The Elder Scrolls Online: Clockwork City – Official Trailer

The people of Morrowind
think themselves safe. Fools. Even now, Vivec’s enemies turn their
covetous eyes to the realm of Sotha Sil. Deep within his hidden city, the clockwork god builds
great and terrible wonders. But Daedra Circle like crows. You must drive them back, outlander. You must save the clockwork city.

100 thoughts on “The Elder Scrolls Online: Clockwork City – Official Trailer

  1. ESO is such a truly special and one of my most favorite gaming experiences. Thank you Zenimax and Bethesda Softworks for continuing to up the ante.

  2. Yay another Trail and place that sperates the fanbase even more🙄 Certainly had fun with Morrowinds Halls of Fab…Oh wait I still haven't played that because no one plays that

  3. Damn…If only this wasn't ESO, I'd be SOOOOOO EXCITED. Morrowind is my all-time favorite game above any other, but I haven't really enjoyed ESO. I feel this Sotha Sil's Clockwork City would be much more enjoyable in ES6 or Oblivion or something. (I don't think it would fit well in Skyrim, didn't really enjoy Skyrim as much as Oblivion & Morrowind)

  4. I'm waiting for a new weapon type to jump back into the game.
    I'll pay anything for a Spell Sword, Martial Art, or a pure-1Handed build.
    Dual-Wielding is cheesy, 2H is lame, and I've played Sword-Board to death.
    The new Warden class is perfect for me, but I really don't want to invest that much into a character too similar to what I've done before.

  5. Seeing these just makes me wonder how amazing the next Elder Scrolls game will be. I know they're developed by 2 different developers.

  6. Man I want to play the game again but I feel like I'm gonna be missing a lot of the fun cause I don't have Marrowind. 🙁

  7. Updated on Xbox and now I can log in anywhere I just started playing again after 2 years of not playing and it does this after update, any suggestions can't login to support either

  8. 🎮💗💗🎮💗🎮🎮💗🎮💗🎮💗🎮💗🎮💗💗💗🎮💗🎮💗🎮💗🎮💗🎮💗🎮💗🎮💗🎮💗🎮💗🎮💗🎮💗💗🎮💗💗💗

  9. DLC for DLC? You need Morrowind first for this to even make since. This industry is beyond ridiculous but i guess it was only a matter of time for someone to think of this.

  10. The people that keep saying skyrim fanboys, probably just now had elderscrolls online be their first elderscrolls experience.

  11. Please of the love of god, stop extorting people for their money. Just make Elder Scrolls 6 and get millions of dollars. ESO is a terrible game with repetitive gameplay, boring stories (except for the main questline, and broken servers. Let this game pass away and move on to create a newer, better game.

  12. I have been waiting half a year for this dlc to be released. I bought this on console the day it was released on my xbox one. I have not played it yet but I am back replaying elder scrolls online once I am done with morrowind chapter then off to clockwork city dlc. nocturnal is one of my favorite daedra princes. hopefully clockwork city dlc will shine some light on if nocturnal is benevolent or malevolent towards mortals on nirn or if nocturnal just really don't care. zenimax has done a great job with elder scrolls online game. keeps me coming back to the game with each dlc zenimax releases for elder scrolls online game. keep up the good work zenimax.

  13. excellent… more mechanical enemies, the ones we love so much… like the falmer.. I love going to Blackreach. It's my favorite thing to do.

  14. This has turned out to be my favorite dlc for this game so far, and it's entirely because of the story and setting. Huge thank you to the writers for crafting an immersive and moving story with well-thought out characters; I'm not ashamed to say, I came near to tears a few times! And of course thanks to the design team for making a world that captures my imagination and won't let go. These are the things that keep me playing the game.

  15. I hope in this add-on to the game, everywhere are lying parts of the robots, and not the skeletons of people? ESO is terrible because Tamriel – in fact, a huge continuous cemetery, beautifully painted, populated by walking dead men and demons. It's a nightmare, the delirium of a dying agonizing brain, terrible agony.

  16. With so much DLC and more of the base game left to experience, really makes me happy knowing that quality stuff like this is being pushed out. Especially in comparison to games like Destiny.

  17. +Bethesda Softworks

    Compared to other games such as The Witcher or fantasy genres like LOTR & GOT, I always found the Elder Scrolls universe (or perhaps, the implementation of it) was rather juvenile; and even more so when combined w/ the silly mechanics of an MMO. Now I've never played an MMO before this one, for those reasons & with that being said, I have to admit; this is a fun ass game! And "mature" enough for me to still enjoy it.

    From the little I do know of ES lore, I'm not much of a fan behind the idea of The Dwemer, and a lot of that is due to their alias name "dwarves". I grew up with the idea of dwarves, elves, orcs, etc. being like those we see in LOTR. The dwarves you find in Middle Earth or the Witcher are rough & hardy mini folk who are fascinated by craft, jewels, stone, and beer! Their style represents the earth with sharp edges & geometric designs, not round & soft (except their belly's). The "dwarves" of ES lore are too "elvish (pretty??)" for me, we already got three other elf races, I would've rather enjoyed a variety.

    However, that is my issue with the lore, but not your game necessarily. And despite not being a sifi guy, I am a huge fan of steampunk! I never thought it was possible to combine medieval fantasy & steampunk, but you guys did it & I'll admit, it's good. If this was it's own game, without the cartoonish mechanics of an MMO – I'd say it would be even better than what it already is!

    If you read this far; I hope you can remain optimistic in that I just gave my personal criticism, both the good & bad. And despite it all, I appreciate what you've given us for many years & continue to look forward to what's next!

    P.S. Where can I find the theme music played in this trailer? Loving it!

  18. was that elder scrolls or halo? it looks different to me but then again the only elder scrolls game i ever played was Skyrim.

  19. Damn… I think its hard to classify any of ESO stuff has cannon on the TES lore because it shows big events that werent recorded in previous lore. and although it shows aspects of Tamriel that many fans wanted to see, it's hard to trust they are really the way they are.
    Specially these parts of lore that are more hidden away, barelly being mentioned in Skyrim, that came from Morrowind and stuff, like the tribunal

  20. I am disappointed in myself it has been 3 yes since I played this I reach the lvl cap and stopped playing now my friends are higher then me and I look like a scrub now

  21. If you guys like this make sure to play the “Sotha Sil Expanded” mod for Morrowind and the “The Wheels of Lull” mod for Skyrim.

  22. now we just need someone to bring the remains/future of this awesome city to a proper game like skyrim and not a shitty MMO, this concept is so great but it's totally wasted in a game like ESO

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