The Time I Bought a Game From a Satanist- Type 1 Gamer Show

Hey there everybody welcome to the type-1 camera show, today I’m gonna be talking about one of my favorite games by Rare: “Blast Corps”, probably not in the way that you’re expecting But this is a story that I kind of wanted to tell for a long time because I think it sheds light on what I think is one of the better sides of the gaming community a few years ago I was really into Nintendo 64 collecting. I still am just not financially so and I was trying to get the game blast core I heard a lot about it, but never played it in my childhood and there was this guy on a collector form that I’m a part of who was selling that along with a few other things For a very cheap price free shipping so of course I commented that I would buy it was on Facebook one of those collector groups and He agreed told me the personal message. Um and I did and before I could he actually Told me that he wanted to make something clear before he took any money from my PayPal he was very timid in how he approached what I’m about to tell you but In short he basically made it clear that He was a Satanist and the reason that he did this was because he saw my profile picture Which was me in a very sarcastic tone wearing an NRA hat the National Rifle Association Those of you that know me know that I absolutely do not align with this Glorified lobbyist group So he didn’t know if I was a Christian or not and he wanted to make that clear because he didn’t want me to buy a game as a Christian and then find out that he’s a Satanist and then become guilty about it He wasn’t sure if that was something that Christians weren’t allowed to do to purchase something from someone who belongs to that organization This was easily the most heartwarming gesture I’ve ever received being a part of the gaming community And I made it very clear that I was okay with buying this game from him, and I appreciated it I just it was it was something that didn’t hit me really until a month after it happened How considerate this was for those of you that don’t know the Satanist Church is far from an actual religious organization, it’s more or less a philosophy disguised as a, for lack of better words, parody of mainstream religion They don’t harbor a lot of respect for the religious, and yet this person had enough respect for Supposed beliefs to go out of his way and possibly screw up a sale of a very generic game, all Because he didn’t want me to feel bad There’s not too much really that I’m trying to say with that story But if someone’s ever to ask me who’s the nicest person I’ve ever met being a part of the gaming community I’d have to tell them: “he’s a Satanist!” This has been the type own game of show where we’re not allowed sugarcoat things. Thanks for listening to my story everybody

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