The HP Z8 G4 Workstation – The Ultimate Workstation

The HP Z8 G4 Workstation is the world’s most powerful workstation! It provides top-of-the-line power and can run the most complex simulations and process huge amounts of data! This powerful machine can support up to two Intel Xeon Scalable Processors with 28 cores each, for up to 56 threads per processor. The Intel Xeon Platinum 8280 Processor is the latest Intel offering for high end workstations and the HP Z8 is equipped to support it! The Platinum 8280 has a base clock speed of 2.7 Gigahertz and can boost up to 4 Gigahertz, making it one of the fastest processors ever. The newest generation of Intel Xeon Scalable processors have increased the base frequency for the memory supported to DDR4 2933. The Z8 can be equipped with up to 3 terabytes of this superfast memory allowing you to conquer workloads allowing you to conquer workloads unlike any other machine. Shredding through heavy workloads such as Avid Composer, Autodesk Flame and Maya, as well as Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects is what this workstation is built for. When you’re editing 4k or even 8k footage, you’re looking for a fast and seamless workflow. The HP Z8 can support up to 3 graphics cards and is certified for Nvidia Quadro and AMD Radeon Pro graphics cards depending on the configuration. From Quadro GV100’s to RTX 2080 Ti’s, the Z8 is able to smoothly edit or render high quality videos and simulations with ease. If storage is your main concern, rest assured the HP Z8 will be able to handle your needs. In its base configuration, the Z8 supports up to four 3.5 inch or 2.5 inch storage devices. But, that’s not all, the Z8 can be configured with multiple HP Z Turbo drives as well as an ICY Dock solution. The ICY Dock solution has multiple options such as eight 2.5 inch drives using only one 5.25 inch drive bay. For fast storage, the HP Z8 also supports VROC or Virtual RAID On Chip, allowing enterprise level NVMe drives to be configured in RAID. The Z8 G4 is HP’s latest flagship workstation and can get rather expensive. So if you are looking for something more cost friendly, the Z8’s predecessor, the HP Z840 Workstation is a great choice. The chasses look and feel very different. The HP Z8 is a much more modern and sleek design while the HP Z840 is more standard looking. Both are aesthetically pleasing and can be displayed at any desk. Let’s pop the hood to check out their similarities and differences. First, the HP Z8 and Z840 Workstations take different CPU’s. The HP Z8 is compatible with the Intel Xeon scalable processors while the HP Z840 is compatible with the Intel Broadwell processors. But, have no fear, although the CPU’s can not be interchanged between workstations, you can find an equivalent processor with similar cores and clock speed. For example, if you want the equivalent of an Intel Xeon Gold 5115 Processor that has 10 cores at 2.4 GHz, an alternative for the HP Z840 would be the Intel Xeon E5-2640 V4 Processor which also has 10 cores at 2.4 GHz. Both the Z8 and Z840 Workstations utilize DDR4 memory but their maximum supported memory differs. The Z8 can support up to 3TB’s of DDR4 2933 RAM depending on the CPU while the Z840 can support up to 2 Terabytes of DDR4 2400 RAM. Both the Z8 and Z840 support up to four 2.5 inch or 3.5 inch hard drives or solid state drives. The Z8 also supports up to four M.2 NVMe SSD’s using two Z8 M.2 adapter modules while the Z840 can support up to four HP Z Turbo Drives. Depending on your configuration, both of these machines support up to 3 graphics cards. Z840 can support a maximum of 540 watts with 180 watts per card, while the Z8 can support a maximum 750 watts with 250 watts per card. HP workstations are tested and certified for workloads including engineering, architecture, professional video editing, 3d animation, healthcare and geospatial mapping among others. If you’re running software such as Avid, Premiere Pro, or DaVinci Resolve, and you need a workstation that will get you fast productivity workloads or help you create VFX for the next hit movie, we can help configure the workstation that’s right for you. Considering investing in a Dell Precision Workstation instead? Great! the latest generation of Dell Precision workstations can also be configured to run the same software with similar performance. Dell’s equivalent to the HP Z8 G4 Workstation is the Dell Precision T7920 Workstation. The T7920 supports the same Intel Xeon Scalable CPU’s and DDR4 memory configurations as the HP Z8 G4. Also, both workstations can support up to three double width graphics cards using up to 250 Watts each. Additionally, the machines also support similar storage configurations, however, each machine will require parts specific to their brand. For example, Dell machines require Dell parts and HP machines require HP parts. Finally, the Dell T7920’s chassis design borrows from its previous generations while the HP Z8 G4 design has evolved from its predecessor. Stay tuned for our next video which will go more into detail about the Dell Precision T7920 Workstations. So if you are interested in purchasing or configuring the HP Z8 G4 Workstation, visit our website at to learn more. Looking for something else? No problem – we’ve got you covered. We carry the full line of Dell and HP servers, workstations, storage systems and all components to make your upgrade easy. If you would like to see more videos like this, please comment below on what you would like to see next. Thanks for watching, like and subscribe and we’ll see you soon for more videos!

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