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  1. I suppose this comment has already been made but: a comparator on the output of a ripple counter…???

    Maybe this is cleared up (literally and figuratively) at some point after 10:20, because that's when I bugged out.

  2. This brings back memories from the early 80s, writing scan line and vertical blank interrupt routines for fast and smooth background panning on my Atari 600XL. Had to know all about the timings to make sure any interrupt code written would finish in time.

  3. Front porch and back porch are back to front in tv signals at least. The front porch had the colour burst signal and came just before the video signal finally the back porch and sync signal

  4. That might be one of the worst from a visual context but wow, kudos, that was excellent and you definitely have the coolest video card. I used to do that sort of stuff back in the late 70s and early 80s, my prized tool was a 100MHz dual-beam oscilloscope, you could debug anything with an oscilloscope in those days. Anyway, a superb video (both of them).

  5. pge grounds the high voltage , puts parallel capacitors on some blocks – flash gordon phasers erupt and paradise ca catces on fire

  6. I am heavliy impressed. That is the way we designed logic (yes, computers and peripherals) in the 1970-ies. I did not even know someone was still alive actually doing this. Excellent explanation as well. Can't tell you how happy I am.

  7. I absolutely love this, and the follow-up too. I've taught people how to do all this using CPLDS and FPGAs, but it's so cool seeing the same thing on discrete chips. I also finally have a reference I can point people to for when I always say "it's all about the microseconds" when we're using non-standard clocks. Only minor issue I caught is that 800x600x60Hz actually requires positive sync polarities for both HSYNC and VSYNC. The sheet you printed out with the timings says it right there above the charts, but it's easy to miss. The only likely thing that will happen are slightly shifted images since the display (if designed properly) would be triggering off the opposite edge of the pulse. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  8. 0:45 Now I know why the Fallout 4 Tivi has that, but I was wonder, they has Robot butler with a old tivi when did they live in @@

  9. Hi Ben! Wanted to know how van a software engineer/hacker get to learn hardware hacking/principles/engineering 🙂 thanks!

  10. Very good tutorial. As an ex teacher in Digital Electronics and Air Force radar systems I enjoyed this presentention. Clear and informative.

  11. You could simplify comparing the bit states with magnitude comparators. OR- you could tie the bits of your counters to the address bus of an eprom with a single active data bit (different bit) to signify when a certain address (or addresses) is reached.

  12. Very nice video.. it is great to know things at bottommost signal level to have full understanding of display systems

  13. i like what you doing but can you pls make video about how to make an RTX graphique crad and 16GB ram //////bro i really need this but i dont have money /////you are my last hope ////// ??? :'(

  14. Why video card manufacturers need all this backward compatibility BS? Can't they just make much simpler circuits which only work with LCD monitors?

  15. The verilog code to build this in an FPGA would look like this:

    module video (
    input clk;
    output hsync;
    output vsync;

    // horizontal breadboard
    reg [8:0] hcounter;
    reg hsync;
    always @ (posedge clk) begin
    if (hcounter == 9'd264)
    hcounter <= 9'd0;
    hcounter <= hcounter + 1'b1;
    if (hcounter == 9'd210)
    hsync <= 1'b0;
    else if (hcounter == 9'd242)
    hsync <= 1'b1;

    // vertical bread board
    reg [9:0] vcounter;
    reg vsync;
    always @ (posedge clk) begin
    if (hcounter == 9'd264) begin
    // end of scan line, update the vertical counter
    if (vcounter == 10'd628)
    vcounter <= 10'd0;
    vcounter <= vcounter + 1'b1;
    if (vcounter == 10'd601)
    vsync <= 1'b0;
    else if (vcounter == 10'd605)
    vsync <= 1'b1;



  16. 10 MILLION pixels per second??? HOLY shit!!! My question is how did they invent an electron gun which could be so accurate??!!! Like the precision and movement speed is mind boggling!!!!

  17. most everyone in the comments are retarded and couldn't understand most of the video. they just think its soft of funny someone made something with electronics that they recognize i guess?

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