100 thoughts on “The Crew 2 – Blazing Shots Launch Trailer | PS4

  1. Few cars, live summits and ugly vanity items after more than a half of a year… great job Ubisoft, you will never change…

  2. I play my racing game’s with my G29 and I really love this game but sadly they won’t fix the force feedback issue which really dampens the experience.

  3. Tanto os costaría acer un juego bueno de coches Aló forza horizon yo siempre e tenido playtation y soy un amantes de.los coches espero llegue algo para playtation 5

  4. ⚫⚪🔵🔴🔴🔴🔴🔵⚪⚫
    Pls we need new music in this game
    We wont new Pop and Hip hop music
    Like gta5 music in radio
    👇Like crew fans

  5. I didn't care about this game after seeing that people can still grind against railings to go around turns at 200-plus miles per hour and cheat, and visiting towns that I used to live in such as punxsutawney PA which is about three and a half miles in distance but in the crew video game only consists of two blocks… The cities and towns are extremely un-detailed with pretty much nothing in between, and everything in the game is pointless because there is no gameplay narrative such as cops and no real sense of achievement on anything.

    In my opinion the crew is a game capable of great things but achieves nothing.

  6. If anyone’s wondering what song is playing it’s – recognition by Thom Franck (and some other guys) and if that helped plz like 😁

  7. Можно была бы добавить и пушки, чтоб снести все нахер, вот это была охуенно.

  8. Lol 😂 y’all STILL supporting this dead game!?!? . This game was fun for like a week or two… hey let’s keep supporting a dead game with new content meanwhile need for speed heat just dropped six days ago 🤣 Can’t believe there’s still a fan base for this game or that there was even a fan base to begin with 🤔

  9. Am I the only one shaking his head because there are only hater comments under the crew 2 videos even though the developers try to do everything for the community ?!

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