This Gadget Plays The Classics

What’s up guys, Lew here back with another
video and today we’re going to take a trip down memory lane, but we’re going to do so in a new
product. This is the SEGA megadrive ultimate portable game player Please explain for us Lew. This is a
portable unit that you hold in your hand to travel with and it carries with it 80 classic titles from the sega universe You know SEGA, yeah. So what does that
mean, it means mortal kombat, but there’s a lot of other games too. If you look on
the back here, look at all those titles. I saw where
streets of rage, you kidding me right now? Remember Ecco the Dolphin? You can be a dolphin As I understand it looking at the
package here, there’s also an SD card slot, so, look: internet games download
feature via SD card slot It looks like you can install games
after the fact that, well, five hours of battery life. Cut this baby open Look at this little guy. The fake screen
protector that makes it look like it’s on, a mini USB cable to charge it up Oh, wow, you can play this on the TV by
using an AV cable Where does AV go? Well, there’s an AV out. The control layout is similar to an actual SEGA controller. On the top here that’s
where we have the SD card slot that I mentioned, a volume control, mini-USB for
charging it up and the AV out and then if I flip it over on the bottom that’s the headphone jack and the on/off
switch See if we have juice We do! All right we are booted up and
theres this menu that pops up and check out the sound effects right now, listen
to this I mean they don’t make sounds like that
anymore What am I going to do first? OK, let me
try ecco, get to be a dolphin OK… *Awe moment* This guy is not messing around right now. *Ecco 8-bit music* I mean, this is a game with a dolphin and we’re going deep on the soundtrack Oooh, with the speed, the quickness… Can I eat these fish right now? I got the, uhh dolphin communication There’s something about tactile controls… I know a lot of you kids are gonna be like Lew, Why you so pumped about this dolphin
right now? It looks like an iPhone game First of all, how dare you? Second of all,
listen to the soundtrack. Third of all I got buttons to press, like
real, like… *Smashes button* Buttons! I have no idea what I’m doing in this
game… I’m gonna go, I’m gonna head now, I’m gonna pick something else OOHH Okay, okay, easy Sonya Blade… She… Come on, I was way ahead… There you go… Awwhh with the low, with the
low kick She hit me with the… *You’re not good at this game, Lew* Why do I feel like I was better at that game? I’m gonna try scorpion. There you go, with
the low Are you gonna come back, the low! This is
how cheap I was… HaH! *Evil Laughter* All I threw was the low kick, with the sweep… Oh, there’s another round… Oh man.. *It’s okay you’ll get’em next time* It’s hard not to do Sonic, but can I do Streets of Rage? How emotional are you right now? *8-bit soundtrack* Lew, I don’t get it, what’s the
big deal here? I could just get some emulators on my
phone… I can do this, I can… Sure! You could, but this is kind of like a novelty,
it’s nostalgia Maybe if you’re going to play these
games you might as well have tactile buttons, the way that they were
programmed to be played, and maybe you don’t want some external controller, maybe you don’t want to waste the battery on your phone… This is a fun little way keeping the
dream alive, Streets of Rage style

4 thoughts on “This Gadget Plays The Classics

  1. It has six buttons. The mini Genesis comes with two controllers. But they have each just three buttons.
    Does it has OutRun, Afterburner 2, Flashback and Super Hang On?

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