The Most RIDICULOUS MacBook Pro

This is going to be a fun one. Look at this, multiple components on the table. I’m undertaking a little project here today Well, we are This is a thing called the Mantis Experiment with the idea of an external graphics card on your Macbook Pro Anything that supports Thunderbolt 3 Its referred to as an eGPU An external graphics unit The reason you would hook something like this up to a laptop Is to get desktop grade Graphical performance On a system that can be mobile Razer, they have their own unit that you can add to their blade laptops Which kinda operates in a similar fashion But up until this point, they haven’t been too many options for people on Mac Laptops There’s a wide variance of mac books Some of them more powerful than others Some that can really benefit from a set up like this. This thing is not really meant to go with you anywhere Acts as a hub For not just your graphics But also some other important peripherals This is for the graphics card 3 USB 3’s Ethernet cord, thunderbolt 3 Not just for data connectivity It also can provide the 87 watts of power that your macbook pro wants to charge This is a single cable set-up You simply detach that one cable Don’t need to worry about a power brick or anything extra 2 more USB 3 ports So that’s a total of 5 x USB ports on this thing So you can keep your peripherals connected to this now you don’t have to worry about ports on the laptop itself now you probably noticed this amazing looking box over here Graphics cards always have the coolest looking boxes a VEGA 64 card These are the units that are going to ship in the iMac pro therefore these should work on the latest MAC software without any driver Will how much did I pay for this I think I paid like 600 bucks for maybe I’m going to show you how this thing works this side panel just pops off no screws just like that thee power supply unit that’s for mounting either a 2.5 inch hard drive or a SSD And the SATA connector for that drive is located right over here now I’ve heard the fan can be it bit noisy for some of course you could swap that out and then you have your graphics card slot right here that’s the Important spot some of you might not know but you can also install windows you can do a boot camp situation on a MAC book pro oooo look at that o my Jack attack even you love something like that three different display ports and a HDMI this thing will be for the graphical performance of your laptop Without being connected to an external monitor So we have the card installed over here now And then a single thunderbolt 3 cable which was included in the box Going to to this macbook pro here Now this one is running Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.1 There’s a lot of talk about compatability issues with devices like this But on this version right here we got a prompt immediately saying “External GPU detected, log out to begin using the external GPU” It’s charging up too So as of right now we are running off that desktop grade graphics rather than the internal graphics of this macbook pro Alright, so you may have noticed I’ve got a different laptop now I was using Will’s and now I’m using mine A little bit of time has passed Because I’ve been playing with this thing, tweaking it a little bit I really wanted to place it on my desk And using it for a slightly more extended period before reporting back This Graphics Card setup that I have here Is about as native as you can get while running 10.13.2 This card right here The Vega 64 is very power hungry This is a 550 watt Power Supply In here how is that really going to work with this particular card This card can want more power than what that’s capable of So I’ve actually gone ahead and ordered another power supply, an 800 watt power supply to deal with this. I’d reccomend going with the Vega 56 instead of the 64 It’s a little less power hungry and therefore slightly more supported Anyhow, I’ve got geekbench up here on the display I can actually test each GPU independently to start off let’s do the Intel HD Graphics 530 that’s in my laptop. Here we go It’s scoring 19,642 On the OpenCL score, MacBooks without discreet graphics, without their own AMD cards just the Intel graphics Are gonna benefit the most from a set up like this cus they’re working with relatively weak graphics to begin with Next up we’re gonna move to The AMD Radeon Pro 460 Let’s see what this can do 48,251 alright now last up and the most exciting AMD Radeon HD Vega 10 XT prototype who cares what it’s called Let’s see what it can do Ok, Boom I’ve got as high as 170,000 on this particular score A huge improvement here with Desktop Grade Graphics And the reason why it will be meaningful for a lot of users. You want the portability of a Laptop with graphics performance of a Desktop This kinda gives you both Now there’s a reason why think like this have become popular on systems like Razer and now through products like this one they’re trying to bring a more universal approach not just for Windows computers but in this case on Mac as well This is still a bit finicky it’s not completely supportive. You’re doing this at the moment at your own risk There you have it, there’s the mantis venus With An AMD Vega 64 working on a MacBook Pro I think it’s pretty cool, and quite frankly it’s destroying the figures my laptop can produce on it’s own I’ll have the details down in the description. Also let me know. Do you guys like this type of video? Did it get too technical? Or are you into it? Would you like to see more? Let me know with your thumb down below, and I’ll catch ya in the next one

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  1. There is a moment in the video where I state that the GPU will boost performance even without an external monitor. To be completely clear, this will eventually be the case. Apple has stated intentions to support eGPU setups natively (Spring 2018). For now, an external monitor is necessary to take advantage of the new card.

    *Also important to mention, this unit will work with Windows so long as your laptop has a Thunderbolt 3 port.

  2. So this thing is what we were all waiting for? Works out of the box. Sata connector and USB and Ethernet. So this is basically one cable and you have everything you want.. amazing

  3. I expect if we get a mac mini in the fall (at least that's what the rumors state) this upgrade would be perfect to enhance the mac mini experience, or not…???

  4. I wonder if this would work in Boot camp as well for playing Windows games. I've heard that NVIDIA cards work better in boot camp than Mac, but not sure about AMD.

  5. I have a Macbook pro Mid 2005 Retina but it seems I have only Thunderbolt 2 plug in, is there anyway to get around this like maybe an adapter, etc?

  6. you forgot to mention using that… Doesn't even give you 3/4s of the performance of what that cards capable of. if your gonna spend the 2k on the macbook. an then another 800 on the card an epci… your just stupid. for 2800, you can get a 2 windows laptops that'll out preform this setup by A LOT.

  7. Could you plz do a review on asus rog fx503 which has a gtx 1050 , i7 7th gen processor and 1 TB hard drive and 128 GB SSD ……… and the most minimum price of it ….. plz

  8. the Vega is 300 watts by itself and the laptop is max 85 watt so the stock power should have been enough unless they use a fire hazard non 80+ power supply thats not rated for 400watt continuous but plug a few things into the USB ports and the situation might change a external drive even if you add a internal drive and charge your iPhone from it you might hit max power on this.

  9. I believe Linus did a video about eGPUs that they cannot use the graphics card to its fullest potential…. you're receiving 60% at best.. AND you're buying a toaster to do that, and it aint portable? Please do your research man… building a cheap dekstop PC will be the same in terms of price, but far more powerful… I am dissapointed in the lack research done before publishing this, which is a statement further proved by your claim that the 550W PSU cant support the gpu…

  10. sort of pointless now though… no app can benefit from farming out the transcoding to the e-gpu as they doesn't know how, seriously cool that apple are going to support this though.

  11. So you buy a MacBook Pro for 2 thousand+ bucks and do not have the power to game on it, so you have to buy this toaster thing and a Graphics Card for 700 dollars so you can play games on your Laptop, which can't really be considered a Laptop anymore because you have a toaster size box that has to stand nearby, which also needs external electricity. So you basically pay 2500+ for a Small Computer. If you'd buy a gaming laptop (which would still be pretty pricey compared to a comparable Windows PC) You'd have an actually portable Computer that would give you the same power for 2/3 the price and if you would just build yourself a Micro ATX Form PC in a tiny tower, and buy yourself a really deven Monitor, you would end up with half the price for at least the same power.
    Seriously why are there people out there who still buy apples products, how can you be so fucking brainwashed to pay double the price "because the IOS is so much better hurr durr" holy fuck

  12. I like the more crunchy review style. Gives you something besides entertainment and shows you got chops besides your beard.

  13. My older brother has an MacBook Pro 2018 with i5 and 16GB Ram if he uses this can he play crazy games that need a lot of power

  14. 550 watts is more then enough for a single card even vega cards, get the vega 64 if you want it and have the money for it

  15. The Alienware amplifier is the best external graphics solution thunderbolt three doesn’t have enough bandwidth so it bottlenecks your cards but Alienware uses their own connection which is PCIE and thunderbolt

  16. Great video, perfect technical level. I would have wanted a small test with a game, that the Mac can barely handle on its own and try it with this setup.

  17. hello, abe can work as the MacBook Pro 2 GHz (Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013 – Intel Iris Pro Graphics
    ) ?

  18. Would you recommend using the AMD Radeon Vega Frontier 16Gb? Will there be a compatibility problem? Thank you so much for the videos.

  19. The Mantiz Venus is my favourite eGPU chassis but I don't think it's a good idea to run anything else with that TB3 cable, like another ssd or a usb stuff connected since TB3 already allows for a 10-20% performance loss because of the share main board bus with all other controllers. If you wish to connect an SSD at the same time I'd suggest to connect it on a separate USB-C port.

  20. If apple makes a decent gpu like gtx 1070 it will outperform rtx 2080 ti windows desktop pc by 60fps Because apple os is very efficient

  21. I used a base Apple 2018 13" Macbook pro. It does have 16 GB ram, and a 512 SSd, but the performance when I hooked this up to the eGPU was almost similar to what you provided. Mind-blown! Now we don't have to buy the most expensive Mac on the planet to get out of this world performance! Great video, love your reviews.

  22. i think i will wait for next generation to any manufacture that would integrate a eGPU box with intel 10GB Ethernet chipset.
    i find it annoying to have to keep buying expansion boxes for each external device.. think about it..cost..cables..power bricks…

  23. Why am I looking at this? I'm the only person who wants to strictly stay with Chromebooks, and I'm watching this. Just why?

  24. I was appalled at the fact that I hadn't subscribed to your channel prior to today. I've been watching your videos for a while now, so I'm not sure why I wasn't subbed; shame on me. Anyway, will this Razer GPU work on a Late 2011 17" MBP?

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