ThinkPad P1 Review: The Best Mobile Workstation 2018?

Hi guys, this is my first review video speaking English First let me introduce a little bit about myself I’m Hung and I’m from Vietnam I did more than 300 videos about all sorts of tech gadget in ThinkView – the company where I’m working. You can pay a visit to my channel in Vietnam. Yeah, in that channel, I speak VietNamese. Absolutely! However, you know, I really want to share my experience to friends from all over the world. So, that’s why I launch this English Channel I know my speaking capability is not proficient enough to speak like a native speaker, but I’ll try my best to improve my skill as soon as possible So hope you guys will give me advice to help me make more useful videos. Thank you. so in this first video I will do a review about ThinkPad P1- the latest Mobile Workstation from Lenovo. When it comes to Mobile Workstation from Lenovo, you probably know about the ThinkPad P50, P51 or P52. All of them gears towards professional use like stimulation, modeling and rendering. However, they all have a pretty thick design So to create a product which is at the same level with some rivals from Dell like Precision 5530 or HP ZBook Studio G5 Lenovo filled up their mobile workstation with the ThinkPad P1, and this is the lightest and thinnest mobile station from Lenovo as well as the lightest mobile station in the world At first glance, the ThinkPad P1 reminds me of the Dell XPS, because they all have a rectangle and modern design When getting close it you’ll realize some unique features of ThinkPad line up Again, the surface is made of carbon fiber and it’s very smooth to touch I think many people are afraid this surface will be degraded over time, but this time, the surface is made more to be smoothier and sturdier, so it will remain durable very well Furthermore, thanks to this matte black surface ThinkPad laptops are protected more carefully, you know For example, Dell XPS and MacBook Pro, they are very sturdy and I have no complaints about these laptops However, their edges are just made of aluminum, just aluminum, so they are more likely to get damaged when you crash these laptops on to something like wall or table But you will feel more reassuring using this ThinkPad P1 thanks to this matte-black surface. ThinkPad P1 is prioritized the portability and stability, so it weighs just 1.7 kilogram, while the build quality is still excellent the whole base unit is made of magnesium alloy and we can just slightly depress the center of the base unit with a lot of force and believe me, you cannot notice this when using ThinkPad P1 as a daily driver. Generally, the durability and rigidity of this laptop are on pair with the high-end laptops on the market. ThinkPad P1 features sufficient connectivity, we have 2 USB-A, SD Slot, even 2 ThunderBolt 3 ports, 1 HDMI 2.0 and mini ethernet I very like the keyboard of this laptop, the travel, the space, the keyboard pressure, a little bit curved surface everything is very appropriate, The keyboard is also spillwater resistance. So I definitely give a credit to this keyboard I also like the trackpad, unlike other thinkpad laptops, ThinkPad P1’s trackpad is made more smoothier, And the trackpoint, it’s like a speciality of ThinkPad laptops, when you get used to it You will want to do this more. My display option is full HD IPS panel, the display quality is really good sufficient color coverage, high color accuracy, and the brightness is very high at 283 nits. P1 also have 4k HDR display option, but it will costs you for more 400 dollars The display bezel is not super thin like the DELL XPS But it is sufficient enough to bring about the best visual experience The good side is that the webcam is located at the appropriate position two stereo speakers are located at the bottom as a thin and light laptop, there is just slightly base, but the high and mid range are very clear so the detail of sound is very high the performance and temperature of ThinkPad P1 is excellent, if If you use it properly with it advantage the CPU is 6 cores i7 8750H – the best choice for multitasking applications The GPU is nvidia quadro p1000, which gears towards graphic professions. They use it for stimulation and modeling applications like solidwork, revit or Maya. working on this type of applications You’ll can get more performance over GTX-dedicated laptops. When I run SPECVIEWPERF 13 and compared to the ThinkPad X1 extreme featured GTX 1050Ti Max-Q The performance of ThinkPad P1 is far better than X1 Extreme The GTX 1050Ti Max-Q on X1 extreme can’t even pass the energy test The thermal performance of its laptop is excellent with the temperature always under 70 degree Celsius for both CPU and GPU The temperature on the surface is just around 34 degrees Celsius, so that’s the advantage of Nvidia Quadro the temperature is always low while the performance is still excellent as long as you use it properly with its advantage, as I said earlier for working not for playing games Of course, you can play games on this machine as its performance is respectable However ThinkPad P1 is not built for playing games. So the gaming performance is noticeably lower than X1 Extreme. You can assess to internal components by just losing six screws It has 2 RAM slots, even 2 SSD M2 NVMe slots, so you can set Raid 0 or Raid 1 the battery capacity is quite big, 80 WHr and I can use it for 8 hours of normal use, which is very good for such a light and thin super power laptop like this Well, bottom line It’s very difficult for me to find even a small weakness of ThinkPad P1. Maybe the whole design of ThinkPad laptops They are very simple, so some people hate some people love and Almost all the remaining features of ThinkPad P1 is able to bring about the best working experience Super thin and light, excellent build quality, very good keyboard and trackpad Pleasing-to-the-eye display and performance as well as the thermal design is really good. The price of this option is around 1869 dollars At first glance, you may feel ii’s exorbitant, but when you compare to its competitors from Dell or HP Is still cheaper which is quite surprising for ThinkPad laptops So now it can be said that ThinkPad P1 is the best working station you can buy Ok, that’s all my review about the ThinkPad P1 Hope you guys will find something useful in my first review video I know there are failures in grammar and pronunciation, but as I said earlier, I will try my best to improve my skill See you next time Bye-bye

45 thoughts on “ThinkPad P1 Review: The Best Mobile Workstation 2018?

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the P1, there are not many reviews out there yet. I was able to understand properly!

  2. Congrats for your first English review. It is never super easy not speaking its native language but you did fine and will no doubt improve as you do more! The P1 and X1 Extreme are superb laptops for sure. Your camera work is outstanding!

  3. Just wondering, how did you know the Full HD version has 96% Adobe RGB coverage? I've never seen this information anywhere.

  4. This was a fantastic review! Your English is very solid—do not worry. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. 👍

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  6. Your video is WONDERFUL and your english is well enough for us to understand technical aspects. Congrats !

  7. likin your review 1st to show me the difference between x1 extreme and p1 workstation in detail. and i thought your english was damn good for being able to speak fluently in another language so hats off to you.

  8. I appreciate your slower camera cuts. It gives me time to get a better feel for the laptop's size and design.

  9. I have been looking for a detailed review over the p1. This is by far the best review I have ever seen, not just over the p1, but the best tech review in general. Keep up the good work!

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