This Pyro Makes the Strongest DIY Lasers In the World Out of Old Tech

100 thoughts on “This Pyro Makes the Strongest DIY Lasers In the World Out of Old Tech

  1. good luck tryna rob him at his house
    he'd probably pull out that predator laser gun stuff

  2. Hey awesome video. I actually work out of Goodfield and my kids go to metamora be awesome to be able to check out your lab some time my son is not gonna stop asking lol. Available anytime?

  3. kudos man, awesome videos. keep up the good work getting people interested in science and screw youtube…forcing us to watch scam advertisement

  4. Styropyro there was some research a few years back using a 100 watt Co2 laser to propel a spinning metal top up to around 100 to 200 feet in the air. It made a popping noise and they mentioned laser ablasion of metal, However the atmosphere and distance curtailed any real advances in this test. However, if the laser was attached to the back of a space ship and carried with it then there would be no problem with atmosphere, distance, or dispersing of the beam. Making the engine , choosing a metal that will give thrust but not melt or burn up, should it be a spinning disk? there are all kinds of issues to solve. Perhaps you could build a scale model engine with a couple of lasers suspended on the back and see if it produces measurable thrust.

  5. This youtuber is incredible, I've been following his content for a while and all his videos are deeply inspiring, the amount of care and enthusiasm for his craft is immense. Also he has such respect for his viewers and their safety, not to mention his humour is brilliant. I'm so glad his message is getting attention.

  6. I love how he sounds so enthustiastic when he say "If you touch any of this while it's live, you are dead instantly"

  7. This guy reminds me of the mad scientist in Mitchell and Webb who builds death machines but says "I built this machine for the good of humanity, not war" and starts to destroy his creations

    Edit: Professor Death

  8. Keep up the great work!! And if "BubeTube" shuts you down make a website thingie or something but NEVER GIVE UP!! If we would have had the internet and videos like this when I was growing up theres no tellin what I could have done, at least while I had eyesight and hands. Lol
    Love your videos!!

  9. i mean he says in all his videos not to try it at home so is youtube gonna take down all those mythbusters clips? wasnt youtube so much better before that bitch susan took over?

  10. Youtube is ruining itself with this draconian enforcement against anything that doesn't fit in a campus safe space. We really need a newtube.

  11. I really hope that your channel never gets removed, or your videos because what you do is amazing, inspirational, and educational. It would be a great disservice to the entire YouTube community if you were to be stricken down.
    I would in fact probably protest against YouTube and start a page if that were to ever happen, I would actually try to start a boycott and pressure YouTube to bring you back. I know that many others feel the same way because you’re so bright and funny, furthermore every time you post a video it brightens up my day – pun intended- and you just seem like the most humble and kind person. I just think YouTube, and the rest of the world could use more intuitive creators like yourself.
    Through and through one of my favourite YouTube channels and great content. Your passion and aspiration is something that is long desired in this world and I know many people, myself included, that would love to work with you.

  12. maybe come up with a different name other than the lazer bazooka then repost, lol, really though if you have created something that's able to have a patent purchased to protect your idea maybe give it a name other than bazooka it could set it apart and become recognized with your name on it, there's honor there but it has to be earned.

  13. in lithiums with graphene there's a reaction that happens on the 1st charge making them work have you looked into this?

  14. its not problem that kids are getting less interested in science its the problem that they will do dumb stuff cause no one told them something is dangerous thats why we need science yt videos

  15. "The occasional explosion wouldn't send a whole fleet of copcars to your house"

    Proceeds to show large, homemade explosions

  16. Youtube was ruined by Google. Everything changed when they took over. Now you cant even say FUCK in a video. They made youtube into a kindergarten website for kiddies and people that get offended by everything.

  17. This is going to sound really weird but since july 4th is coming up, having a lazer that can light things on fire would be helpful to light off the fuses whenever its a bit dangerous to get very close

  18. You have amazing abilities……Have you been genetically modified? Are you a "super soldier" or A.I. etc.; do you know? Thank you for the video.

  19. This guy is just beyond awesome

    I could watch that end segment about his love of lasers all day, so pure what an amazing human

  20. Hi ! Greetings from Philippines
    I am a Senior High student , and I would lile to ask what old materials you had used to create this such project? If it's okay with you , I want to use this project for our experiment

  21. Styro is LEGIT, I ran across him just a couple weeks ago in a video he was being called out in. Being called a fraud, I could tell from what he said that he was real, so I searched his channel and have probably watched more than half his content in just these last couple weeks.

  22. mumble rap music that promotes killing yourself with drugs and selling it to the community,using guns to kill yourself and other people,hyper sexualization is fine there videos get billions of views and are found sometimes on the trending list but a scientist who makes educational videos with warning and everything gets troubled and put in a situation were he has to worry about his lifework and income.

  23. I hope YouTube pays attention to problems like this fella brings up. Recourse for content creators strikes is important, human intervention is necessary, closing accounts isn't the answer.

  24. Thats the point, its the dumbing down of the masses. If they brand diy science as dangerous then remove the content it creates a stigma that lasts. Its the same with the speech is violence nonsense.

  25. Actually, he is talking about bringing those haters to the lab and show them what a Laser can do. Hmmmm interesting. There were deep meanings in that. He just Threatened to kill his haters without them knowing it. Genius.

  26. You can hear how fast this dude's genius brain is working by the way he talks. He almost stumbles on his words as he talks as slow as he possibly can, which is still not slow at all.

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