The Rise and Fall of the Gamer Revolution

Secret Episode: Black Love It was the fifth of June, and I was hungry.
But.. not hungry in the way one might expect. Rather, my hunger was more of a … metaphorical desire. A burning sensation which grappled my insides and shook them all around.
A hunger burning. A hunger anchoring pain. A hunger which would not stop. Would not cease. Would not burn out and simply die. I was very very hungry.
But I should reiterate my initial introduction first. My name is Larry Scary. I am 34 years old, and have only ever dealt drugs twice. If you see a cardboard box in the East Highway of Miwakee Whistconsun, do not touch it.
That is my cardboard box. But do not be mistaken. I am not homeless. In fact, do not be surprised if you do not find me under that box; but another, similar, well-built gentlemen. I am simply renting that box out.
You know; to homeless men. Aka, people without much money. Now you may believe this quite the foolish investment. However, it is you who is the fool.
The fool is the one who sees repayment purely in terms of monetization. But there are other ways to repay a debt.
Other ways…
Other ways……. I have been gathering information. The sounds on the street have been off. Noisy neighbors have quieted down, and the silent have swallowed the loud.
Something certainly strange is going on. Is this a mystery? Or is this… how things are meant to be.
How all things truly are. What is, what has been, and what awaits.
The truth relies on yesterday. Yes… yesterday. So it was, when it occurred. When it happened; when it must’ve happened.
Yes, I see it. I know it, oh I do. Yes, I see it. I know it, oh I do.
What happened when that stranger came to town.
And what happened as he’d left. — I’d heard he wore all black.
Black suit. Black tie. Black face. Yes.. skin the color of oil. A rich grimy texture.
He entered a bar. One of those popular bars too; it located right in the center of town. He sat down. He ordered two drinks, and looked around.
His gazing caught the eye of a woman. She approached him quick. A maneuver of sorts, to keep his eyes on her. He didn’t seem interested at first. But her lure could pull any man off their feet. Before long, he nodded. But before that, he sighed.
And whispered to her a little warning; “Fine. But I need to be back here by five minutes.” She nodded her head, hardly listening, walking to some the bathrooms. He followed.
The men’s room. They both entered. And five minutes went by. And just a bit after five minutes…
He returned, alone. He walked back to his seat, and ordered two more drinks.
Two more drinks, down the hatch. And two more drinks.
And two more drinks… Until finally, his last two…
Before a different woman arrived. She bore a tattoo of a snake on her face.
And her demeanor.. her poise… she looked mad. Mad mad mad. Anger, so stretched. Annoyance and irritation.
But she carried on. She sat down next to the man, and took his last second drink before he could grab it. Her annoyed glare peered with the slightest satisfaction, as a subtle look of dismay appeared upon the Blackened Man. And as she sipped down his drink, he spoke. A tender voice. Lovely. But cold.
“My my.. so the ‘Worm’ appears.” “Worm? I’m sorry, this is a snake.” She hissed a bit upon speaking. A gesture? A speech impediment? Whatever it was, it confused the Blackened Man. “No no no. I know a ‘Worm’ when I see one.” The Blackened Man finished his drink. “When it rains, the dirt floods. And worms crawl from beneath the soil.
Now it was the snake-eyed girl’s turn to be confused. She glossed over to a nearby window. “Huh? It’s not raining.” “No, but I’ve been.” The Blackened Man responded. “And you will too.”
In the blink of an eye, he snatched away the glass of liquor she held. “Well.. maybe not…” The Snake-Eyed girl cast an angsty glare. She was about to say something, but before she could verbally respond, a scream let out. A cry of fear and agony. A man at the bathrooms. He’d gone in, only to moments later to return out, screaming in the upmost of terror. Others arrived to him, and some peaked their heads in. What they discovered had been a gursely sight.
Certainly something well above their imaginations. A body was found, it covered in blood. Grimey sticky stinking blood. But there was something odd about this blood. Because… well it was blood. It oozed like blood, smelled like blood, tasted like blood, and it looked like blood… well, for one exception.
The blood was black. And it sizzled. This blood burned. The Snaked-Eyed Girl left the table, quite curious. A bit of wonder, and a bit of fear. Fear for what? Well.. that was her secret. But an answer possibly obvious. She left away for a moment, to see what was going on in the bathroom. People tried to keep her away. A bartender was shouting the best he could, trying to drive the droves of curious cats back whilst he called the police. But the Snake-Eyed Girl was slippery. She went as she did. Where she wanted. How she wanted. And so on.
And she arrived at that bathroom, at that body, stopping just before it. Her cold glare gazed.
Mere curiosity was her first sight. …until she realized something.
This body, it… “Ah…!”
“AGHHHGHHHHGHHHH!!!!!!” She knew who it was. Knew them well.
And lemme tell you who it was! For who else could it be?! The woman who’d gone into the bathroom with the Blackened Man!
Now, the Snake-Eyed woman didn’t know about that affair. She hadn’t been in the bar at the time. However, she did know… other things.
Other things that told her exactly who did it. Other things, I still do not know. But other things, surely, enough, to be a conviction.
‘Who else could it be?!?!’ her mind screamed, ‘But…! Him! Him!! Hiiiim!!!’ Something – a tickling sensation – suddenly trickled down the side of the Snake-Eyed Girl’s nose.
She scratched at it, only to find her finger damped. For what she touched… was a tear.
A tear… but… she hadn’t cried in years.
How strange, it must’ve been. How strange… The Snake-Eyed Girl’s fist clenched.
“Snakes don’t cry.” She whispered to herself. And then she turned around.
She peered to the seat where the Blackened Man had been. But he.. he was gone!
Disappeared. Lost, to her. To she. And a mighty frown formed on her face.
A mighty frown! A mighty frown! Of frailish disbelief!
And fear…! But before she look around. Look everywhere, or anywhere, for that man… something took hold.
Another scream pierced the room. And the Snake-Eyed Woman turned around once more, wanting to know why someone had cried. Only to discover..
Something had crawled from out the bathroom. It was humanoid. Its figure at least. However, its demeanor appeared as though that of a monster. And it in no way could’ve possibly been thought to be the death blackened girl. Its body-shape was quite off from her petite figure. But there was something very similar, between it, and she.
It was absolutely tar black. A black head. A black body. Black legs, and black feet.
Black, and a bit goopy. Like it wasn’t something completely solid, but made of a harsh heavy liquid. A black liquid which consumed its all.
Well, except for one thing. On its left side, facing a bit to the back of the head, something of white was there. Like a… a white circle… shaped oval-like.. No, more accurately; it looked like an egg. An oval-white egg of pure white, seeped into the black. And on it.. on that egg, there was a face. A face of dread, moaning something.
Something soft at first. Then louder.. and louder! “Huuu…!”
The egg then walked. It walked and walked, like a man with broken legs; repaired, learning to walk again.
Doing something he knew how to do, but couldn’t for so long. And with such material, that was absolutely different from so long ago. So was how he walked.
This.. Blackened Egg-Man.
He walked and he walked. And one could see it clearly. Or maybe it was only the Snake-Eyes Girl who could see it.
That it, it..!
Had been walking straight towards her! Towards the Snake-Eyed Girl.
As the Blackened Egg-Man walked, someone stood to the side left of it’s path.
The Blackened Egg-Man paused. Suddenly, its fist flew to the left.
And pierced the someone at its left straight in the heart!
That someone did not make a sound. They did not groan, they did not say a word.
They collapsed. They died. And that was it.
The Egg-Man held that someone’s still-beating heart, within it’s grimey black palm. It stuck it to the egg part of its body.
The egg sniffed it at first. Then case out its mouth a very long and glazzy tongue.
Till finally, till finally… it licked the heart. And with something that was almost a smile.. it ate the beating heart.
*gulp*. The Egg-Man cried out in joy. Apparently the beating heart had made it happy.
And everyone else.. everyone who saw.. Everyone who witnessed this..
Well they…
They… They screamed and ran!
They rushed out the door!
And the Snake-Eyed Girl ran with them! They rushed! They rushed!
From out the door, and to down the streets! In different directions, these people ran with angsty ides!
One group went left! And one group went right! The Snake-Eyed Girl had been one who’d gone right!
And she must’ve been lucky, because a sound at her behind; from the right side, pierced all running’s ears. A scream of fear. And a scream of pain.
Then screams of fear. Then screams of pain. But.. but but but! Whatever that must’ve been..! It certainly couldn’t be the Egg-Man.
For he was chasing the Right Group. And the Snake-Eyed Girl knew that! For right in front of her eyes, he was flying!
Or rather, flying down, after a tremendous leap! He landed right in front of her, falling upon a person in the right crowd.
He grabbed that person. Dove his hand through their heart. And repeated the rest of its behavior in the bar. The Snake-Eyed Girl grew fearful.
She wanted to turn around.. but… The screams behind her her grew quite louder! And she’d never know for certain why! Because she never turned around!
She heard those screams, and knew she had to go forward. Even with… this, egg-man.. to her front.
At once, the Snake-Eyed girl dove to the left! Then she ran as quick as she could.
But while racing left, her eyes could catch sight of the Egg-Creature’s. It’s head was turned! It was.. oh most certainly, watching her go!
She ran and ran, that Snake-Eyed Girl! Ran and ran.
Ran and ran! But she heard feet. Wobbled steps. Crazy scary saps of flesh, bouncing up and down the pavement.
These steps began to quickly outpace her own. She ran and ran.
She ran and ran.. But before long.. she felt something.
A hand from behind.
A hand which pushed. And flung her forward. The Snake-Eyed woman’s legs could not keep up with the speed garnered from the sudden push!
She wobbled, then she fell, tripping on the ground. The Snake-Eye Woman screamed. She tried to get up off the ground fhe quickest she could!
But alas, before she could..!
*pow* It already on top of her. Grueling.. drooling.. that large white tongue from its Egg-Face’s lips licking and lushing lavishly.
The Snake-Eyed Woman closed her eyes.. and prayed. …

But uh…. Nothing.. nothing happened.
That thing, that creature, that Egg-Head.. It did not do a thing.
Well, no.. one thing it did. It wrapped its.. arms, around the Snake-Eyed Woman.
And gently.. it squeezed.. “Hu..?” the Snake-Eyed Woman could only whimper.
And upon.. doing that… well… After… the Snake-Eyed Woman opened her eyes. She’d.. felt something wet, dripping upon her face.
But it wasn’t drool or saliva. The Egg-Head’s mouth upon its face had seemed to disappear. In fact, save for the white.. that whole face seemed to disappear.
It was cracking. That face was cracking, like an egg. And all which remained of an appearance, were its eyes.
So it must’ve been.. tears, which dripped. The Snake-Eyed woman she looked to those eyes. And so in them.. eyes she recognized.
Eyes she knew quite well.
Was it, really.. The girl at the bar’s eyes. This someone the Snake-Eyed woman apparently knew.
This someone, lost after going away with the Blackened Man. It was her eyes the Snake-Eyed woman saw.
Her eyes, crying.
And her eyes, which made she cry. But then, suddenly, a hand of the creature let away from the Snake-Eyed Woman’s body. And it reached out for its own body. Then higher, that hand of its went.
To its head. To its cracked head. And it gripped upon its head.. till it squeezed.
And squeezed and squeezed. Yes, it squeezed its own head. As heavily, as harshly, as most utterly as it could!
Until…! *BSHHH!*
That head exploded! That head exploded!
Black goo gushed out, flowing from the such sudden decapitation. And the body slumped over, landing upon the Snake-Eyed Woman’s.
No, more than that.. the body began to melt. From a solid humanoid figure.. to a formless gooey black.
For a moment, the Snake-Eyed Woman wondered what had just happened. She was still crying, but her brain remained ever-more confused. But it wasn’t long until something interrupted her thoughts.
“I also used to love.” So suddenly said a voice. A voice from above. From a tall figure. A standing man.
It was.. the Blackened Man. “All things come to an end. Even death, it seems.”
His voice sounded as if a sneer. But his actual tone quilled in a way quite somber. “That thing was what was left of an empty life. A life, when ‘Love’ is gone.” The Blacked Man swooned. “I can take others ‘Love’s away. But like any incompatible part, such a thing seems to reject me.. should I try to make it mine.”
And suddenly, howls from all sides could be heard. Low growls of tandem heap. Whispers of whines; that would not stop!
It was, oh it was..! A group of Egg-Men. However, their Egg-faces were located in different parts of the body. In the thighs, in the knees, in the arms, in the stomachs. And their egg faces, had the most destained faces. Sharp razor-blade teeth, from out of mouths which howled in pained excitement. They all seemed to be facing the Snake-Eyed Woman. But all of them stopped at a notable distance from her. “We all are looking for whom we love. Even they.” The Blackened Man continued. “They seek such a thing to fulfill them. To make them whole..” He took a step, to the Snake-Eyed Woman’s right. He no longer looked to she. He looked to them; those black creatures now.
“For once they are whole, they can finally think. They can finally conceive; and ultimately come to realize…” The Blackened Man peered back to her.
“What monsters they’ve become.” His hand reached out, reached low. Cautiously, she took it. He pulled upon her till she stood.
“And for that reason, for that oh absolute..” he leaned his head, and whispered into her ear. “They should do it.. they should choose to die.”
Then he turned. He moved away from the Snake-Eyes Girl, and looked back the creatures. Back to them. His voice, and his eyes, they were somber.
“But for they who cannot find their loves.. well..” And he looked back to her.
“This is what they will be. This is what they are.” A curt voice. A curled voice. Something ravished, something not whole. Something which could just barely explode, but.. did not. That was he. Such was the Blackened Man. “Until that moment… if, that moment.”
And with that…. the Blackened Man walked away. And as he did.. so too went the Egg-Men.
Towards different direction, they walked.
Walking, walking; the creatures; to find their loves. The Blackened Man… well, who knows?
And when he was gone. When all of them were gone…
Well… She collapsed. Onto the floor.
The Snake-Eyed Woman, fell unconscious. As an entire city fell into sleep. But all of that… that’s at least what the Snake-Eyed Woman told me.
And no one else could tell me anything. She was the only one left in that town. I’d found her, sick and weak.
Alone. Well… alone, or.. She was.. surrounded by the carnage.
I took care of her for 7 days. It was on the sixth day she finally told me this crazy tale.
Some details I left out; they quite irrelevant. And some details, I wish I could tell. But that would be breaking a promise. And some details, I wish I could know. But I was not told. Details, I asked for. But she did not answer. Which is fine. Matters can be private. And in that case, one shouldn’t pry. But.. though she did not tell, there are some things I wish to know.
How can I fully believe, if I do not have all the answers? Things like the Blackened Man.. well, I can believe that. I’ve seen far worse with these eyes of mine. But as for other events.. I still have answers.
Who was that blackened man? And why was his body so black? What was that eggy other face. Was that really the Blackened Man’s doing?
And who was she, really? That Snake-Eyed Girl. She told me nothing of herself. Just this tale. And where had all the people of this town gone? I couldn’t find a soul. Even the police were gone. So.. what do you think about this, YOU? You’re a smart one.

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  1. Only scrubs who can't git gud want Israel isregone. True gamers are pro-Israel and pro-Jew, and usually anti-Muslim too.

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