The Gamers: Humans & Households – Episode 1

I was beginning to think you wouldn’t show. Does the king know how
you spend your nights? What the king does not
know cannot worry him. Does it worry you? It’s not too late to back out. You think we are not up to your challenge? I think you are alone. And I think you are
paying attention. You question our might? Our METTLE? If so you are a greater
fool than you appear. A fool I may be. But one who has seen heroes greater than
yourselves flee in terror from my table. Gods’ Bones man! We’ve won battles beyond count. Killed dragons and giants. We’ve snatched spirits back from
the hands of death himself! Your courage is beyond
question, my friends. But courage alone will not avail you. For tonight my quest will take you to a realm
where you will be without your strength. And you without your magic. And you…without your faith. I without my charm? It is a world of quiet desperation. A world where no one is safe
from the dangerously mundane. Dare you continue? Very well! You have your character scrolls? Your uh… …stones of chance? Then sit! And may fate and fortune
smile upon you for tonight… …we play… HUMANS AND HOUSEHOLDS! [Host]
Your adventure begins in
Everytown, County Main [Host]
where you’ve all answered a request
to visit your mutual friend. [Host]
Steve. [snorting] [Host]
A pack of cars stalks
slowly down the street… [Host]
…one after another. Have the cars noticed us? They pay you no mind. I say we attack while their guard is down! Let blood and oil slicken the pavement! Don’t be a fool. The cars would trample and devour us. There must be some way across the
street without provoking them. Are there any signs along the road? Perception check. Fifteen! You see this sign. [Flex]
What is it? Knowledge: Conservative Media. Nine. Probably something that
limits your freedom. Twenty-three on Knowledge. Common knowledge. It’s the yellow diamond
of the god of Safety. [Host]
Painted on the stone of the street
is what appears to be a bridge. [Host]
Above it, colored orbs hang from a pole. [Host]
The red orb is glowing. [Rogue]
What of the cars? [Host]
They’ve stopped. These lines must be protective runes. We can cross here! Infrontof the cars? Do you see another way? [Host]
As you pass the cars you can see
people trapped inside them. [Host]
Some of them are children. [Priestess]
How horrid! [Billlgate]
Fellows… The lights are…changing? [Horn Blares] [Horn Blares] The protective field must have collapsed. Roll initiative. [Host]
Moonray, you’re first. [Wizard]
I cast Ray of Guilt. Do you know what you’re
doing to the environment? [Onlooker]
Get out of the street asshole! [Host]
It has no effect. Billgate. [Rogue]
I hack the car. [Host]
Hacking doesn’t work that way. [Rogue]
But I rolled a twenty. [Host]
So you did. [Host]
You’re now in control of the car. [Rogue]
Send it back from whence it came. [Cheering] [Host]
Another car takes its place. [Host]
Candy. [Priestess]
I diagnose the car. [Host]
It’s a car. [Priestess]
Yes, but what’s wrong with it? [Host]
It’s slowly consuming
the world’s air supply. Dear Gods! God. It’s God here right? Dear God! [Host]
Flex. [Warrior]
Power Attack! [Battle Roar] [Radio Playing] [Host]
Yeah, you do zero damage. [Host]
Cars have damage reduction 100
/ another car. [Horn Blares] [Host]
Moonray. [Wizard]
I cast Fog of Protection. [Host]
Billgate. Flee! [Horn Blares] [Twice.] [Host]
The cars streak past. They are gone. [Host]
For now. [Wizard]
Our first battle did not go well. [Priestess]
We survived. [Rogue]
We did. But for how long? Subtitles by the community

100 thoughts on “The Gamers: Humans & Households – Episode 1

  1. Could someone please explain to me the 100/another car joke?
    I've played roleplaying games in my life, but never D&D (and I guess that's where this mechanic comes from).

  2. I can't believed I missed this when it was first uploaded. This is exactly what I needed today. Consider drinks on me if I ever meet you guys, I failed my saving throw against awesome.

  3. This so reminds me of Simon The Sourcerer 2, the people in the hut playing a "futuristic" roleplaying game: "I'm a secretary, level 11."  "What's her special powers?" "She can drink lots of coffee without puking." 🙂

  4. This is AWESOME!!! This is the true spirit of the first "The Gamers" story. I just wish every video you guys release was like this… ^_^
    Never again will I be able to play a character in a medieval or sci-fi RPG setting without feeling the horrible suspicion that the locals look at me the way I looked at these four.

  5. The dude in the car at 6:27 is playing the Legacy theme song from Hands of Fate! I love the Dead Gentlemen's great little easter eggs.

  6. What level of buzz will it take for Netflix to green light more work from this team?
    Maybe we need Felicia Day to be reached?
    Anyone on here know how to contact her?

  7. With how stupid people seem to be becoming in modern times, I have to wonder if some of that stupidity was due to them simply not KNOWING because they actually were in the situation of these people. Heck, if the multiverse theory is true, then that very well could be.

  8. "Dear Gods!. God…it's God here, right? God, Dear God!" Holy hell…I almost spit out my drink. I owned a gaming store a while ago and bought The Gamers right when it was available on DvD. I've watched all the other things the group's done, and laughed all the way through them. But this one…this one REALLY tickled my funny bone. 🙂 Awesome guys!!!

  9. We did a D&D campaign years ago, where we were in a post apocalyptic world. We found a building where genetic experiments had taken place, to unlock human potential,for magic, psionics, and extreme skills. We had to decipher the codes of "alchemy" and when you drank the elixir you created, the DM checked his chart and told you what your character class was. More discover allowed stat change potions. It was an awesome, random group of characters where we played a class we would otherwise have avoided.

    Thank you for doing this series. It brought back great memories.

  10. Holy crap! The "Humans" are in my city! I never thought I'd see Guelph in any kind of film lol. This is awesome!

  11. The yellow diamond of the God of Safety…these lines are protective runes…wow, nearly every line in this thing is GOLD!

  12. Hello! I add Traditional Chinese translation on this series days ago, would you please check & approved when convenient? Thanks so much.

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