The Last of Us Part II – Release Date Reveal Trailer | PS4

Scale of 1 to 10… …how would you rate
our kiss from last night? Look who decided to join us. All right.
You-all know the drill. Run your routes… …mark your log books. You run into anything
you can’t handle… Ellie! [HEAVY BREATHING] [CLICKING] …you come back. Dina, where are you! Get off me! Please stop! [BANG] No! Tommy… …I have to finish it. You have no idea what
you’re walking into. What are you doing? You don’t know how
large that group is… …how armed. I don’t care. You can’t stop this. What the hell are
you doing here? You think I’d let
you do this on your own?

100 thoughts on “The Last of Us Part II – Release Date Reveal Trailer | PS4

  1. If this man joel get THAT old that he'd have to need planks or a wheelchair to walk around or something im deleting the game.

  2. Joel is one of the most caring person he looks old I don't want him to die😭😭 but I have a feeling he will die in last of us 2

  3. They better have Ish in this storyline as a drunk with PTSD that they meet at a blackmarket bar because they need someone to captain a boat..

  4. Just take your time & do your thing respawn. I’d rather have a great experience in a while as opposed to a decent experience rn.

  5. Me: Swear to me….swear to me that the game will come out in Febuary.
    Naughty dog: …I swear.
    Me. Ok
    Naughty dog: delays game to may

  6. is it me or did they change Ellies facials features?i think they did. I don remember Ellie having freckles or that many freckles and her eyes look different. Ellies cheeks should be fuller.They shaped her face different.

  7. i just finished the part 1 and it was a freaking masterpiece and i thought that there's going to be a part 2 and yes!!! im so excited to play this!

  8. Idk, I have a weird gut feeling that either Ellie’s journey will result in Joel’s death or Joel is already dead and is just a part of Ellie’s subconscious trying to cope with her murder spree.

  9. Mmmmmm….. Párese que Ellie esta buscando a Nina y ay la encuentra y la matan Ellie se quiere vengar y listo de eso se trata el juego

  10. my excitement level went top of the world when I saw joel…

    he reminds me of old man Logan…Badass

  11. Last of us part 2 was going to be released a day after my birthday. By they changed making me wait till halfway 2020.

  12. Joel is problaby not gonna be alive in the last of us 2. It will probably be memories and hallucinations of joel but not joel himself.

  13. I think that Joel is dead and Ellie is actually seeing him in her head…I think that group whoever they may be fire flies whoever caught Joel and killed him and thats Ellie's reasoning for wanting to kill them all also explains Tommy coming to give her something in that lil case more then likely something of Joel's.. who knows that could be 100 percent wrong lol

  14. "revenge is a fools game" ~ Arthur Morgan

    "I don't care, you can't stop this." ~ Ellie.

    This game is gonna break our hearts to see Ellie so blinded by revenge.

  15. i can’t wait for this moment 😍🙌🙌🙌 i bought the game already! i need it ! i love this game yo!

  16. At 1:20 you can hear Joel grunt as if he was being thrown to the floor and Ellie does say “no stop” and you hear gunshots. What if Joel dies 😭🥺

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