The THINNEST Gaming Laptop? Razer Blade 15

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Daily, I’m your host Jason. You know, in a lot of advertising for products in the tech world, you see the term biggest kind of overused. The biggest screen,
the biggest resolution, the biggest camera. But, you know, I gotta tell you something. I take a lot of notice
when a company talks about the smallest, or in
this case, the thinnest, in terms of its competitors. So today, I want to a quick
look at the Razer Blade 15, which Razer claims is the thinnest laptop in its size category. Starting with the monitor, you’re getting a 4K capable
panel with minimal bezels, as well as 144hz of refresh at 1080p for a spectacular gaming experience. Speaking of gaming, you’re gonna get that 8th Gen Intel Core i7
and a GeForce GTX 10 GPU, plus, with RAM expandable to 32 gigabytes, and a Solid State hard drive
that you’re gonna be able to expand to up to two terabytes, you’re gonna be able to build a phenomenal library of Triple-A games that you’re gonna be able to
play at Ultra-level graphics. But, you might be asking yourself, how do you keep such a laptop
cool with so many hot games? Well, Razer has built a customized Vapor Chamber Cooling System directly into the laptop, which can dissipate an
insane amount of heat in a relatively short period of time. And as to the question of thinness, well, that claim seems to hold up. The Razer Blade 15 measures at a mere two-thirds an inch thickness, at just under five pounds of weight. Now, there’s a lot to dive
into into this gaming laptop. But rather than give you the
whole laundry list of videos you can go and watch and just spend hours examining
every specific detail, well, we’ve paired down
the top couple of videos that you should watch
if you wanna learn more. First, for a straight from
the mail, direct unboxing and quick overview, we recommend
Lew from Unbox Therapy. Next, if you wanna get a
comparison of other laptops, for build quality,
performance and overall price, you’re gonna wanna watch
this video from Dave2D. For a test of the battery
of the Razer Blade 15 against other popular models, watch David Cogen from TheUnlockr. And, as a special treat, we wanna point you over to
the folks at TechnoBuffalo, who had a rare change of heart after their initial review
of the Razer Blade 15. That’s it for this quick
look at the Razer Blade 15. If you liked what you saw and
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5 thoughts on “The THINNEST Gaming Laptop? Razer Blade 15

  1. I'd love to test out one of these thin gaming laptops. Especially for thermals during hardcore gameplay or light video editing.

  2. I liked this video. I also liked how you weren’t afraid to refer your viewers to other youtubers who reviewed specific topics on the laptop. It shows you really want us to get the information we need before investing in the product. Subscribed.

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