The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan – Multiplayer Reveal Trailer | PS4

In your world of connections… …some would say that
you can never be truly… …genuinely… …alone. And, yes,
in your darker moments… …when you feel isolated,
vulnerable… …a helping hand,
a reassuring word… …the thought… …that there is
someone else out there, someone who
shares in your story… …can be enough
to see one through the most difficult
of situations. But sharing diminishes control, and that has consequences. There are always consequences. And should that helping
hand become somehow detached… …all those reassuring
words lost in the dark… …then that feeling of
isolation becomes amplified… …when you realize that even
within your connected world you can still find yourself
purely and absolutely alone.

100 thoughts on “The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan – Multiplayer Reveal Trailer | PS4

  1. The Scared Buddies should play this! They could also invite the other in Buzzfeed. Can't wait to see them play this game! @buzzfeedmultiplayer

  2. Will you be able to invite your friends like A Way Out or will your friends have to have the game?

  3. Ok I'm confused, so let's say your playing this game with 5 friends and theres five characters, and one of your friends dies early in the game, do they have to watch there friends play the entire game without them? I need clarification on this

  4. By the way does anyone know if the two player will be like the campaign but you just play characters at different times or is it the same sequence, thanks.

  5. This is actually pretty interesting… I mean the idea of playing this kind of game with others… I just wonder how it'll work out. (I have high expectations since like many others, I loved Until Dawn <3)

  6. I really hope that this Dark Pictures series dose alot better then the Dark Universe did, at least this series the creators know what Horror is.

  7. Bruh, I wonder if there's gonna be an Until Dawn 2, With all of the original characters or either just Sam but they fight Mothman this time, Hit me up I wouldn't mind writing the script i've got a merit in creative media from college 😀

  8. They had 5 years to make a new game and they make a 5 hour game ? Lol pathetic. Until dawn was 10 hours, I guess they are going backwards in time.

  9. It would be nice if there was a muted character that he have have strengths and 1 of his weaknesses is can't talk to warn players

  10. and of course it has to be a black female player with a face of never in her life put her hands on a PS controller. but yes, we have to be inclusive and fake. but inclusive

  11. this kind of editing in commercials is hella stupid. Like some kind of 90's hot take edits of actors not even playing the game

  12. If you plan to play this game as online co-op with a mate, do both players need to own the game or is just one enough? (like with A Way Out for example)

  13. Kinda got confused about the amount of players you can regarding the online shared story, need to do my own research to know, so basically:
    a) Online Shared Story Mode can only include 2 players
    b) Offline Movie Night can include five "players" with one controller
    And i thought you can actually play with 5 different people online, would appreciate it if you advertised your own game mode more accurately.

  14. In my opinion, the until dawn choices didn't really matter in the end. I hope this game is better with the options.

  15. I hope Super Massive Games with their Dark Pictures Anthology make a horror game too based on Dyatlov Pass Incident , with almost same mechanics choices and effects . By the way , that Curator is mysterious , otherwordly .

  16. So this game runs smooth in between 30 or higher fps on my computer, wich is an Acer Aspire 5 A515 52G 50NE if you wanna look it up BUT IT CAN'T RUN ABZÚ WELL?? ExPlAin thAATT To mE

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