This RX 470 Costs ONLY $40…! Does it Even WORK!?

– Recently when I was overseas, I picked up this RX 470,
4GB, for $50 US dollars. And it’s a SAPPHIRE NITRO variant. However, it does differ to a
normal gaming graphics card that was sold on the shelves,
in that it only has a DVI out connector at the back. Usually your gaming graphics
cards will have a couple HDMIs, some display ports,
though this one right here, its intention was never to
be put in a normal system for playing games, until today. (techno music) Welcome back to Tech YES
City, and right here I’ve got one of the two mining cards
that I’ve purchased when I was overseas. The P106, that’ll be getting
a dedicated video of its own, because it does differ a
lot to this one right here. Which is actually a pretty
simple fix, and it’s easy to get working as a gaming graphics card. So the NITRO variant
in question right here, all you have to do to
get it working properly, is download the VGA BIOS
for the gaming graphics card variant of this, and use
a program called ATIFlash. In order to get the flash
working properly, I had to use the DOS version, and
then I had to force flash the SAPPHIRE NITRO vBIOS that
I downloaded from TechPowerUp onto this card itself. So, it wasn’t that much
of a hassle at all, and if you’re gonna do this
for yourself, then I recommend downloading ATIFlash, maybe
put it on a USB drive, or put it in your C drive root directory, and then put the BIOS in
that same directory as well. Now before you do this, do
back up your vBIOS currently on this graphics card, so
if anything does go wrong, you can then Flash the old
BIOS back to this card, to bring it back to its original state. Also, another thing worth mentioning was, the Windows GUI version of
ATIFlash didn’t work properly to get the flash working 100%. So then after we flash this graphics card, we then put it in our system,
download the latest driver, get that installed, and it
actually recognizes it now as an RX470, 4GB SAPPHIRE NITRO, which was released on retail
shelves as a gaming variant. And since we are now using this DVI port, it will function just like the original, except of course, we’ve
only got one display out. The first thing I did when I
got this card up and running was to run a 3DMark Fire Strike benchmark. This will tell you roughly
how the card it performing, plus you can monitor
things like temperatures, if you install MSI Afterburner. And what we saw here was
this card was scoring under 12,000 points, and I
did notice a little bit of stuttering during this test. And then looking at the
temperatures, they were showing it was going to around 80 degrees, which during a Flash
Strike run, it shouldn’t be getting this hot. So what we decided to do
was run it one more time, just to see if there
was some variance there, but sure enough, it was
running a little bit less than normal for an RX470. They should be getting anywhere
between 12,000 and 13,000 points in this particular benchmark. So since this card was previously
used for cryptocurrency mining, it’s most likely the
thermal paste has dried up on the GPU die. And since the temperatures were very hot, it’s time to pull it
apart, and give it some Tech YES Lovin’. (echoing music) ♪ Uh, what, hold up ♪ ♪ Sometimes you see something
sitting on the shelves ♪ ♪ And you ask yourself ♪ ♪ Why isn’t that in my PCIe slot ♪ ♪ They say that dogs man’s best friend ♪ ♪ But I think in 2018,
WD-40s man’s best friend ♪ (clapping) ♪ Come on ya’ll, hands up
in the air, clap with me ♪ ♪ That’s the sound of a greedy
miner losing his money ♪ So there it all is guys. After we applied some new thermal paste, and also make it look brand
new with some Tech YES Lovin’, the graphics card was
performing really well. I even managed to overclock
it, and we’re getting over 13,000 points on the graphics
score in Fire Strike. And the temperatures
were also really good, coming under 50 degrees,
which means that this dropped the temperatures by 30
degrees, just by changing the thermal paste. Now the thermal paste beforehand
was very crusty and hard. And that’s a general indicator
that you should be changing the thermal paste on a
particular graphics card. Even if it’s a gaming
graphics card that’s been used for a few years, as you seen
in some of my previous videos when I’ve done used PC
builds, definitely does help. And helps restore the
performance to that of something that would perform like
a new graphics card. So here it is right here with this RX470. Probably the best deal
I’ve got in a long time on a graphics card. A little over $60 Aussie
dollars, and you’ve got a card that performs so well at 1080p. I managed to put it through
three different games. Battlefield 1, Far Cry 5,
and also Rainbow Six Siege, and it was performing really well. 1080p, ultra settings,
getting over 60 fps, and in the case of Rainbow
Six Siege, it was getting over 150 fps, so it’s definitely a very solid card for 1080p gaming. Couple that with a 22 or
23 inch 1080p monitor, which can be had again for around $50, and you got yourself
such a good budget gaming combo for the money. Now I know there’s gonna be
questions about availability with these graphics
cards, because currently, at the moment on eBay,
or on, RX470s are running over $100. I did manage to take a look on
AliExpress, there was nothing there, but did have
a seller selling one of these for $55 US dollars. Now, if you’ve got Google
Chrome and you can translate the page to English, you
can create a Taobao account, and then they have their
own shipping agent within their own website, which
will ship the card out to you for around $7 US dollars. So you can get one of these
cards shipped to your door for $62 US dollars, if you
have the time and effort to sort of navigate your way
through a bit of a website that is in Chinese. And also, if you manage to
set up an Alipay account. So you can definitely
get your hands on one of these graphics cards. Just keep in mind, you will
have to flash a new BIOS, and also give it a proper clean and change the thermal paste around. But after you do that, you
will then have a graphics card that will perform pretty much
to that of the best prized performance money can buy. Anyway guys, I hope you enjoyed
today’s video of the RX470 mining edition from SAPPHIRE NITRO. I’m not sure about the other
variants that are out there at the moment. Definitely Taobao had some
other options that are on the website from different
brands, some that I’ve never heard of, but this one right
here with the SAPPHIRE NITRO works a treat. I can definitely recommend
it for someone on a budget. And since it is a NITRO version,
it will have a very good cooling solution, so it
shouldn’t get too hot at all. Anyway guys, if you enjoyed today’s video, then be sure to hit that like button, and let us know in the
comment section below what you think of the budget RX470. Love reading your thoughts
and opinions as always. And right here we’ve got the
P106, which will be getting its own video as well. Not as successful as this one right here, and if you are gonna buy
these mining graphics cards, I do recommend getting
one with at least one display out on it. Will make life easier. But anyway, I’ll catch you in
another Tech video very soon, peace out for now, bye. (techno music)

100 thoughts on “This RX 470 Costs ONLY $40…! Does it Even WORK!?

  1. 5:09 i think the preset has the scaling at 50% so you didnt run 1080p, it hardly does like 70fps when its a native 1080p ultra

  2. My friend gave me his RX 470 after my RTX 2070 bit the dust. The 470 makes an excellent backup/Budget build GPU for cheap in case you ever need one. 80 – 100 dollars is a great price for such a little beast.

  3. I bought on ebay a "RX 570 Gaming X 4G" this person was using it for mining he also say that "he never mod the Bios" lol yeah right. I noticed that the drivers won't install but I'm confidence that he did mod the bios for mining.
    Im waiting for MSI to reply back if they can give me the original bios of this gpu.

  4. rx 570 mining edition I bought
    These software is it suitable ?

  5. I have a question if somebody could help me I would really appreciate it. I am getting a plasticy smell from my pc I have the same graphics card. So any thoughts what it could be?

  6. I know this is an old video but right on amazon you can get an rx 570 4gb for 99.99 dollars or a rx 570 8gb for 119.99 (but keep in mind both only have DVI D).

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  8. Hey Bryan have you ever come across this issue with a second hand card I have a RX580 8g Gaming keeps freezing my computer.
    With basic windows drivers installed it will work as it would but as soon as you install the Radeon drivers the screen flickers and then i have to hold the power button down to reboot. When the computer restarts it will show Bios and Windows/Asus logo will load but as soon as you log in to the desktop the screen will stay black or sometimes goes green and sometime crashes and reboot and sometimes gives of the horrible crash noise windows likes to give out sometimes. The only way i can get the computer to stay on it by running my DP cable from the on board intel graphics.

    Any advice would be great, i have followed what you did in the video but it keep telling i dont have a ATI card installed.

    Thanks in advance

    My computer specs are:
    Asus Prime z270-A

    I5 6400
    16gb corsair ddr4
    880w psu
    Intel 530/RX 580

  9. I got a normal XfX RX 470 4gb card for $45!! I'm really happy cause it's a gin upgrade from my gtx 560ti

  10. I actually have this card I thought it was a regular gaming one and was confused as to why it has a dvi port. Anyways i use it for gaming and handles very well.

  11. I bought an XFX RX-470 for 76 USD and everytime I tried to game the screen turns black or sometimes pink.

  12. Yes business works like this.. if it pass on burn test and u had many of them and its 2nd hand + used in mining .. you can sell it on low price

  13. I bought mine from taobao using a middleman service called "SuperBuy" that buys the card from taobao and checks it and sends it to me after and supports English and other languages, finally with my i5 2400 and Rx 470 the combo is OP

  14. picked one of these but an msi armor version… got the gaming cards bios and was able to flash it… gpuz cant read the clocks om the card… some games run fine but senuas sacrifice doesnt seem to like to run on a mining rx470

  15. On those RX470's and 480's to monitor the GPU usage and other specs in MSI afterburner. Check in the settings tab and change the AMD profile options. dig around in the options and AMD support for certain cards. and then it'll show the GPU usage fan speed' mem. and all other specs.

  16. this is a bad video actually, or maybe I'm stupid but we normally watch these videos to learn how to do things instead of being told "Oh yeah it's definitely possible to play games on this gpu and on that note, let's take our sweet time singing and cleaning it"

  17. what do you call that spray? i need it to clean my graphics card, and is it ok to use it on my motherboard?

  18. You can get the type with the hidden HDMI working by soldering some 0 ohm resistios to enable the HDMI port . They are tiny tho , you will need magnification.

  19. I tried this with my 8GB model with hidden HDMI port all I've managed to do is install a (descrete) card on my system and I don't know how that's going to run games.

  20. I have just bought the exact same card, can you tell me the command and the version of the bios you used? I cant flash it via ati win flash

  21. Better to use a Middle man for this site, Like SuperBuy which makes the transaction for you and checks the item to see if its authentic and shows you photos of the item aswell when they recieve it in the warehouse and i was able to get my rx 470 in 2 weeks and wasn't mined on and didn't have to go on taobao and translate anything also my 470 wasn't a mining card but was a blower but still better then my 750 ti

  22. There are so much RX 480's for 1-3€. . . Their have this votes 4/5, 4.5/5 and 3.5/5. . . Should I take one?
    P.s. they are 3-4 votes on each

  23. AMD cards basically get thrown out of the window for free.. no wonder they tanked 23% revenue and 50% in profit..

  24. I need help! My msi gaming x rx 570 black screens and I get subsystem ids mismatch as an error I've tried with multiple bios files. Please help!

  25. Hey Tech yes. Thanks for the tip. I went onto BaoTao after watching this video a couple of weeks ago, and set about trying to grab one. (a friend helped with translation and brought it from china for me – international shipping seems to be a trick) I ended up with a Saphire Nitro + RX480 for about $60 USD, but proper retail with 1 DVI, 2 x HDMI, and 2 x DisplayPort with proper BIOS (no flash needed). I took it apart and gave some TLC, some grease to the fan spindle, reassembly and it seems to be working well. Quiet performance as well.

  26. I just bought this card for 80$.
    But different brand it's called "Power Color RX 470 Red Devil 4GB"
    And it just arrived today, It just have dvi output.. and they gave me Adapter to hdmi as a "Bonus"
    And guess what.. It doesn't work.. The monitor said "No signal"
    And then i switch to my old gpu, And i tried to use adapter to it, And still "No signal"
    Now i just bought my self a new cable then, DVI to HDMI cable.. And i think it arrive tomorrow.. I'll test it out later..
    If it does get really hot, tbh I'm to scared to open it to clean it and change the thermal paste..

  27. Bought a 470 Nitro for 70€. I love this card. It is factory OC but i could easy push it to 1400 Mhz just by push Powertarget +50 and give the card a nice fancurve… never saw it throttle. Temps go up to 78C but today it’s the hottest day in Germany. About 40C outside.

  28. I just brought a rx570 4GB reference card with 3 dp and 1 hdmi port on board. The card works just fine and it is selling for around 50 USD. No fresh no hack needed. I brought a reference card because I need to use it in my Mac if you can buy xfx card it is even cheaper at around 30USD in China.

  29. I came across a good deal for Sapphire Nitro RX 470 8GB mining edition with HDMI port. Bought it and put into the desktop, fans spinning but no display. I tried using display connected to GT 220 and Rx 470 on 2nd pcie. RX 470 was detected and managed to use aitflash vbios to gaming edition. Then I tried connecting monitor to Rx 470 but again no display. I searched online for fix, and found possible cause monitor frequency out of sync with graphics card. Tried it on another monitor with no success. I'm out of options. Would appreciate any help with this card.

  30. plzz help,i have rx 470 8 gb 256 bit ddr5 not vorkling i watch you video end not vorking.i go to gpu-z end texture unknown end badvich unknown ,end pixel filtare unknown gpu memory 0 mhz memory clock 0 mhz,plz help with team wiewer ? plz

  31. I know that's pretty late, but I just bought one and I'd like to know if I need to plug the screen to the gpu or to the mobo to flash it

  32. ayo! im a viewer from Vietnam! i just found u out a few days ago but i am loving these videos! nice work there mate!

    if ur gonna go back to Vietnam someday, i highly recommend u check out some of the websites that sell used cards here, there are a lot more cheap cards there

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