The Perfect Minimal Laptop Desk Setup

– [Jonathan] Today’s
setup is sponsored by LG. (light techno beat) You guys, Jonathan here,
and this is my take on a perfect, minimal laptop
setup that you can plug in, and dual functions as a desktop. So there are three main
components to this setup, the laptop, the desk, and the monitor. The centerpiece is the 2018 14″ LG Gram, which is portable, crazy light, but also packs a
surprising amount of power. Inside is Intel’s eighth
generation I7 CPU, eight gigabytes of ram,
and a 512 gigabyte SSD. Unlike most laptops,
and phones these days, that seem to get rid of every single port, this packs a ton, and specifically
a really crucial element to this setup, this USB C-port. This supports data, video, and power, and that allows it to connect
the laptop to the monitor, and even charge it with a
single cable, which is awesome. On top of that, you have
a finger print reader, a beautiful display that also
doubles as a touchscreen, so you kinda get the best of both worlds. There’s a back-lit
keyboard, fantastic audio when you want to rock head
phones, and as impressive as all that is, again,
what stands out most to me is how light weight this thing is. When you pick it up, you
kinda almost gotta do a double take, it is that light. Plus, you’re gonna get
crazy long battery life out to his guy, up to 17
and half hours, which means you won’t have to worry about
being stuck to an outlet. So when you combine that
portability, with the power and flexibility, that
kinda rounds this out as the perfect laptop to take on the go. (hip hop beat) We, of course, are not just on the go, so dive in a little deeper into the setup. The desk is a combo from Ikea. Like usual, I’m most likely
going to butcher these names. This is the Gerton table
top, and that is paired with the Oddvald trestle legs. This combo is simple,
but also very satisfying. Those dark legs with the
light wood top contrast really well together,
and I’m gonna tell you, that is some seriously solid wood. Now from there, that beautiful
monitor sitting on the desk is LG’s 27 UK 850-W, which
is 4K, features HDR 10 and USB-C, which makes
all the magic happen. For a second though, could we give a thumbs up to that wallpaper? It is beautiful, and yes, I will drop a link to that down below. This is a gorgeous, crisp display, with super accurate colors, but again, the magic here is that USB-C
port, which connects the Gram, and allows us to do everything
with a single cable. So again, data, power, and video
all through a single cable, and that’s really important
because it allows us to leave everything but
the laptop at the desk. The keyboard and mouse,
which is an ergonomic combo from Microsoft, run off a USB receiver. So instead of having to leave
that plugged in the laptop, potentially worrying about
losing it, I can just leave that plugged into the monitor,
and because everything is sent through that single cable, again, that’s why everything is so
simple and so convenient. Touching back on the keyboard
and the mouse, this is my first time ever using or
trying something ergonomic. It was a little weird at first,
but after getting used to it I could definitely see
where the benefits were. And if you’re someone who
types for hours and hours every single day, I would definitely consider checking these out. Now to throw in a variation of this setup, the display will also rotate vertically. So in the instance where you
potentially wanted to use your LG Gram as your main
display, and take advantage of that vertical real estate,
you can also do that as well. Now this looks awesome,
but for me, I’ve never really used a vertical
display, or been a fan, but if you rock one in your setup, let me know with a comment down below. Now initially when I
asked you guys on twitter what this setup might need, the number one answer was “a chair”. (growling and laughing) Unfortunately, this chair cannot do this, but the good new is, it is
not 399, it is much cheaper. In fact, it’s around 60 bucks on Amazon. It’s insanely comfortable,
complements the desk legs really well, and side
note, it’s what allowed me to grab some of the shots in this video. Now potentially, the
most interesting thing about this setup has
got to be the speakers, which is actually LG’s SJ7 soundbar. What caught my eye with
this is the sound bar actually is split off into
two separate stereo speakers, so you can use them in
a multitude of ways. For this setup, it allowed for
a really unique vertical look which I think looks awesome,
but why it works so well with this is the fact that
I can connect wirelessly through Bluetooth to the LG Gram. There’s also a subwoofer, which
kinda rounds out the sound, gives you that “umph”
down low, and even though these speakers weren’t
meant for desktop, they work amazingly well, and I think
round out the entire experience. That again follows the
idea of leaving everything but the laptop at the desk,
that way when I come back, I have a keyboard, I have a mouse, I have a beautiful display
and amazing sounding audio. Lastly, I have no idea
where I found this plant, but if I find it, I will
drop a link down below. That also includes the salt lamp, because I know you were
thinking about that. Thank you guys so much for watching. This is Jonathan, and I
will catch you guys later. (techno beat)

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  1. New setup video is live! My take on a minimal laptop setup for 2018 featuring the LG Gram. Check it out here!

  2. Hey Jonathan (or anyone reading this) I'm currently living with a 2 y/o surface pro 4 that's already falling apart. The fan clanks, the touchscreen is wonk. So many keys don't work right on the keyboard. (The 4gb of ram isn't holding up either) Easily one of the biggest wastes of 1k I've made. What can you recommend for a laptop that can actually last me up to 4 years? I'm looking for some kind of Ultrabook (and preferably something I dock up to a monitor nicely when I get back to the dorm) . Thanks so much if anyone happens to see this and help a guy out.

  3. Hello Sir this is Yash I have Seen Your video all are they are fab , Sir One more thing i want to ask you that how can i grow my youtube channel i to have a youtube channel Technical Hudda I have uploaded Some videos on It but i am not getting that respone can you help me in growing my channel can you put my channel in Related channel list ,my channel is basically on technical field .Sir its an Humble request to ,Hope so you will think on my Subject Thank you.

  4. What's the point of an LG-sponsored video praising LG products?
    I mean, I'm sure they're good products, but this all seems very much like regular old propaganda

  5. Does it ACTUALLY last 17 hours? Thats a crazy claim. And most people would like a comment on that. Verified?

  6. I used to use a vertical display setup at work but I’ve since then gotten away from using my monitors like that.

  7. Do you get paid well for doing commercials for these company's? This and about 80% of you videos are not reviews. I feel as if I've been roped.

  8. I have the same desk… it's a great desk but I had to swap the tressel legs out… they drove me nuts! 😮

  9. Hey Jonathan, Could you do do a desk setup for software programmers. I really want to know the best notebook/laptop for software programming and having a desk setup like this. Thank you

  10. If I'm going spend over $1000 for a laptop I might as well get an apple laptop. Why would I spend over 1k for that?

  11. link/model of table please. i see a similar desk on ikea website but different color. idk if its the same one

  12. The IKEA legs are not a mart move. They take up a lot of space without any good reason. Just go for the straight down legs. Looking cool is not everything.

  13. hey is somebody help me ? i bought an lg 32ud99-w monitor and i want to use it with a 15" macbook pro and i can not use the usb-c cable, cos it not working. i have tried with an other macbook and a asus laptop and both not working as well, but when a use the Hdmi cable it worked perfectly. i really would like to use with the usb-c cos that was one of the reason why i bought this monitor. could anybody help me what would be the problam?

  14. Very interesting desk setup.

    I'm thinking of buying and installing a novel hybrid computer setup in my office. My primary workstation would be mobile: 2018 13-inch MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. My video editing and graphics station would be a 2018 6-Core i7 Mac Mini. I want to seek a deal on an eGPU so I could plug-in either the laptop or the Mini to two displays. (I want a hi-res ultrawide display preferably an HDR of 34-38 inches, plus a 4K HDR display (21-26 inches?) with 90º rotating capability for both video review and desktop publishing/page layout work. I want the eGPU to drive both displays from either computer so I have lots of video real estate for a variety of productivity, communications and video/graphics tasks.) I want my setup to be a good quality one, with excellent color fidelity, nits, and refresh rate.

    I want the Mini and the eGPU tucked away under the desk (sit/stand motorized type, L-shaped) so they are out of the way and there will be minimal noise. I want a Thunderbolt 3 dock to provide ports for connectivity and make it easy to connect either the Mini or the laptop (or perhaps some kind of switch between either the Mini or the laptop?) and I also want top-notch Cable Management so I could occasionally use one monitor for the laptop and the other for the Mini. Does this sound complex enough?
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  15. As a professional report editor I have one portrait and one landscape monitor so that I can have my email and stuff on one screen and then view documents a whole page at a time.

  16. i hate those table legs so much. so many people are using them, idk. . . it looks ugly and it takes a lot of floorspace specially on this one, the chair barely fits, i cant even imagine spreading my legs for comfort or even sitting at an angle . it may be just me or those legs are ugly af compared to other simplier alternatives .

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  18. Hi! My XPS maxes out at 1080p, will it be able to output 4k on a 4k secondary monitor? My model has the 7200u core i5 7th gen cpu

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