as well?

  14. A BIG question for you please mate and a GOOD video thanks! I have just bought this card and wanted to use a Corsair Hydro H60 Cooler on it rather than the stock fans, Can this be done and do you think there is going to be a difference in temps? Many thanks. My current rig is as follows:

    i7 8700k
    32GB 3200Mhz
    1tb Samsung PRO 970 (M.2) (C: Drive)
    z370 board
    RTX 2060.

  15. how do you even say its "best value" when you haven't even benchmarked it or did any testing. what did you base your title on? kind of silly to be honest.

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