The Last of Us · VGA 2012 [ESP Subs]

what if it’s true do I need to remind you what is out there once upon a time I had somebody that I cared about and in this world that’s sort of good for one thing get you killed I need something smuggled out of the city just cargo Joel I just want some simple gear enough to set me on my way I reckon it’s got something to do with that girl is yet everything to do with that little girl it can’t be any worse than in here Kenneth where’s big people joel has been that way for a long time we are surviving this is our chance it is over test what are you so afraid of no drink on somebody thin ice here are we do you make every shot count you see I believe everything happens for a reason we don’t have to do this you know that right after all we’ve been through everything that I’ve done I can’t be for nothing

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