The World’s First Drone Dogfight

hey this is Jason with motherboard a few weeks ago we were racing drones in the Bronx today we’re in a warehouse in Brooklyn for the world’s first ever drone dogfight we’ve got a drone that’s shooting at me right now I think yes it is so Andy a few weeks ago were flying in the Bronx and racing worried about to do right now well we’re about to have the world’s first drone dogfights and what is a drone dogfight we’re actually going to fly two drones that have nerf this they weren’t able to shoot each other in two there you are the creator of these drones when did you decide hey I’m gonna put Nerf darts on a drunk Oh April of last year we was playing with these nerf shooting guns and I decided that – Matt one on there and instead of mounting it which look really ghetto I thought I’d build it in as a dedicated drone that has a shooting mechanism in awesome this is so cool so there’s a motor here and that spins and the disc gets pushed out between the motor and this block over here and the disc are you know in a hopper like this and there’s a servo here that pushes them out one by one you just take this and push them in where should we shoot I met Andy a little while ago and he’s an excellent drone designer so I think at first there’s a lot of love but it’s in its infancy all this stuff so it’s kind of like back in the day did Ferrari and Lamborghini hang out and drink coffee before they went on the racetrack and I think we all just kind of support each other and try and make each other better the brilliant thing about a nerf disc is that it’s lightweight and it shoots very straight so it’s a bullet in that sense and what animate is is fantastic because the friction on the disc is great enough where it actually flies in a very straight fast angle so it’s nice to be able to point in fire fire fire the picture is really hard to see because our inside there’s like a lot of a lot of interference it looks exactly a horror movie like super grainy these are not easy conditions to fly in from what I gather I mean there’s dust everywhere there’s like hanging lights and stuff that’s post-apocalyptic in here for sure we’ve flown in tougher conditions and that surge this is not as bad as the kids I think he’s gotta get used to the situation that you’re in yeah there’s a lot of drone racing coming up so you know this is practice for the tough elements right you know it’s one thing to fly and fly through obstacles so this adds another layer where you’re looking at something else flying in a different direction and sort of just navigating by awareness and then to trigger that’s yet another layer of complexity so you know if you can do this and do anything with the drone I think combat is going to be a big part of the sport I think right now speed and racing is fantastic but when you introduce air-to-air combat and in a safe manner it just is a lot more fun you know I don’t think you can do combat with a lot of other sports you can’t do combat racing with cars you can’t do combat baseball but combat robot flying is it’s pretty awesome speed and robots is gone speed robots and combats you

100 thoughts on “The World’s First Drone Dogfight

  1. Cool idea, lame execution. Should have used lasers like laser tag and if you get hit by a beam you get a -1 score

  2. Just ordered my first drone. Can't wait to get right into it and start accessorizing and customizing it.
    The goggles are a must. 

  3. I happen to be paralyzed from the shoulders down and would like to be able to fly a quad copter with 1st person viewing.  How do I get one of these without having to assemble it?

  4. how about infrared guns / light guns or however they are called? You could even make different weapons and make the drone react to it? 
    How about mario kart racing (with sensefull weapons, perhaps not simulated guided missiles, but a shockwave, that makes the oponents drone slower for some time, or some sort of simulated maschine gun fire).?

  5. kind of goofy shooting little disks at each other. i think mounting a laser would be better and wouldnt require reloading, but you would need to implement a receiver on the drones to keep track of how many lasers made contact

  6. A lot of people are missing the point of the videos.  The point, well one of them, is to just plane have fun.  Don't ruin it for other, if you want to do nothing but get on here just for the sake of fighting.  Now that we got past that I just want to say Awesome Video guys and keep up the good work.

  7. I need one of those, I'm having this epic nerf battle in August and unfortunately, the parrot bebop cannot shoot nerf darts.

  8. does anybody know what type of quadrocopters these are? (manufacturer & model) they look extremely well balanced front to back.

  9. Totally dig Quad racing but don't like this much – I don't find war simulation to be something positive, about time we find some better ways to entertain ourselves.
    To each is own but this is my point of view.

  10. That is so cool. My friend that lives on top of my floor always have bunch of my other friends there playing videos games with a balcony door open. Love to fly one of these things in there and start shooting them hahaha that will be so funny.

  11. Another thought, like those tracer BBs with airsoft, if these guys can build a flash mechanism and the disk is made of the same material as those tracer BBs… that would be one hell of a dog fight. Very easy for spectators to see the shots and it would look like the drones are shooting out laser shots in semi dark places.

  12. Hi there @Motherboard! Does Andy happen to have a channel of his own? Had a look around, but unfortunately we came up empty handed.. Please advise..

  13. Instead of powering all those LEDs, what they really should be doing, if using that energy to power a laser sight! Time for the next project! Or upgrade, whichever may come first.

  14. That is correct. The Press started calling Multi-Rotor Aircraft Drones. Drones are military Warcraft . I have been in this industry for 10 years and we never called them drones it is an inappropriate term. Only the uneducated call these drones.

  15. They should put some IR recievers on their drones along with an IR transmitter on the front and keep score that way 🙂 Lighter weight and unlimited bullets

  16. I know it's a open world but I won't to race drones with using googles please help I have yet to buy or build anything. So any help please would be great

  17. you guys couldnd score a single hit? even flying in "sitting-duck-style" with capable pilots? i think there is something wrong with the concept then. never gonna work. still, the engineering is great! but we should rather think about something like "drone lasertag". Two pilots per drone, pilot and gunner, with a laser turret that can move. A hit with the laser is counted and severs the drone control link for maybe 3sec.

  18. WOW they talked about it and what it is and showed how it works but never showed the actual dog fight.

  19. Awesome…droneracewars ;)…The only question that pops from my mind is : Why do these "smart" guys fly in such a toxic environment ????

  20. Why does some dipshit ALWAYS have to try to weaponize this hobby?
    This is EXACTLY why the Feds asre going to ban FPV racers.

  21. Nobody's gonna get hurt, why nerf em ? Shoot some real guns or flamethrowers… And this ISN'T a sport, sorry.

  22. They just shoot walls. You need a shotgun or spread shot with these to even get a hit..
    Otherwise, this would be worse than waiting for a soccer team to score..

  23. Better yet? A firearm that fires shot (for safety shot is less worry where misses end up …tiny pellets loose velocity fast …the right loads will only be super dangerous in short ranges ……22 shot shells in a semi automatic would be great …but hell a single shot .410 shotgun blast would decimate a drone airframe! Or destroy enough controls to down the thing! I envision armor and repeating firearms …OR? Remember laser tag? Just put that technology of each drone …when pulsed laser hits target grid? "Kill" is registered! Could have a field of opponents all at one time each with target grid all connected to the same processor …..the moment a "kill" is registered the operator of that craft has to depart the theater…and the opponents name is removed from the roster …like I say "last man standing" ..Last drone not hit is the winner! Could eventually have multiple bases "castles" that each have ground based Laser AAA with their OWN targeting grid …so a team of drones can work trying to take other castles … again "last man standing" ..Last CASTLE intact! When a castle is taken down the whole drone force protecting it is counted dead and are out of commision ….could be a BLAST! But for a commercial TV game there would need to be firearms and explosions ! Have Big companies behind each team! Life Apple and Microsoft and Samsung and Honda etc etc …they each sponsor their own team….firearm ammo is standardized as well as maximum explosive charge ….every drone has onboard camera and the whole theater of war is littered with cameras …including non combatant camera drones …I can see this kind of thing just TAKING OVER prime time! Replacing to a high degree NASCAR and football and other sports! FULL ON robot wars and drone wars! HIGH TECH! To the DEATH (mechanical death that is) …I want to see this SO SO BADLY!!

  24. That would be sick to make whoops with like a lazer tag type thing where if you get a direct hit the quad that gets hit disarms and falls out of the sky…… That would be sick!

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