The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr — Necromancer Developer Deep Dive

32 thoughts on “The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr — Necromancer Developer Deep Dive

  1. Basically they're saying "We watched a lot of Game of Thrones, saw a lot of Diablo's Necromancer and decided, let's do that!!"

  2. As someone who dove heavily into the Dark Brotherhood/Thieves Guild stuff on my Nightblade, I'm well accustomed to having what I consider to be class skills not being strictly legal. I gotta say, were it not for my Sorcerer being the character I play with my brother then my thieving, murdering Nightblade would easily be my favorite character for the role playing aspects alone.

    That said, I simply adore how certain Necromancer abilities will make the ignorant commoners scream for mommy… er, the guards. Even with NPCs out in the wilds, them simply existing will make me be careful of how I go about doing things. In my mind, that'll make the times when I can go all out with my entire arsenal all the sweeter!

    Besides, who wouldn't love the delicious irony of a Worm Cultist who was sacrificed to Molag Bal turning into the instrument of his downfall?

  3. I'm seriously underwhelmed, sorry to say… the "Tether to corpse"-visuals look horrible(!), the Ultimate looks boring, throwing the skull, again, visually looks horrible… TESO renders, for the most part, such beautiful scenery, and then the skills look like cheap-ass cartoon animations.

    And what's this about the Necro not being able to have perma-summons?
    The Mage can, and the Necro in TES lore can as well — so why not the Necro in TESO?

  4. Diablo 2 necromancer skeles lasted forever and even healed themselves, What is this trash?…. OOOOOO 10 second skeletons to attack with…

  5. So i have to pay to play as a class with random skills named as "necromancer". Scorcerer class is more necromancer than this

  6. The bounty thing is a weird but really cool choice. I've been stubborn about sticking to my mageblade but I might have a new main.

  7. "They got tired of two decades of zombies, better jump to the very next step, the super-unique Necromancer!" -Blizz, Crate, Bethesda, etc."


    "We didn't want to make a swiss army knife, so we gave it a DPS, a Healer, and a Tank spec"


  8. No summoner 🙁 Lamest necromancer ever. Glad i can't afford to play this game anymore. This game was promising , but i've hated everything they've done after the initial release.

  9. My expectation from the necro class was to have a pet skill line. I would have preferred a skeletal warrior pet and with an ultimate to turn into a lich. What we got is a lesser necromancer. At least the warden has the bear. The only skill from the necro class that calls my attention is the ultimate to instantly resurrect players.

  10. No fucking summons to run around with? Lore friendly?
    Guess I’m not coming back to this crap.

    Es6 it is.

  11. Noob, just brought elsweyr. Why wont it let me play as the necromancer???? When i pick to click on it it says (chapter) next to it???

  12. Honestly wtf. You literally went into detail about how much you looked into the lore of a necromancer in the lore but ended up with just another aoe damage ability. Ffs.

  13. Finally!
    You know, some of the greatest heroes from fantasy were Necromancers! Consider: Aragorn, son of Arathorn? He raised an Undead Army against the forces of Mordor, during the Battle of Minas Tirith.
    Alduin himself, was a Necromancer, raising dragons from their tombs.

  14. Unlock the Necromancer for all players or make it purchasable in crown store I don't care about your season of the dragon pve filler content.

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