The Most Profound Moment in Gaming History

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  1. I’m proud to have been involved with such an iconic and thought provoking entity. Kojima-san, I hold you in the highest regard. Brilliant, then. Brilliant, now. Well done, Max!

  2. Holy crap… As the video went on the pit in my stomach grew and grew. This is frightening. And now I really gotta play this game.

  3. I was to young to get this conversation on PS2, so I spent most of the time spinning the analogue sticks to make them move their heads. The natural selection of memes sounds like the final conversation in Ghost in the Shell with 2501.

  4. Hmm. Do you think the things happening today happen because of the predictions or ideas soaked into our brains from movies, fiction books, and video games like this one?

  5. Right about at @7:45 I'll tell you the fact that the internet came out does not mean the entire system of hopefully creditable news sources, political campaigns, and social conditioning wasn't already in place forming a cosensus. Tribalistic nature in humans would rather idolize a "chief" of sorts for their particular niche in the world. ex. Youtubers to Jesus. To either deny their problems, blame others, or leave it up to God. If I could suggest a good book for you to read: "The Philosphy of Civilization" by Albert Shwietzer

  6. I think the greatest video game experiences far outweigh any other form of media's greatest experience by a mile. You just have to be in it and willing to feel it.

    Hideo is the greatest video game writer of all time, he surpasses Shakespeare 10 fold.

  7. Except that, 1) the "curators" of the past actually always abused their positions to form social acceptance of an agenda set by the few, and 2) people do know how to discern what's good info and what's bad, as a matter of fact they are born with it and their whole lives corporations, media and government seek to dismantle that ability. Saying the opposite is true shows that you have not been critical enough to examine the cracks in the psychological picture which the western academic standard tries to impose.

  8. god this really reminds me of psycho-pass series and the control of the Sibyl system, it kinda shows how society develops with the help of an unbiased system…but it also shows many paradoxes and contradictions. i wonder if it were really implemented into our society, how would we evolve, how would it all work

  9. I definitely agree with what you mentioned about people resorting to rather extreme viewpoints and not bothering to listen to the other side. I do think people on both sides of the political spectrum should try to be more civil with one another to figure out solutions to their problems. Some form of common ground between political sides should be the end goal.

  10. "Hitler and Mau would rather kill millions rather then consider there arguments"
    I think you have missed allot of history here.

  11. The better solution would be to force everyone to acknowledge the hard realities of any given situation, and allow an open conversation to flow unopposed. On a long enough time span, we'll come up with a way to process this information, until the "truth" is unavoidable. The AI in MGS2 didn't look on a long enough timespan, and is polluted by a negative opinion of a humanity it can never hope to be a part of. By giving us all information, we'll indeed eventually EVOLVE to process it.
    But no….instead it want's to virtue signal censorship and hold everyone back so we're predictable and complacent. The ultimate ending to this game would had been if Arsenal ended up being an isolated chamber for the AI to continue with its dystopia, but never actually reaching real living humans. Just living in an eternal simulation of its own design, believing it's succeeding to manage itself.

  12. Imagine spending all this time and effort to make such a profound commentary on where society/culture is heading only for people to shit on your game because you couldn't play as Snake.

    He tried to warn you but you didn't listen. This is the future you chose

  13. “Like genes, memes are subject to a process called natural selection”

    You don’t even need to be referring to the academic definition for the sentence to be true

  14. Favouritism builds up like a dirty, disgusting cancer. Every thinking and non-thinking creature will always remain miles from their goal, running on a treadmill for the rest of eternity. There is no main character, there are no rules, yet freedom is impossible. A breathing, living, dying mass killing and healing itself over and over. If we were perfect, then why would we be alive?

  15. Think ur pretty clever do`nt ya but ur just some psuedointellectual who talks mostly gibberish,even though you point to certain truths its the context and Connections you make that are in part fake;and what DO you actually know about genes and what they can or cannot carry and pass on, and life has never or WILL EVER become DIGITIZED,its impossible.Lastly,this fear of uncontrollable AI `gone rogue` can in part be blamed on a basic misunderstanding of AI and Movies like The Terminator and Skynet not to mention videogames like Mass Effect With the `Geth` robots who initiated a rebellion against us.

  16. It's crazy how actual this game is, seems like kojima predicted the era we are living in, even today this part give me the chills.

  17. Neither side is really good. Over compromise led to slavery and genecide of natives, while zero compromise led to… Well the same thing but later. Truth be told I don't think their is a right answer. We all fucking suck. Sjw and everyone else.

  18. Only profound to children. Anyone over the áge 18 when this and was released understood all of this already and saw it for what it really was… Clumsy ham-fisted exposition… You know,, like kojima has done in all his games.

  19. So the only way to save humanity is to create skynet and hope it doesn't immediately kill it's self when we tell it it's job!? Fuck!

  20. Trump is Solidus Snake (who in the Metal Gear Universe was a President as well) out to take out the Patriots (globalists) and their censorship at any cost. We are the Sons of Liberty!

  21. The rise of the internet has not caused us to ignore world politics n favor of gossip. Gossip has always been a thriving industry since print became affordable on a mass scale. It may be true that we are less in tune with global politics but that’s far more attributable to the fact that the average American isn’t under threat of draft or Cold War like we were through a solid 50 year span that our parents (whom I’m assuming you pull at least some of your perspective from) had to live through.

  22. I'm trying to make a point here, not participating in the Fortnite Shitstorm:

    The Fortnite Hatedom & Fandom is probably the best example of political division & fanatism (both are pretty bad in their own ways) and let me remember that these are videogames were talking about :

    The Fandom is composed of little kids who don't see the blatant cons in the Item shop, for example, and how they're wasting tons of money on shitty dances . They flood EVERYTHING with stupidity and don't know nothing of politeness, giving those good people in the community a bad name, the content creators especially with their quality > quantity mentality.

    The Hatedom is probably what I think most concerning "Callout Culture" , with even penguinz0/Cr1tikal calling them out when he came across a Twitter post with people talking about how they're gonna fuck up KIDS because they started up a friendly dance-off, * and they *just happened to use Fortnite Dances

    Ignore the community and play normally/ignore the game, the Fandom and the Hatedom are like Heart Cancer fighting Brain Cancer

    (Adapted from a comment section below that concerned people insulting Fortnite to be c00l [How OrIgInAl])
    Also if you go to the comment section to Circlejerk and do stupid shot, the AIs will get you

  23. Oh man, I totally forgot the details of this conversation. I remember finishing MGS2 and thinking "wow, that last codec conversation was nutty" pretty wild to hear it again and hold it up to the light of the present day.

  24. Most of gamers say that mgs2 Is garbage im dont agree with that i playa several times this game and well i think Is one of the best mgs games of the saga

  25. Based on reading this comment section…

    Am I the only one who enjoyed playing MGS2 repeatedly?? Am I also the one who probably memorised the whole codec script?

    Did anyone else anticipate Jack and Rose would have a son named John?

  26. Metal gear solid 2 was my favourite one out of the whole series. The rest that came after number 2 were just utter shit.

  27. I still remember the feeling of dread, fear, and helplessness this portion of the game made me feel all those years ago.

  28. The future that will manifest is the same one all throughout human history. The strong rule the weak. The end.

    Be the boot or be under it.

  29. I hated this game for the extended cut scenes and talking. I just wanted to play. Maybe I should have paid more attention.

  30. It's not so much that people would rather kill than be wrong, its that they would rather die.
    Its less likely the average person would be confronted with the latter than the former. People would invite their own destruction than admit they are wrong, see any substance abuser, people who refuse medical care or refuse to acknolwedge dangers of the world because of the comfort of their own lives.

  31. @8:18 , you're missing the implicit message here duder. way way way off… ironic how you've managed to change the message through your contextualizing of it here

  32. I would like to see what would happen if an AI took over in real life and polarize everyone's arguments. I think it would lead to a more harmonized world.

  33. I dont recall I ever heard or read Campbell in MGS2. He(kojima) tricked the player, specifically those who played MGS1, letting us believe the colonel was Cambpell. MGS2 script report "The Colonel", not Colonel Roy Campbell.

  34. This and the themes in MGS4 are insanely accurate; and the fact that this game was all but finished before the 9/11 attacks and has a similar finale (most of which was cut) is too close to guesswork, it's like Kojima KNEW something, there's no logical way he could have straight up had the foresight to see all this coming… I wish he'd talk about it.

  35. Yeah 1:42 is crazy. You can be banned for things without proof, and people are paid to feel oppressed. Social media with mental illness/drugs is a horrific combination.

  36. Seems like even AI is affected by abstract thought. Nobody ever thought of rejecting ethics and morality altogether as they are abstract in nature and highly prone to inerpretation? Often you can see this "making the world a better place" narrative pushed by people of all political shades and walks of life, it only goes to show that no matter how many phd's one may or may not have, most humans are affected by abstract thought wether they belive ethics,morality, rights etc. were a divine gift or just some "natural' given thing. What is good or evil and what determines it, people should ask themselves that. Seems like the human mind, or most human minds for that matter can not find purpose in existence without abstract concepts. I belive that the next step in evolution is rejection of abstract thought, no more "killing is evil' and "helping is good" just whatever works to advance the understanding of our universe and the advancement of our technology and science, no hard feelings no ethics just pragmatism, and then to the stars and beyond.

  37. What makes this so profound for me is that this game was released before YouTube and Facebook, on the very cusp of blogs being a big thing. People were generally celebratory about the democratisation of information that the internet represented. Most people weren’t prepared for the ‘sea of garbage’ that would be the result of all information, both important and trivial, true and false, being uploaded and stored in the same place and assigned the same value by an automated system that can’t judge quality. When I first played the game I saw the crazy robot man as an evil authoritarian imposing his will on a population because he doesn’t trust or like their will. Now he’s downright sympathetic and necessary.

  38. I just ate hamburger soup my mom just made, and kinda would have liked it more if i just had a hamburger… But why be mean? Why whimper?

  39. When I played this game about 15 or 16 years ago I understood this entire dialogue and thought it was absolutely insane. (Thought I was real smart for understanding it too lol) I just knew that one day it would become a reality. I was just explaining to my wife the other day that there was this game (MGS2) that I played as a teenager that perfectly describes what is actually happening today. The control of information and what everyone is even allowed to see and in the context that you're seeing it in. It's blatantly obvious it's being utilized. You'll very purposely be given several different contexts on the same news story these days. Fox news will tell you the same thing CNN will, they will just use a different context and that's all it will take for an entire different picture to be painted for you. This game literally predicted the future. What is being explained in this game is happening right now in the world.

  40. LOVE LOVE LOVE the video, well made, thought provoking, and shows an understanding of the material. However, Max's perspective seems to be that he is not biased, right smack dab in the center, and doing nothing but analyzing the game and our society.

    While I love the video I really noticed the Canadian, center-right bias shining though at a few points. While explaining what the "call-out" culture does, he explains what kind of insults each side of the political divide may hurl at each other.. for the lefties its a "racist, sexist, homophobic Nazi" and for the right.. "a west hating communist".. rhetoric isn't close. A leftie won't even take that as an insult half the time. He also spends the end of the video belaboring call out culture for the things it has taken from us (oscars host), most notably being regular people's jobs. IS this really an issue? Looking online for info on the amount of people fired over social media posts only resulted in articles listing the rare times this has happened, or warning you that it COULD happen.. so I dunno.. I just haven't heard about this kind of thing other than on the news, never in real life. I understand a slippery slope, it may be about where we're headed, not where we are now.. I would just say this, corporations and aristocrats already control our lives, and things generally suck in that regard… so lets just take the power back from them and see where we're at, instead of getting upset at histories downtrodden people or groups for having a tool to finally voice their criticisms.

    Max seems super analytical, so I'm sure he has had online convos where he was just being honest, or interpreting a stat or fact in a way that someone didn't like, and they called him one of those things. He probably didn't deserve it. But now, like for so many, that seems to be his issue of the day (spoiler, it shouldnt be). I understand the gigantic divide between us, and I understand that to be the core issue he gets at.. I just don't think a million people on twitter are a main cause of it. We have been lied to and controlled by the media since it's inception, and that bottleneck breaking in the digital age has only worsened the problem

    I could go on.. And don't get me wrong, the video is FANTASTIC, and it shows that at least we can mostly agree on what the issues are, even if the prism in which we see through changes the lighting.

    But I hate Nate Silver bullshit

  41. I often will listen to the views of an opposing side, and try to sincerely understand them in their position, even if it’s uncomfortable. I was talking to communists on Reddit forums and even Youtube comments and they were very polite and formal but opposed free speech and democracy. They said they would rather sacrifice free-flowing, intuitive individualism for the sake of the community and society. I felt such a surge of cognitive dissonance hearing complete agreement by packs of communists. I know I’m in a bubble, but the clash of truths is a challenge because it is convincing to portray governmental safeguards to hinder stupidity, dissidents, and cronyism. So many “truths” within propaganda, which is why i feel we need free speech and critically intuitive thinking. They would rather live a culture/life predefined by the government in order to stop controversy and maintain ‘unity’. It reminds me again of the final codec conversation in metal gear 2 where he said the S3 program meant “Selection for Societal Sanity” accept its not A.I. making selections is it? It’s subjectively imperfect people; tyrants

  42. JW-слили, так что, ребята, просто голосуем за йогурт и летим в Огайо

  43. Did you know that GTA IV predicted Donald Trump?

    Niko Bellic: I've always wanted to be a lawyer.

    Francis McReary: You can be whatever you like, it's the land of opportunity. Any fool can become president!

  44. Wow. I remember playing this part as a kid and being confused/scared… who would've thought this actually had a message (more like a warning) about western society today. Mind blown…

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