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  1. It would be a “whopping” $35,000 to buy one for each of his editors.
    Builds a $100,000 PC for a 10 minute YouTube video.
    PlastiDips everything expensive he can find.
    Did whatever the hell he did to his Civic.

  2. what's it do, that a GPU with some cuda/opencl code to crunch pixels couldn't do? for like… a twentieth the cost?

  3. First: R3D is not for "premiere amateur editing". It is for Avid Media Composer PRO editing. Have ever you tried that?

  4. if only someone had invented prisms and we could capture full color video…. hummm. idk is alignment the issue? clarity? what happened to 3ccd cameras? i could be wrong but i would think 3 medium sized sensors would still be better (even after the light loss from the split) (could be wrong) and those sensors have to be getting cheapers than the massive and still rare single right? idk ive been out of this loop for a while.

  5. Wow Red digital Cinema didn't think about what a "red rocket" means to most people….it's slang for a fucking dog dick.

  6. Some more technical discussion about the RRX on https://www.mysterybox.us/blog/2017/6/14/when-should-you-buy-a-redrocket-x . In short, the RRX is a single task card intended for debayering & denoising R3Ds then turning this into raster data in a more optimised, quicker, parallelised way than a general purpose GPU or CPU could accomplish (at the moment).

    Don't forget, when the first REDRocket came out, graphics cards were pitifully bad at this kind of highly intensive video processing task compared to modern day GTXes and Quadros. The RRX also wasn't a new card for 2017, it was released in 2013! That even then it could even process-assist 8K rendering to that extent is still quite an accomplishment given how much raw picture data it's handling, so needing to own it depends on your workflow.

    Serious post and edit houses wouldn't bat an eyelid at 7 grand for a key part of their workflow. Turn a 45 minute render for a 3 minute clip into a pretty-much realtime render? Sure! Not having to spend 24 hours transcoding shoot footage? Sure!

    I have to wonder why you decided to shoot everything at 8K years before the industry standards for transmission or streaming were even properly formalised – particularly when your current destinations are still, at best, moderately compressed 4K formats. They look good, and the care in the signal chain and edit process is evident, but they look nothing like a quality 8K source should.

    8K with a 15 stop dynamic range in high quality raw makes total sense for DCI, UHD and IMAX/70 mm feature film destinations – where extensive colour correction and picture quality is desirable for edit/plates/CG/DIs/VFX with multiple image generations. In contrast, LTT is an (excellent) tech news content house, but for your productions, 8K was and is still overkill. Even in 2019, only a fraction of a percent of viewers would even be able to stream 8K, never mind view it correctly. Why put yourself through the stress and hassle (plus huge additional cost) for no benefit?

    I would have waited until the general purpose hardware was more capable of handling 8K without hiccups. Until then, I would've gone with shooting 4K HDR, reaping the benefits of better pixels (not just more pixels) and taking some of the frustration away from editors.

    Interested to see your current edit processes and workflow, and whether you made any decisions about formats and qualities since this video…

  7. Where did I go wrong in life?? How can I be an ultra rich Canadian who can afford almost everything while also being a gamer?? I'm not jealous just incredibly envious! Linus should have a segment called, "incredibly ridiculous first world problems". lol

  8. People n their basements have less CPU (much less) and still have ok production values. So all of this is just flaunting $$. That's it.

  9. I'll never get my $7000 coprocessor card.. I took my kid skating, fell, and broke my femur in 3 places..I couldn't afford health insurance because of child support.. did you know that if you don't have health insurance and they have to perform surgery on you, it costs $80,000 to install a rod in your leg? I guess a career in computers was the wrong way to go..

  10. For $7,000 it better have a hole drilled in its side so I can insert my di!k and get a happy ending…naw , I don't actually have a di!k! …. I"M SO DEAD!!! HA!

  11. For a channel like this where the content has a very limited lifespan i see no value in recording with a movie studio grade camera when a gh5 would work just as well.

  12. 2:50 im just thinking to my self holy balls while reading his shirt and hearing much performance he loses for doing a little thing.

  13. just use an iPhone or a basic high def production camera, and badda bing badda boom, the quality of these video's isn't great as it is and the moving around gives me motion sickness, stand still, get a stand, or find a professional to shoot these videos. Badda bing badda boom

  14. It really is a holy $h!t, like holy $h!t where do you get so much money for all of this with barely any ads? Do sponsors really pay you so much?

  15. What point is there to scrub through 8k footage if you are displaying that "8k" on a 800×600 square part of the monitor 😀 ?

  16. @LinusTechTips I went to www.fuckingyourwallet.com and was happily not disappointed! That was an awesome little treat!!!

  17. You shouldn't really criticise Red Digital. They're not mass market so in order to bring things like this to market they'll charge a massive premium. I mean if it weren't for the mass market for GPUs, Nvidia cards would cost several thousands and would not be half as good as they are today.

  18. I don't think you people need to spend like thousands of dollars just for YouTube videos, that is for video productions, isn't it?

  19. Rtx 2080 vs red rocket X.

    Nearly $599 vs $7000

    Ninja probably spent all the money of his gaming setup on this card😂

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