The Surge 2 – Story Trailer | PS4

[MUSIC PLAYING] Time is a luxury I no longer have. Humanity is at a crossroads. Like withering flowers
we decay little by little. Soon there will be only two choices… …eternal life… …or oblivion. Go get ’em. Soon everyone will understand.

49 thoughts on “The Surge 2 – Story Trailer | PS4

  1. Just made it out of the city and checking out cloud 9. Pretty funny dialogue on some of these characters in this club. I like the combat and enemies so far. World seems much better and bigger. Seems like theyve really improved over the last one. Everything is better so far.

  2. A quick summery.

    Some nanits used as part of environmental cleanup experiment become sentient, names itself The Rogue Process.

    RP hitches a ride on a rocket to disperse itself in the atmosphere and is now infecting humans.

  3. Yes….it's time to cut some arm 😎
    Is that the rocket from the end of The Surge ?
    The story will start with the Rocket explosion ?

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