The World’s Highest Ranking Alien Believer

[Music] [Music] I am sure that there are aliens that are aware of what I’m doing probably more than one species because they communicate by mental telepathy and consequently they can read your mind and you can’t hide what you’re thinking even so they would know exactly what everyone’s doing and what thinking and I’m sure I’m no exception [Music] but just as children survive the idea of the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus when they become adult I think the taxpaying citizens are quite capable of accepting the new and broader reality that we live in a cosmos teeming with life of various sorts that’s very heavy when was that me forty or fifty years ago when I was invaded my heyday sometime I guess my interest in UFOs was not very great until eight years ago when I was Minister of Defense of course I got sighting reports but I was too busy unifying the Canadian Armed Forces to be able to worry about them so I wouldn’t say I was a skeptic yeah I wasn’t that was my agnostic I didn’t know whether they were real or whether they weren’t but there was a young man in Ottawa his name was Pierre Juneau and he started sending me things about the UFO file one of the things he sent me one day was a book called the day after Roswell and I found it absolutely fascinating while I was reading the book my nephew said what are you reading I told him what it was and he said well I’m a skeptic a couple of days later he phoned and said I was talking to the general the general incidentally was a former United States Air Force general that he had met in his aviation career and I told him what you were reading and he said every word of it is true and more I phoned the general before I could even say hello and how are you he said every word is true and more and he said that there had in fact been face-to-face meetings between United States officials and extraterrestrials from other star systems and with that assurance I decided to go public and say for the first time of any one of cabinet rank from the g8 group of countries that UFOs are as real as the airplanes flying over your head and said it without any rest any restriction whatsoever as soon as the wire systems were had got the story out information started coming in dozens of emails with personal experiences of how people have seen vehicles flying over their their homes and in some cases how they’ve been abducted and I got these things from from many places including a lot of other countries I would not attempt to say how many terrestrials are living on earth at the present time have reports of several species that are here and have bases here there’s one species that looks something like a praying mantis and then the short grazed or the ones that you see in the cartoons the tall greys look much different they’re more they look more like humans and the Nordic blondes for example are so similar to humans that they can walk down the street and not be detected out of the merged actually the same they are way ahead of us in medicine agriculture and still I guess presumably in technology there’s no question the US government took this whole idea of advanced technology very seriously and started back engineering and spending a lot of money on it soon after the the crashes at Roswell in 1947 they have a very interesting way of keeping things quiet and that is everything is on a need-to-know so you could be working in a in a lab or you could be making a some kind of piece of machinery and you wouldn’t know what it was for and then the guy that gets it he would only know what it fits into and this goes all the way up to the ladder the rating was higher the security rating was higher than for the h-bomb so one of the top still lives that’s the way it works which technologies are you certain that has been shared with us professor yes fiber optics microchips Kevlar and improved lasers and a whole range of things where their technology was much improved or advanced from ours light years ahead really I think those were the just the obvious ones that were fed into American industry and more have been since there had been lots of visits to earth probably going back thousands of years but the level of activity took on a new dimension after the first atomic bomb was was set off in New Mexico in 1945 and all of a sudden the the number of sightings increased and my thesis is that because they know something we don’t know and that is every atomic bomb that has put off on earth has an effect on other parts of the cosmos they were concerned about it and I use the idea that the children are playing with matches they’re afraid that we’re gonna blow up our planet so that it would be uninhabitable both for ourselves and for visits from them and they didn’t like that idea so they came down and larger larger numbers and have been taking inventory of all the American bases that Russian bases Chinese bases all of the bases doing inventories finding out exactly where they are were the nuclear installations the power installations are and all that sort of thing for what purpose exactly I don’t know but so that they will have the information on tap if we should start doing anything silly that they might in fact try to intervene I would say I would hope there are a couple of well-known cases that was one in western United States where a UFO was looking at there and continental ballistic missiles and putting them out of action and this was despite precautions and failsafe devices that were designed to make sure that that never happened so this of course was a matter of great concern to the United States Air Force and they spent months and months investigating it and trying to figure out what they had to do to if possible to protect their the invulnerability of their bases one of the problems I had when I first went public was newsmen saying well have you ever seen one and I said no and then they said well then we can’t really take you seriously but my first actual sighting I was at my place in Muskoka a couple of years ago for Thanksgiving my wife Sandra said going out to look for stars didn’t here was this very very bright star right out over the the bay we both looked at it and all of a sudden we saw it change location in the sky by three or four degrees in three or four seconds all stars and satellites and airplanes don’t do that they can’t do it and there was a tremendously interesting experience and one of course that confirmed my beliefs that they are real after I went public my daughter who lives in the old house here at Christmastime I saw one go PI and go by the her window when the cross behind the boathouse and the family were saying that they thought that the UFOs had come to get me you [Music]

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  1. Why is the back ground music at one point sounded like ugh "tell me something good " was about to play?? Lol Houston we gotta prob..

  2. I clicked on this thinking it said title was "The World's Highest Ranking Alien BEAVER" I was so psyched until I realized I misread it.

  3. Aliens…the word makes us cringe. But what are these things that visit us? Our belief in extraterrestrials hinges on our constructs that hold our norms in such a way, that it only allows us enough room for it, the belief, to only be as real as say, The tooth fairy. When in fact, they're as real as human beings. As real as the sky above, as real as our scoffing nature, where we can't possibly make room for another fact, of reality. The level of which we perceive our nature, pur place in nature, is not at the top, but somewhere in the middle of a more common thread of intersteller beings that keep tabs on us, and watch us, our simple lives, our failings, and our daily lives, as such, we can't possibly be diatracted by their actual existence, but wave it away, them, as being a fluke, juat another weird pixel out of place on a screen by some no name, and who cares, cause it…our lives can't be any different anyway.

  4. they are not terrestrials from other planets or galaxies, they are the future form of human beings which somehow achieved time travel

  5. I can't watch these vids without slowly shaking my head left to right I don't know why I keep watching them

  6. Guys, pleaze, ANYONE here that is interested to find out more about aliens watch "Unacknowledged" on Netflix, it's a documentary with everything that we know to this day about alien visitations on Earth, documents with proof of alien contact that were denied by the government, human assassinations to keep mouths shut, interviews with people who have seen UFO's and share their story,THE TECHNIQUES THEY USE AND HOW THEY HIDE THE ALIEN MATTER ON PLAIN SIGHT i promise you it's worth it, im just trying to spread the word.

  7. That is not an elliens that is a criminal mafia using microchip inplant in your brain they want to control all humansl being in this world

  8. With the sheer size and vastness of our universe one can only think that star wars was not just some fictional movie from a random guy hehe. They are amongst us Love and piece guys that what we all need and Balance most of all.

  9. Wtf is this guy talking about, preying mantis aliens and Nordic blondes that look indistinguishable where did he get that from? Also he essentially parrots the modus operandi of secret research that Bob Lazar promulgates so where did he find out all this information?? CITE YOUR SOURCES GOD DAMN IT

  10. Kevlar my ass. What a load of horse shit. Kevlar was fucking invented by Stephanie Kwolek at DuPont in 1965. I'm spitting chips listening to this now.

  11. The reason they don't show to public i think, it would interfere with our development. We have to develop in our own and we are not yet that advanced to make contact with them.

  12. So i read this book and i got a confirm from a supposedly U.S General. Did the math and boom. Went public… The phenomenon of placebo

  13. 9:15 This happened to me and my sister, at our property in northern BC Canada. We were looking at stars because the sky is clearer up there away from the city. There was one star brighter but that was way way too far away up to be a plane moved slowly like maybe a shooting star but then changed direction drastically, zig zagged and then sped off in a different direction until it disappeared. More than one star on different occasions.

  14. UFOs will not reveal themselves ever or at least in years to come because some boundries of nature cannot be accessed so easily . They share with us the Orbit of the REAL just as we share existence with everything else with matter, but the SYMBOLIC orbit witch allows us to comunicate , comprehend and to use reason is out of the logic of posibilities , they use other structures of comunication similar to bacteria and nature itself, and yet we are still looking at the stars when we should be really trying to understand microscopic behavior

  15. earth isn’t made just right for us. it just happened that we managed to evolve from innocent microscopic creatures to stupid god believers. take it from me

  16. Of course…I believe they r working along side the government in some form of fashion…Im sure they are already here …the government just dont want us to panic…omg he just said what i was writing…they are already here…

  17. People should look at this topic in a biblical view only. These entities are satanic in every sense. Mankind is fooled big time.

  18. Its as if we’re living in the stone age…unaware that outside of our country (planet in our case) there are multiple inhabitants of the same planet (universe)

  19. People don’t need to storm Area 51 to find out the truth about aliens. Much of the info is already out there, we just need to sift through the bullshit to connect the dots and understand. Spend enough time outdoors and watch the skies instead of your phones, you could be lucky enough to see something. After seeing the Bob Lazar interviews and having my own experience, I think I’m going to invest in a telescope 🤷‍♂️

  20. we should send a gold record player into space with sounds of earth on just incase it crashes onto an unknown world

  21. No more oil,no more coal,no more gas,free energy. Full disclosure? I thought I saw a U,F.O once? It could of been a flying pig????

  22. I believe that alien exist because the leader of north korea exist.. I dont know his name so is up to you to know it lmaooo Hahahahahaha

  23. I wonder why all people of the old generation have such big ears. My grandpa had ears as tall as those of elephants. All the young people I see have small, devilish ears.

  24. Thank you Mr Hellyer for having the integrity and courage to come forward and tell the truth! What all these self interested cowards (within the establishment) couldnt do for all these decades…whats the big deal of disclosure, these ebens have been here for Millenia and thats a fact

  25. To me this is scary Imagine what they might do to us considering Area 51 has a lot of them trapped

  26. Anyone who knows about science or who even can have a simple understanding on how big the cosmos is will know 100 per cent we are not alone in our universe and as this guy is stating also i believe its highly highly unlikely we are even alone on our own planet…

  27. It's a shame this man and many others are at the end of their lives, preaching that aliens are real and yet they will probably pass away before the information is released by the government. The ultimate slavery is knowledge being hidden from the people. For me, this is the most saddening and depressing thing about our species.

  28. I commend you, Paul Hellyer, for coming forward and admitting something that the Government of the United States and its Military have known about and have been publicly denying for years.

  29. I Mikey looking for this person. I Predict that the aliens are ready to take over earth 🌎 all TVs and phones will make a sound and they take over our minds ☝️👽 They are watching me 👁

  30. Then why do they allow for more nuclear power plants to be built around the world. Why have these "aliens" allowed the the entire planet to become tainted with radiation except for the content of Africa radiation has now spread all over the world and in all of the oceans. It's not just the oceans, but the air as well. Which is why if you search for news articles about mass deaths of different animals you will start to see a pattern. If you put into the equation all of the nuclear meltdowns, explosions, and abandoned power plants where they just left nuclear materials and waste and just literally walked away from the site, you will understand why cancer is on the rise, as well the mass deaths of animals. It's the radiation. Also the phones everyone are obsessed with are powered by radio active material.

  31. Here is a dent in the armor…Germans were binding the elements for the atom bomb example : Hard water in Norway …UFos came to earth to stop the making and using atom bombs.. then we made nukes and have not stopped testing infact other countries are building them…Nothing has changed If they are real Would you remove all the weapons and heed a warning to the first country that rebuilds them again? make contact and tell us we are not alone and to build towards peace and space ? Or shake your head and find another planet?

  32. I don't know … I believe we are being watched and visited by ETs, but I read that Corsco book and am pretty confident that it is complete bullshit. Also lost complete faith in Steven Greer after he talked about the US military using a faster then light weapon, that he saw, against an alien ship.

  33. So aliens want the simple people live in peace and grab those rich politicians in their throat by saying this is too far , hmmm i like this idea

  34. Why aliens always choose USA 🇺🇸 not any other country??? That's y I feel all this alien things are a hoax…. There are several other countries who are much more advanced than USA 🇺🇸… But no one claim to have a alien encounter….. Debatable post…. Pls debate if u have someone like him from other country

  35. Aliens are in fact earthlings previous civilisations with a failed on this planet which is in fact the only one of its kind amongst the millions of planets that so you know about puny humans

  36. Bob Lazar's account of his experiences was a real eye opener for me, as I had never really looked into the UFO/Extraterrestrial phenomenon.
    I mean with similar accounts from so many people with regards to the actual ET species present on Earth, I can't see how it could all just be a coincidence/ ruse.

  37. I live in Australia and have personally seen an extraterrestrial Craft… … Or it might have been a highly secret Government project who knows but I know for a fact that I have seen one.

  38. this is still in the Matrix, so true in the matrix but still just an illusion. I'm not impressed. I have so much disinterest for this matrix that this is sending me back through this subject. but I'm still not impressed matrix

  39. if they are other people, just like us, the only truth they can share is the fact that all this is not the ultimate truth. All is consciousness and every shape is an illusion. If they do agree with this we have something to share. If they don't agree we already share it anyway…

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