Our coverage of Computex 2017 is brought to you by the Corsair One and Synergy. Check them out at the link in the video description. I freaking swear these guys at Calyos have to be the biggest teases in the industry, because this is the third time now that I’m looking at a completely new iteration of their product. And, none of these things have actually reached the mass market yet – they’re just like, “We – we are just gonna keep making cooler, and cooler prototypes, and not stress out too much about anybody actually ever being able to buy one!” So this one right here, is the NSG S0, This is the latest prototype of what will hopefully sometime late this year, or early next? You got – oh yes, oh yeah, sure, yeah whatever I don’t even believe you guys! But this is the latest iteration of their fully passive PC case. Now the last time I checked one of these out – which was on our HOLY $H!T series, you can check that out here – it was actually – their technology was modded into a Lian Li O Series case. This time, they’ve gone “You know what? That was way too complicated for an end user to try to configure by themselves. So, screw it! We’re just gonna go make a case!” And this is what we’ve got here. So there are two massive radiators – one in the front that handles all the cooling for the GPU, completely passively – we’re talking GTX 1080 Ti, at 61 degrees Celcius. And then at the bottom has your front I/O, as well as a couple of mounts for either 2.5 or 3.5 inch drives, oh and if you want to kick it into high gear I guess you can throw in a couple of 120mm fans. And then this addtional one and – oh man, I ju – woah, I hope I didn’t break it too bad there. Pop that back into place, and then this one on the back handles the cooling for the CPU, and can also accept fans, if you want to take it to the extreme. Now, these guys are modders at their cores and I love the industrial design of this case because the whole thing is basically pure functionality, pure utility, gigantic – and we’re talking what is it? 21 kilos of aluminum, or something stupid like that – like, pure aluminum cooling, raw power, and then blank canvases, so you can etch whatever you want on here. You could wrap it in vinyl, you could paint it, you could do pretty much whatever you want with it. And they’ve made a lot of improvements to the overall design since some of the earlier iterations. So now, instead of I/O having to be kind of, um… machined to the back of the case and then you run the cables internally, Now they’ve gone with an open design-type case, that uses tempered glass to cover it up, and gives you full access to the I/O. So, you’re probably wondering why are they in the Seasonic booth, if you equip it with a Seasonic passive power supply, if you use their GPU plates along with their like, foam aluminum cooling things, and – oh, by the way these covers are gonna be available in a variety of designs – you can run your extremely high performance system – this is a 6950X and a 1080 Ti – completely fanlessly. All you will hear in a very quiet room is a little bit of boiling, because that’s how the thing is cooled – there’s no pump even. The coolant moves pretty much on its own through natural convection. “So all that sounds great, Linus! How much is it gonna cost?” Actually not as quite as bad as you might think! They’re targeting around 600 Euros, which does sound like a lot, but when you consider what an all-aluminum and tempered glass case design would cost you, plus that it comes with water cooling-grade cooling for the GPU and the CPU? That’s actually not that bad! So thanks for checking out this video! Once again, all of our coverage of Computex 2017 is brought to you by the Corsair One – they’re twelve liter, freaking amazing VR-ready gaming PC that comes with a quad core Core i7 processor and up to a GTX 1080Ti, as well as Synergy, the software that lets you share your keyboard and mouse between multiple computers, even a Windows machine, a Linux machine, and a Mac. Woah! You can save 25% on Synergy by checking them out at the link in the video description, and while you’re down here you might as well click Subscribe so you don’t miss any of our videos on Computex 2017.


  1. All you will hear is a little bit of boiling and a freaking lot of dat beautiful coil whine no manufacturer seams to care about..

  2. But why. Fans and other cooler systems work great already. Sooo why use huge gheddo heat sink lookin ass case?

  3. Initially I thought it looked like one of those oil filled radiator heaters you get but I have to say I like the design but holy hell what a weight!

  4. Great concept but… it's actually 1000€, it can only be ordered through their own store and it says "Delivery estimated date: 2018 April", even though it's May already.
    Something tells me that this isn't going to work out all that well for them. Which is a shame because if it took off and the price would go down to appeal to a mass market (say 500€), I totally would've bought that.

  5. So this can save electricity, logic dictates it should best be used in a workstation. would love to see it on a dual cpu + multi gpu setup. Also nice to see real innovation in pc hardware market.

  6. I changed my mind, this looks good but more and thinner fins would be more efficient iMO, and a quiet speed fans would be perfect complement, maximum efficiency, lowest fan noise, which could be almost none, and maximum cooling, if you could take the excess aluminum that is not the cooling part and only the structure to a much lighter version, would reduce cost and weight, if they did all these, I'd try to convince the users I serve to buy 1 for every PC they have

  7. What no you mean they didn't even grow diamond sheets for passive cooling back to the drawing board boys

  8. If they ever do make that available for purchase… I'd have to come up with a good reason as to why my PC is bolted to the ceiling covering up the AC vent…

  9. What the FUCK is POUND? I only know kilograms beacuse I LOVE the METRIC system and the International System of Units. #thinkmetric

  10. If this were a once in a lifetime buy, guaranteed to work with all future upgrade, , it would make sense, as an investment.

  11. Hi Linus some of us backed up Calyos NSG0 project on kickstarter because of your cool review. Sadly they haven't delivered anything yet and they are long over due.
    Maybe you can vindicate us a bit and make a post mortem review of the project.
    Like this others know not to invest in them in the future anymore.
    Thank you for any of your words.

  12. Before you buy!!! They have some serious "communication" issues I'm afraid! Backers are very mad!

  13. This is where case design needs to go. All cases are supposed to do is protect your components. Keep them cool. Keep them from shock. If they look good then great. This thing is all three. I'd pay hundreds for this if it proved to actually work.

  14. Really cool! I want one! Listening to a towers fans all the time is…bad. Make it look a little cooler though. Cleaner. Just the exposed fins and smooth clean case. Nice round edges. Kind of what you have here already, just cleaner. No exposed right side or those things sticking out. And more quality looking. Make all the edges and gaps very parallel. Even hide the power/reset button. Or make them like a touch screen, where there isnt any actual buttons. Like something from the year 2100 or something. This is what they'll be using then. Paint: All matte black, all semi gloss black, all matte white, all semi gloss white, two tone-gloss white front and matte black back, two tone-matte white front and gloss black back (front being like the front 1/3) and the opposite of the last two. Weird comment I know LUL. Hope they read it, I want it lol

  15. Calyos is a scam, they take your money and never deliver their products. Customers can't even get ahold of their team. They said my case would be delivered 4 months after I ordered it, but when I hadn't heard a single word from them after 5 months I decided to issue a Paypal refund. I was lucky and was within the Paypal 6 month buyer protection, but many others have waited 2 years or more without any delivery.

  16. the loudest thing about passively cooled PC's is my stressed out alt-tabbing to check temps. Fuck that shit, i can't hear my PC while gaming AND i get good temps. Why passive cool

  17. Funny,looking around for this case then seeing nothing but bad PR about it was a scam years later. Shame,how is this company is still around?

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