The Rogue Tesla Mechanic Resurrecting Salvaged Cars

100 thoughts on “The Rogue Tesla Mechanic Resurrecting Salvaged Cars

  1. please go to Africa Africa you can make it you're doing a good job. Happy in yours please you are my brother go to Africa do you have a good time with you make it in Africa thank you think

  2. Brother I put it straight in face, we gained knowledge from this mother earth, we may utilise it for mankind but the truth is we cannot carry it along with us when we depart this world, so if Tesla is preventing certain things it's due to their current policies, but eventually they will have to let out things and be more adaptable post their researches allow them an open source currently they themselves are under an innovation and improvisation phase as I would put it, your dream will eventually come true, if they make 10 million cars they cannot do all repairs themselves, coz they are manufacturers not a garage shop. You took the initiative, may be it's having issues just now but eventually what you do and say will be true, trust in God, and my wishes are there with you, if anyone wishes to sell something across globe they need to provide every screw of their creation else the product won't go long miles, God bless you brother.

  3. Don't know why you should get legal problems when we have garages for fixing other cars. This is why we need Right to Repair throughout the world, not just the US.

  4. There was a time when our grandparents fixed everything they owned from shoes to stoves. Proud people who could handle any situation and this gentleman is cut from that cloth. A confident, well-spoken, genius whose earth centric and should be in a University teaching our kids in the states. #howcouldibebetter #applause

  5. It's nice to see another perspective on the praised genius Elon Musk. Every comment I see on any of his interviews shows signs of fanatism : the man is said to be devoted to the people, "he makes our history, he's so dope and generous that he must be from another planet"… Maybe he's just another entrepreneur. Not evil but just a serious guy watching his back and protecting his interests first.

  6. You have 1st amendment rights. Your channel can't be shut down. You also have a right to do repairs. Tesla is setting themselves up for a huge Restraint of Trade suit. Keep doing what you are. It is admirable. Don't stop,

  7. A Great American.
    A horrible Company.
    No tech Docs, pathetic.
    Teslas made with bad batteries, not so great engineers, anyone can work on them if they wanted to learn. MUSK is just being a scumbag.
    -A Scientist, mechanic, programmer

  8. Hey Rich…can you help me out? Bought a 2011 Ford Fiesta in January. A piston busted through the engine block yesterday afternoon….I live in Boston but my son lives 2 hours away. I barely see him as is….I'm never going to see him now. He turns 8 in 2 weeks, and I won't be there

  9. Proof that man is god ! People pray to the sky and not once has the sky helped ! Its allways a man who helps . The A team needs a rerun to get kids of ps4 planet and bring their mind back down to earth

  10. I understand that Tesla wants control of their product for any number of reasons. The brand image, technology advances etc but, if they truly want to advance and popularize electric cars, they are going to have to support aftermarket repairs and development.
    I am an older gearhead and electric isn't my thing but it's coming and for a car to reach mainstream popularity, it needs aftermarket support.
    I would never buy any car, gas or electric, that couldn't be fixed at a local shop. Not to mention, people like to tinker. That isn't going to die with the gas car.
    There are younger people out there that could rebuild a Tesla if they had access to information and parts. That young guy buys a damaged car because he can't afford a new one. He spends hours in his garage, friends come over to help and now you have 5 young guys that want a Tesla. They somewhat understand the technology, they learn more every day and interest in electric cars grows.
    Interest grows, people start seeing more on the streets, they see they can be fixed for a reasonable amount of money and they become mainstream over time.

  11. so really what you are saying what google did to our browsing tesla did to the electric car, mm yep i wont be buying one of them.

  12. Hello Rich, I would like to talk to you about a potential project in Oaxaca, Mx.You can check us out in social media or go to look for PPX advancements. Felicidades, great work…

  13. I don't know how to explain but… Wow this man is fantastic, nothing will stop him from his convictions, and that, is one of the most powerful thing that exist in heart. Thanks for the wonderful job!

  14. This guy is awesome. I've been a mechanic for 45 yrs,& saw this coming since the early 80's,when they started putting computers in cars. I've seen hundreds of cars in the junkyard that are newer & in better condition than the ones I own & drive. They're too expensive to fix,most people can't fix them,so they buy another one. It's great for the manufacturer,but bad for the customer,& the environment.

  15. How to 2.5k people dislike what this remarkable guy is doing? Other than being flaming racists, I can't imagine a reason. Rich, the world needs more people like you.

  16. Mais c dangereux car ce nes pas un pro et les tesla les gens les achete pour quil roule toute seul et si il fzit un mauvais truck il met la vue des gens en dangers

  17. You Tube…you're disgusting w/the amount of commercials you're forcing on us. Are we saving $ for your massive lawyer fees for your upcoming trial regarding your know corruption?

  18. I wouldn't own one of those things if it was 1k "before" I saw this video. Btw…John Deere is doing the same thing [and many more I'm sure].


  20. This is exactly what happens to salvage/rebuilt cars. Yet when people go shopping for a car, they don't want something that was in an accident in the past. This guy started doing teslas because there aren't too many tesla mechanics or parts available. But this process is very common

  21. That’s pretty damn amazing. Elon Musk should give this guy a grant, Tesla tools and support docs & files. Rich can help make the cars better and give him a repair dealership contract

  22. Auto Mechanics and Advanced Engineering came together to create mind blowing inventions and innovations. Now that Computer Technology has joined the effort, we are truly beginning to see science-reality form in its infancy. It is amazing to me that a single person can have a deep enough understanding in all of these areas to do what Rich does.

  23. my telsa side mirror got chipped, its just a plastic cover over the side mirror. when i called tesla they said they DONT have that part, the WHOLE mirror needs to be replaced. part and labor is $618.

  24. very disappointing that Tesla dosnt service there cars,it will affect there selling power,i for one will look closely at there fine print before purchasing one.

  25. The only problem with people trying to save themselves money is costing big brother money. You save, it cost them. You can actually be sued for trying to save money. Isn't that the american dream?

  26. Apple sues people that fix their crap. Also they will stop a replacement screen or whatever other part comes into the country stating it is counterfeit when its clearly not sold as an Apple part but will fix your issue as an aftermarket part.

  27. As a master technician of 20 years, my hat's off to you friend. That's a remarkable challenge that you've met! Keep taking the fight to them! One by one, we can make these companies loosen their grip on these monopolies.

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