This is EVE – Uncensored

okay what we’re gonna do guys we’re going to send 10k off at Target we’re gonna BLAP it really quick and then we’re gonna warp to the run spot does that make sense outstanding hey stand by so the guys here steel they got their prophecy fleet up and then razor also has an Oracle fleet so now we should have some interesting stuff about to happen so it’s gonna be like this we’re going to portal through at the same time the triage carriers are going to jump just the triage carriers at first everyone clear let me see oh crap doughnuts got four Guardians I like we can do this don’t worry about that now we’re going to fucking play some fun games flowers race thunder relax always alive primary is the Dominic’s in five four three two or baton be breaking work types lon removing secondaries Vipers in the omen his instruction take them down now all needs on the rent burn out towards that car jump now [Music] all right so I’m carrying a hundred times more than my ship is worth there was some pirates chasing me this one guy chased me through like five different systems I need to get the fuck out of the system this little rock right here is worth about 166 million misc for some people this might not be a big deal but for me it’s huge seller 4.2 very nice can produce for them two days 19 hours 11 minutes 44 seconds we can expect to make eight to ten million around there 51 out of 56 grit okay good and we’ve got five modules to fit in here the ship speed is actually pretty good in 4k second we’re gonna hurt that now by adding on some armor buffer of success yeah thanks did something so much fun oh yeah such fun Thomas down now like less than a week okay insanos down on killing Sunnis Delphic okay the portal portal proudly discriminatory diverse skills to enrich us be you see the keywords our audience show me the secretary [Music] [Music]

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