The Most Unique Laptops You Can Buy…

– Hey guys, this is Austin. We take a look at normal-looking
laptops all day long, but when Intel reached out
and wanted to sponsor a video on some slightly more unique designs, well, it didn’t take
long for me to say yes. First off, we have the HP Pavilion x360, and this might look like a normal laptop, but in fact it’s going
to be a full 2-in-1. You can tell it’s a 2-in-1 because, well, we can do pretty much anything you want including bending it all the way backward. So what’s cool about this is
that you can really use it as sort of the best of both worlds. So if I wanna use it as
a standard-looking laptop I can set it here, I’ve got my touchpad, I’ve got my keyboard,
I’ve got the touchscreen, but we also do have the additional
modes the 2-in-1 allows. So say you’re on a plane
and you don’t wanna have a giant 15-inch laptop
in your little tray table. Well, you can flip it around like this and get tent mode to,
say, watch some Netflix or some super-cool YouTube videos. And, of course, you’re also
going to have the flexibility of just flipping them
around like this if you want to do like a presentation
or, again, watch some video. And, of course, there’s going
to be a wide range of 2-in-1s available most of which are actually going to be smaller than this Pavilion. So especially you have some
of them, they’re in the 11 to 13-inch range, feel much better, especially on the tablet
side, but what you’re getting here is something
that can do everything. And one of the most important
parts with this HP is that it does it without
compromising on performance. Inside, you’re going to be getting an eighth-generation Core i7-8550U. Now, with these new Intel
chips what you’re getting is an upgraded from dual-core
to quad-core processors, and that is a big deal on something that’s going to be fairly thin and light. Essentially what it means
is that you’re going to be getting the most
performance possible out of such a thin, light form factor. And specifically with this
Pavilion, you’re also going to be getting the
dedicated Radeon graphics, you’re going to be
getting Intel Optane tech. There’s really a lot to like
with a form factor like this, especially considering that
it is not even the weirdest laptop that we’re going to take a look at. In fact, it’s downright
practical and normal, not even slightly weird. If portability is really
what you’re after though, you might wanna take a look
at this, the Lenovo Yoga Book, very possibly the smallest legit laptop that I’ve ever actually taken a look at. Now, this isn’t actually
a brand new product. It originally came out in
2016, and back then I did do a video on the Android version of this, however, I now have a Windows
version and I’ve gotta say this is, well, it’s unusual. At first glance, you’re getting
a tiny 10.1-inch laptop, but because it’s got that
signature Lenovo hinge, you also are going to be
getting a full 2-in-1. The advantage here
really is in portability. This is so thin and so
light that it’s easy to just toss it in a
bag and forget about it. And because it is going to be so small, it actually makes a pretty
decent little tablet, especially considering the keyboard, well, it’s a little bit different. So this is what Lenovo
calls their Halo keyboard, and as you might have
imagined, this actually doesn’t have any physical press. So essentially you can imagine
it as a giant touchpad. So it feels like tapping on a
tablet and it’s maybe not the greatest experience, but it does allow some really cool functionality. You can use the included stylus with the touchscreen like most other laptops. What’s interesting about
this is that if you go to the keyboard and you
press the little pin button, that’s going to disable
all keyboard presses except for what you’re going to
be getting from the stylus. Essentially what this is going
to turn into is something very similar to a Wacom tablet. You can use this to not
only navigate Windows, but more importantly it’s
going to be available in stuff like OneNote to
actually allow you to sketch without sort of blocking the
whole screen while you do it. Look, this isn’t going to be the most practical 2-in-1 in the world. Not only is it not going
to be incredibly powerful, it is using an Intel Atom
chip as opposed to a Core, and on top of that, the ports are going to be pretty minimal. It even uses Micro-USB
for charging and you only get a Micro-HDMI out as
well as a headphone jack. But, especially considering
how much the price has come down, if you’re
looking for something that’s going to be just a little bit different, the Yoga Book definitely qualifies. Next, we have something
that is quite possibly one of the most unique laptops
that you’ll ever find. This is the brand new GPD Pocket 2. As you can see, well, it doesn’t
get much smaller than this. With a 7-inch display, yeah,
this is going to be tiny. Now, there are definitely going to be sacrifices with something like this. The keyboard in particular,
even though it’s actually going to be a lot better than
the original pocket, is still going to be
very small and the layout is going to be a little bit unusual. But, again, consider. Look how tiny this thing is. It’s legitimately pocketable, and this is going to be a full Windows PC. Now, inside this guy you’re going to find a full Intel Core m3 processor. Now, no, it’s not going to
be some crazy powerhouse, but what you’re getting
here is actually a pretty surprising level of
performance in something that’s going to be so thin and small. And, no, it’s not going
to be a full gaming PC, but considering how tiny it is, it’s actually going to be
more than powerful enough for well, pretty much anything
that I would ever do with it. Except video editing, I
guess, but I don’t think. Oh, whoa, dude, we actually
could video edit on this! Oh, we shoulda thought about that earlier. This actually would totally
be able to video edit. So it does only have 4 gigs of RAM, which is not going to be a
ton, but with a full Core processor inside, it actually
might not be that bad. And one of the cool things about it is, in addition to the nice aluminum design, you’ve got a solid amount of ports. So you’ve got two full-size USB-A ports, as well as a USB-C, and a microSD. The GPD Pocket 2 is definitely
not going to be for everyone. So this is really going to
be for someone who wants something that’s going
to be super pocketable, legitimately actually
pocketable, but is still going to give you the full
Windows PC experience. So maybe you wanna do a
little bit of web-browsing, you need some specific Windows apps, or you just wanna do a little
bit of tiny gaming on the go, the Pocket’s actually not bad at all. Next, we’ve got the big guy, the Microsoft Surface Book 2. Now, this takes a lot of what makes some of the other systems cool and just adds the whole tablet aspect. There are a ton of different ways that you can use the Surface Book. Now, the first and the
most obvious of which is going to be using it as a tablet. So it’s not every day that
you get to try a 15-inch Core i7-powered tablet, but
once you detach it from the keyboard dock it’s pretty
much what you’re getting here. This is going to house
almost all the internals of the laptop including it’s own battery, the Core i7 8650U, the memory, the SSD, pretty much the only things you’re going to be losing here are going
to be some of the ports. However, as soon as you
drop it onto the dock you’re going to be getting all of that back and then some, if
I can line it up correctly. So once you drop it on, not
only are you of course going to be getting the keyboard, the track pad, as well as a fair few USB ports,
SD card, that kinda stuff, this is also going to
contain a much larger battery and a dedicated Nvidia GTX 1060 GPU. A lot of this is thanks to the hinge. There’s a little bit of unusual design. So as I close it, it almost
looks like a vertebrae, and one of the only real issues here is that it actually does leave
the laptop slightly exposed to stuff like dust and whatnot, but it allows this whole
form factor to actually work. Now, when you use it as a laptop the fundamentals are absolutely there. You’re getting a super
high-resolution 15-inch display with Windows Hello support,
the keyboard is backlit, it feels great, the touchpad’s there. Really, you’re not going
to be giving up anything besides a fair bit of money when you pick up the Surface Book.
(laughing) There’s also going to be a
13-inch variety if you want something that is going to
be a little bit smaller. But it’s really cool just
how much engineering has gone into making something like this work. Now, no, it’s not going
to be completely perfect. Again, I wish it would actually close just a little bit more, but
if you’ve got a pricetag, if you’ve got a budget,
if you wanna get something that’s going to give you a
ton of power and a ton of flexibility, it’s hard to go
wrong with the Surface Book 2. What gets me excited is just how many different designs there are out there. Now, don’t get me wrong, you might wanna use a standard laptop and
that might be best for you, but as far as I’m concerned,
the weirder, the cooler, the more interesting, the better.

100 thoughts on “The Most Unique Laptops You Can Buy…

  1. I do scratch my head why Lenovo would use a touch pad key board system. It keeps it thin, yet removes the needed feed back. I guess if you have a spill on it, there is no way for liquid to easily reach the circuits of the computer.

  2. Bought the Win10 yogabook at wal mart and its really a nice device. There are lots of options available in micro usb and the pen feature is really amazing. No disappointments here..

  3. Austin: talking about hp laptop

    Homeless man: STEALS IT and says yeeettttt

    Austin: does his classic austin laugh

  4. Dude, you gotta get out more. When I first saw this guy drooling over the HP with a fold-back hinge, I figured this was a blast from the past & I was thinking 'How cute. Times have changed since back in the day, haven't they?'. Then I saw the date of the video & the more recent devices he talked about. Not cute. Sad.

  5. Toshiba ub40w – It's a laptop with a cinema screen, It's out of date but was insanely good build quality and design, it could seriously compete with modern designs.

  6. Yoga book is such a wasted opportunity. If they cut some groves so user can clearly feel where the key boundaries are, and put haptic feedback on keypress it would make it more useable.

  7. What about key protection for the all in one when flipped? I bet there's not any that's why it wasn't mentioned!

  8. 2in1 old old news we all know about it like your telling us something new. and the yoga book with the Halo keyboard has been scraped a few years back This pulling straws uploaded gets a 👎 Boring

  9. IMO you should have mention the Gpd win 2, too, because it's basically a beefier, more powerful and more featured Gpd pocket

  10. @Austin Evans – I think there is also another small 7" full Windows out there in addition to the GDP Pocket 2. Are you familiar with that one and have you done a review on it? Thank you.

  11. The surface book is what i actually use, and it is a fantastic machine for sure, i would take this over almost anything else out there.


  13. you can mass produce "unique" now? this word I do not think it means what you think it means, inconceivable!

  14. me: sees Surface Book 2


    Suraface Book 2: .hinge wobbles.


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