Tokyo Ghoul Re Call To Exist – Rescue To Anteiku – Episode 3 (PS4)

Tokyo ghoul re call to exist rescue at anteiku episode 3 We’re in the third episode here, there’s only like one side missions. I’ll go back to the side missions once I’m done with the main story with Kate, Kentucky The battle fought at Coachella ended with heavy casualties for both the augury tree and the CCG connect II was able to throw to know a moment space Peace after being aided by a goal known as the owl at the same time an important mission Briefing regarded regarding the owl was being held at the CCG. The owl wasn’t s? SS rated goal SSS rated goal considered to be the most powerful in existence and had long been a thorn in the CCG side learning that the Owls identity was the manager of the coffee shop otaku We’re connect. He worked the CCG began many making preparations for the owl suppression operation Dan this guy’s unbelievably strong Really Society Rossio got a Nice you simple nah, kaneki. Oh my gosh Stealing wrestling with Excuse Domaine utility earlier though Not you. Oh, yeah It sucks that there’s no there’s no lovely nothin Seeds raided goal Keep getting trophies Normally it takes time for me takes time little by little for me to even see me getting a trophy from you often times whenever I play I’m surprised I’ll kill goal is like one of the fastest no games to like like trophy I used to be a huge trophy hunter, but now I mean I am still curious as to get cofee But not like I used to back then it was 560 I used to play xbox 60 when it was back then in those good old days where XBOX PC and ps3 were like the best gaming consoles the top two main dog and Command, I would get achievements like crazy But now, you know since I’ve grown up not it really that interested There must be a secret Entrance No, no Okay now go upstairs Oh No This guy seriously This is one of the glitziest parts in tokyo that Mmm, now many people like the shooting range. It lacks such realistic abilities Though they got me outnumbered Have a nice day into the depths of Who knows where? because I do believe in heaven and hell plus I think more metaphorically Where is the exit and good thing there’s arrows because arrows do help Yeah, I gotta like take doubt check out this guy surprising because like I always believe whenever these scientists know investigators they try to Take me out. I always think that they’re like the most powerful Enemies there are they are more powerful than the soldiers because those soldiers you just take them out like in two or three hits this It’s a little bit more And this guy actually get up he does Good Timmy Doyle Sure, I got to be careful here No Down here – harnessed All too bad amis Water : are you gonna fight an a-rank? Mama Enoch Oh, let me do the honors, huh Wish I could do multiple times with this technique No, no Where So that’s a night Mazi Tied it to me – sir, did you I just Do I have to run So shoot shoot shoot I gotta go upstairs Did you honest Ha Where is the location? I think I’m in my heading. I went backwards This is where this is, where are we going to lose myself? Okay, I get head here Oh, there it is, there it is Nothing No, no, bye-bye Honest Yes I’ll make sure you’ll stay safe. You’ll return back home An s-rank, I I could have done better, but you know Really the owl Kochira Dante mo GaN title. So be Nemo secrecy Totaiiy risk oh oh oh Kind of been waiting for this He’s gonna go all out this time Katara Another thing gonna be easy Okay No, no here keep this Not to come in City local animal gothic soda immediately Damien I think follow-up attacks can actually we can be in a way About time No, no, oh holy shoot That sword though, I gotta watch out for his special move. If not then I’m screwed One of Judah leader almond cocoa You could honestly Oh, really Costas Very cool more know you could have a Call here Aaron. Oh, yeah Kenickie. She did Nagas caja de OC Geneva volcano was an amazing day. See you des But that was hider So I know it’s he day Toma de Janeiro voila Akaka together Jimmy guards know a gordita Greta Cara. Okasan gonnigan otaku hobby, Sakina katana Good I’ll get Inoki hide me more wine. I don’t I don’t Know coke addiction Eva Khurana llego that I decorate Kenickie what I stood up stood on the Carnegie I’m Mary story the CEO a 13-mile. Oh, my mucus Cara Keisha Reema Whoa, who is the sky? This guy’s ridiculously powerful Facing up against another who’s even stronger than the previous opponents I’ve ever faced No way this is going on Jews On the world is destructive able to catch up to me and speed and everything Well, luckily I’m able to catch up with his moves Three 32 choo-choo They like ningún it’s higher The whole way Well, I’m so close But a cool morning Okay, I’m getting the hang of this Sucks in Queenie. Okay. Good submitted. Its QQ % o Goryeo multi constructs a Mysterio total through What happened I didn’t even skip anything looks like as I skipped something but I didn’t I was weird On station has been a lot reconciliation now Ha say a human girl’s hybrid working at an investigator joins the auction sweep operation with the rest of the Wind squad that’s interesting. So no more Kin under what happened? There’s one storm of just as Armand hears of the owls to beat the eyepatch goal appears Okay so that’s like pretty much it with Tokyo ghoul recall to exist Rescue at anteiku Episode three

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  1. Another fantastic video from you that I enjoyed watching so so much! Thank you for sharing always awesome videos, brother 😎 Your commentary makes the gameplay so awesome! You are such a fascinating gamer! 23:25 loved this fight 🔥 Keep the awesome work you are doing, I would love to see more and more! 😎

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