the wireless iPad Pro touchscreen Mac Mini Setup!

– Yo guys, Jonathan here,
2018 has been an amazing year for tech, but hands down,
one of my favorite releases is the 2018 iPad Pro. I have been working furiously
on the in depth, full length, monster review which is
dropping tomorrow morning, so keep your eyes peeled
for that, but today, I’m gonna give you a little taste. More than likely, every
iPad video you’ve watched, there’s been a statement
echoed throughout. It’s fast, it’s powerful,
it’s overall really good, but what holds it back is that
you can’t put Mac OS on it, but what if you could? (upbeat electronic music) So yeah, this is the iPad
Pro being used wirelessly as a display for the 2018 Mac Mini. The touchscreen works,
the Apple Pencil works, and I’m not gonna lie, when
I saw this hit the internet this week, my immediate reaction was… – It’s amazing, it’s amazing,
it’s amazing, it’s amazing. – Now, while this may seem like magic… – (imitates explosion) – All this is actually happening
thanks to this little guy, the Luna Display by Astropad. So what it is is this tiny
little compact adapter that was initially
supposed to be plugged in to your MacBook Pro or your
iMac and then use your iPad as a secondary display. Naturally, they were
like what if this works with the Mac Mini, and
oh my god, it works. Now in addition to USB-C, it also comes in a display port version,
and I wanna stress that you must use this with a
native port on your computer, you cannot use it with
the dongle or adapter, and it only works on Mac, sorry PC boys. Without getting too technical,
essentially how it works is through WiFi, so both
the iPad Pro and Mac Mini must be connected to the same network, and I will emphasize that you must have a really solid WiFi
connection, or forget about it. (upbeat electronic music) What I really like is the customization. You can orientate it as your right screen, as your left screen, and
I was actually surprised at how well and how smooth
the software experience was. So when I set this up last
night, my mind was actually blown and I’m not sure if I’ve yet recovered. I was runnin’ around, spinnin’ on chairs because I was that excited. It’s one thing to have your
iPad as a secondary display, but to have touchscreen functionality to grab that Apple Pencil, press Safari and see it work, (imitates explosion). Now kind of divin’ back
to reality for a second, because as awesome as this
is, as well as it works, honestly, what surprised me most with this was the lack of lag. It’s almost instantaneous, but really, I wouldn’t say don’t go
out and buy an iPad Pro just to use as a monitor
for your Mac Mini. If you happen to have
both, then it makes sense because the adapter itself
is relatively inexpensive. Now smaller details like
audio, from what I can tell, there doesn’t appear
to be a way to get that to come through the iPad Pro,
it comes through the Mac Mini. What more than likely makes sense though is you’re gonna use Bluetooth
headphones or AirPods or a Bluetooth speaker. In this case, the HomePod
actually works surprisingly well. What’s also really awesome
is you have a handful of setup options. So you can go the traditional
route of a keyboard, a trackpad, or a mouse, Matthew Moniz. What’s crazy cool is you could even use the iPad Pro keyboard, the
mind blowing just doesn’t stop. I do also want to mention and stress that while you’re
initially setting this up, you need some sort of
external display, so again, don’t just buy these two together and expect them to work out of the box. Once you get this setup and going though, you can totally use it
without that display, just the Mac Mini, just the iPad Pro, but there are a couple caveats. One, you gotta use it without a password, or two, you gotta be
really good at typing in that password without
seeing what you’re doin’. Again, the biggest factor
in this entire thing is going to be your WiFi connection. If it’s bad, it is going
to be a horrendous, laggy experience, but if it’s good, it is crazy how well it works. So in a nutshell, it works way better than I ever could have
imagined and also kind of gives a sneak peek of what
if Mac OS came to iPad? While I wouldn’t hold my
breath for that to happen, what excited me the most
with this whole concept is the idea of Final Cut Pro on the iPad. That is absolutely the thing
I’m going to dive into next. So if you guys want to see
a detailed video on that, let me know by smashin’ that like button. Thank you guys very much for watching. Again, the full in depth,
monster iPad Pro review is dropping tomorrow morning. This is Jonathan, and I
will catch you guys later. (beep)
(blowing raspberries) My lips are frozen. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “the wireless iPad Pro touchscreen Mac Mini Setup!

  1. the iOS app Duet let's you do this as well with pretty much any somewhat recent ipad/iphone (with the cable that connects the ipad/iphone to the mac) it costs but does not require you to get any additional gadgets

  2. But… why? Why not just use TeamViewer or any other screen sharing software? Why use this at all? Why not just buy a Surface Pro if you want "a full usable tablet"? So many questions.

  3. You know that you can just download VNC viewer on your iPad and turn on screen sharing on you macOS and voila!

  4. i bet it's not even better than 30Hz / 30fps. If it was 60Hz / 60 fps that would actually be pretty amazing… but this is lame and you've been able to do it for years already anyway.

  5. So let me get it straight pay for a dongle that is using your WiFi to connect your iPad as secondary screen to a Mac… i mean cause using free already available software solutions like splashtop or teamviewer, that work from anywhere is so mainstream… nonsense product

  6. i really have to say this is creative …. trying to be super postie about this … huh? I need another monitor beside the ipad Pro? ><

  7. Apple could do it easily just through a single type-c cable, but they won't, they would never do what you need, they only gave you what they thought you would need……

  8. Can't you just turn on ScreenSharing on your Mac (System Preferences -> Sharing), and use VNC Viewer on iOS? I don't really see why we'd need to buy a Luna Display adapter when it can be done for free. Is there anything that it provides that can't be done with ScreenSharing/VNC?

  9. They just need to change the iPad Pro os to Mac OS with a secondary way to switch to iOS when you don’t need the full os. This would allow connections to drives and be way more productive. Tired of having my MacBook Pro as a glorified hub to transfer files to keep on a hard drive. Don’t like using cloud storage. Why pay all that money a month when I have a perfectly good 8Tb hard drive. Not going to buy another Mac again just to be turned into a hub ugh!

  10. My 10-year-old MacBook Pro finally needed to be replaced, and in my opinion, the circumstances involving the timing for shopping for a new Apple computer couldn’t be more challenging.

    With the introduction of the 2018 iPad Pro 12.9, it has created a never-before-seen comparison model to the standard laptop. In fact, regarding the hardware, it’s not merely comparable, but dominating, based on benchmark scores, screen quality, touch interface, and form factor. So the SOLE drawback, is not being able to run MacOS. There is no doubt in my mind that the iPad Pro represents the future of mobile computing, and I’m positive that iOS 13 for the iPad, will be one more step forward in bridging the gap between iOS and MacOS. But there are just certain tasks, like configuring my home NAS, file directories, media server, etc., that either can’t be done on iOS, or just require too many workarounds to make it a pleasant experience.

    So, after an exhausting degree of research and internal debate, I made the tough decision to just stick with purchasing the $1800 13" MacBook Pro, as I could not hedge my bet that future software updates would make the iPad Pro everything that I need. Even though 90% of my day-to-day tasks could be handled by the iPad, I just couldn’t do without that remaining 10% MacOS functionality.

    ….then I happened to catch YOUR YouTube video, describing the Luna Display…..and to be completely honest, my brain IMPLODED🤯.

    My entire strategy changed instantly, due also in part to the recent update to the Mac Mini, which even with the base $799 configuration, surpasses the 2018 13” MacBook Pro benchmark Single-Core score, and is very comparable on the Multi-Core Score. It has the more powerful DDR4 SDRAM since it’s a desktop, and is pretty easy to upgrade.

    Before I got too excited, the next comparison came down to price:

    2018 13” MacBook Pro with Touch Bar $1799
    + Apple Care+ $269
    = $2068

    2018 12.9 iPad Pro 256GB $1149
    + Apple Care+ $129
    + 2018 Mac Mini $799
    + IVSO Keyboard Folio case $50
    = $2127

    (I excluded the cost of the Apple Pencil in the direct cost comparison, since it’s not an accessory that can be utilized by the MacBook)

    Bottom line…this turned my decision from a challenge, to a no-brainer.
    The iPad Pro/Mac Mini Combo provides me the following advantages over the MacBook Pro:
    • Better Screen
    • Better Processor x(2)
    • Better battery life
    • Future Proofing
    • Better Portability
    • Touch Screen operability
    • All-in-one functionality in productivity, combining simultaneous iOS and MacOS operability on the same device
    • Apple Pencil support

    I cannot emphasize enough, that this is ALL credited to the Luna Display. I am currently typing this out on my my iPad’s connected keyboard in MacOS, while sitting outside on my patio, using a bluetooth mouse that is connected via USB to my MacMini sitting inside. This is the dream setup. In the immortal words from LOTR….“Even the smallest dongle can change the course of the future”.

  11. Hi, I wonder if luna display works well through the Type-C when the WiFi is bad. I will appreciate it if you test this. Thanks a lot.

  12. I have been watching this video a couple of times, and I was and I am very interested in knowing what your final conclusions about this Mac mini/Ipad Pro set up is…this video is 4 months old…when did you post the result?

  13. I always thought MacOS being brought to something like the iPad Pro wouldn't be a terrible idea. It would give people options, but I don't think the iPad could ever replace something like the Macbook Pro, iMac, etc.

  14. how come I never saw this video till now or anyone else doing it. this is soooo amazing and I love every bit of it. But imagine if apple were to be the maker of the device???

  15. Is it possible to connect the magic keyboard and trackpad to the iPad Pro, instead of the Mac Mini and use it with the Luna display, in a different room with the same WiFi connection?

  16. Hey Jonathan, can you get Luna display guys to look at the Oculus Quest to make them a native app so we can use the quest to edit and control our macs in VR headset 🙂 Thanks.

  17. So can this work with Cellular IPad Pro with IPadOS13 Sidecar with a MAC MINI. Can you do a video testing this setup?

  18. Sidecar vs Luna displays guess who won? —— Luna display why?
    – touchscreen functionality
    – app form :
    — easy to switch between apps
    — can have multitask in iPad

  19. Well I have some 3D modelling programs that cant run on Ipad Pro, and I would be able to use it without the need of a digital tablet…. Is that possible ?

  20. MacOS on iPad?
    No no no
    Apple would much rather rip people off for as long as they can and force you to buy all their products than do something that makes sense to the customers and make their lives easier.
    RIP Steve Jobs. Apple died with him.

  21. The mac mini will be connected to the same network, but what's the deal with the adaptor? It will connect to the iPad through the wifi network or directly via bluetooth? Is there a limitation in terms of distance how far can you be with the iPad? Because… and hear me out: if that dongle connects to wifi, instead of BT, you could create a VPN that allows you to remotely control your mac without any 3rd party apps. And you can control it from the other side of the house.

  22. You could buy a better spec computer for cheaper than the combined price of the iPad Pro and the Mac Mini

  23. im thinking about to get me an ipad pro for replace my pc and my phone.
    calls via wireless headphones, at home wireless connection to my monitor and my printer, and for school as replacement for all the stupid heavy books. should work, right? ;D

  24. so, technically the Luna display doesn't work on "pc's" yet.. but what if you're dual booting Windows, on a Mac? will it work if you start the dual display while booted into Mac, and then reboot into Windows..???

  25. Ever heard of "Chrome Remote Desktop"? Or basically any remote desktop software. This is been around for at least 5 years now.
    It's free and you don't even neep a dongle. Mac or PC!

  26. Would the Mac mini be compatible with he upcoming XDR display? As in, would I be able to access all its features, like the 6k resolution etc, with the confirmation of the mini?

  27. This is so Dumb. Apple users love silly gimmicks yup let’s use the Ipad Pro as Mac mini screen and use the tv or monitor that you have hooked to the Mac mini for what? 😂

  28. didn't watch the vid yet but wireless ipad?
    "wireless",you sure you wanna use that phrase??
    ok then I got a wireless nokia 1200…

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