100 thoughts on “The Cat and the Coup – Launch Trailer | PS4

  1. dear playstoin people I think that this is not fair I have a ps4 just to be clear u put roblox on ps3 but roblox is on xbox one the new xbox so why not ps4 or xbox 360 leave a like if u agree -dodat242 rote this

  2. Here come all the indie haters that don't appreciate music, games, and art and dont even play indie games saying this is trash!

  3. Что я только что увидел бл??? Что за шлак пропускают в пс стор?

  4. This should have been a survival horror game about a young girl trapped in a nightmarish western farmhouse, where children are harvested for their meat. She will have to solve puzzles, Avoid bear traps and hide from the farm owners as she finds out, there’s more sinister forces at work.

  5. So proud of how this depicts a true persian storytelling and anything that is related to poetry in the olden days in Iran!

  6. Mossadegh was my great uncle and I played the game myself on pc, so happy they’re finally bringing it to a bigger platform to share his story

  7. People cannot seem to understand the point of this game. It's not about beating the game, it's a small well thought piece of art :b maybe better you guys stick with your Minecraft…

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