The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan – Launch Trailer | PS4

BY KHEMMIS PLAYING] Connie, this is Alex. Lady killer right here. Is everybody on board and ready to go? Who wants to find some sunken treasure? What do you know about this wreck? Just rumors. We have unexpected guests. We are twenty miles north of — What in God’s name is this? Some sort of abandoned ship. Something happened here. Why would they be chained and locked? Alex? There’s something in here with us. Hey! It’s me!

100 thoughts on “The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan – Launch Trailer | PS4

  1. 0:55 anyone else bothered by how stiff her face looks there and even before? I really hope this isn't the final thing

  2. another push a button and miss because you hit the wrong button and killed everyone, then get the bad ending. Oh, it's a free torrent on 1337x …………….PASS!!!

  3. Am i the only one who felt like Until Dawn had more intense quick time gameplay? I enjoyed the game just felt like it played itself more then me. If that makes since..

  4. I dont understand, is it singleplayer like until dawn where you control all the characters and then optional to have co-op?????


    (Sorry, I had to 😂)

  6. Just finished this! Would have made a great movie lol. Fliss, Julia and Brad Alex died at the veerryyy end for me. And Conrad went back to the abandoned ship and died? After the credits. So 3/5 isn't so bad I guess! Esp at the end!

  7. So its Until Dawn 2, but it on a ghost ship… with possibly a secret treasure, spooky ghost, and the blatant betrayer by someone on said ship… Hang on, isn't this the script from "Ghost Ship"? Did you copy-paste the script from "Ghost Ship", Bandai? One of the deaths looks oddly familiar from "Ghost Ship", Bandai?

  8. I want to know the old creepy music in that randomly plays in the background when you walk around the ship. The song that the guy sings. That adds a lot to the creepiness. You can hear a bit of it at 1:13 through 1:15

  9. The ourang medan nice this could have instead taken place on the uss Eldrige which somehow actually teleported itself and killed its crew like in Event Horizon supposedly

  10. Is it sill possible to play single player?
    (PS: I don't care about getting every single secret ending there is cause I'm not a nerd).

  11. I don't get why everyone's saying this is MUCH worse than Until Dawn… Yes, this game has flaws but I genuinely enjoyed it more than Until Dawn…

  12. Make a slasher horror movie game. Like Until Dawn but make it a murder mystery and have just a serial killer with a bunch of characters die one by one if you choose the bad options.

  13. In my opinion bc this based on history of ourang medan so yeah it's obv there will be no REAL ghost or monster. For me I think it's interesting, it's like visualization of what the crew of the ship might be experience back then bc they died with an odd way. The gas is the manisfestation of deadly chemical compound like potassium cyanide, etc which that ship is carrying and those container broke out , that's why all people there hallucinating till they dead :") I enjoy this pretty much like until dawn.

    Moral compass x butterfly effect 💖🤘

  14. Is this game just on playstation or is it on xbox one as well cos until dawn was just ps4 if I can remember so someone pls let me know thanks!!

  15. Why all console games is just bad graphic movie what stopped every second and you need press play to continue watching?

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