Top 10 iPad Accessories!!! (2019 EDITION)

– Today we’re gonna check out the top 10 must have accessories for your iPad Pro in 2109, coming up. (soft music) So as I was in the market
to find the best accessory that could fit my iPad Pro
I found couple of things and that all started with Apple. First and foremost the Apple Folio Case if you wanna call it. Or the keyboard this is really nice because it fits the iPad
Pro with no trouble. It’s almost like, perfect. And this year is comes with a back plating and also with the keyboard. But that’s not always the
best scenario or the best way to use you’re iPad. But we have to put it up there. This is an obvious. It’s a must have if you have the iPad Pro. And it’s not bad but I
found that the quality of the backing of it, it’s a little cheap. It’s like too plasticky and
it’s a fingerprint magnet. If you put your fingers on it
there is gonna be marks on it. I don’t like it. Next accessory, again is an obvious but you need to have a charger on the go. This is a USB Type-C charger
that comes with your tablet. And I found it really helpful. I usually put this in my backpack and whenever I’m charging my
Mac I use the same charger to charge my tablet. It does it faster but number
two goes out to the charger. Of course. Number three, it’s a way
to listen to your music. Now, the new iPad Pro
doesn’t have any headphones and that’s a bummer. But now there’s a lot of option
for your wireless headphone. First and foremost I have the Bose. This is the SoundSport
if I’m not mistaken. They’re not bad. Although they look a little bit ridiculous but they do the job and
they’re a really good option. (upbeat music) ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Wait for me ♪ ♪ World wait for me ♪ ♪ Wait for me ♪ ♪ World wait for me ♪ If you don’t wanna go with
the Bose inner headphones you could always go
with the Apple EarPods. But that’s the old fashion way. I hope Apple comes up with a newer version to update these and
change the way they look. (soft music) – [Narrator] We believe
in a wireless future. The future where all of your
devices intuitively connect. – But my new gadget now days
is the Master Dynamic Earbuds. And this is absolutely fantastic. I truly love the feel, the
shape and the look of ’em. (futuristic music) Although they come at a
hefty price of 300 dollar but you can never go wrong
with something this luxurious and this minimalistic. I mean I have this in my ear and let’s compare it to the Bose. It is just the whole
ballpark of difference. And let’s compare it to the AirPods. And of course it matches my glasses. So Master Dynamic, love them. They look great. They feel great and they’re just amazing. Now when it comes to protection, if you’re not using the
Apple’s case you need to protect your Apple iPad. And for the backings of it there is no where to go but dbrand. This is an amazing company. They do fantastic job at
just building the skins and when I saw that they have
an option for the iPad Pro I was like you know what I’m gonna get it and then I’m gonna try it. So it comes in this
amazing like packaging. I love their packaging. It looks so cool, you can’t beat it. This is just fantastic. And once you get it this
is what’s inside of it. This is not bad. And on the back of it a
pretty dope statement. Not a product, it’s a culture. I love it. Very bold, very, very nice. Even the packaging of it,
the plastic that they use is just too good. (wind rushing) (loud banging) And they don’t charge that much for it. So once you get that, what you get inside is the backing cover and it’s 3M so it’s gonna stick there. It’s not gonna ruin your tablet. (techno music) So the way that you install it, you get your iPad Pro and you clean it. Now it’s a little tricky to put this on but it’s not that hard. It just takes couple of second. Takes a little patients. And if you have that you’re all covered. Alright, so once you get it in perfectly you’re gonna take it out
and slowly install it. If I am not mistaken this
should be done easily. We have our background covered. This looks pretty fresh, I like it. It looks nice, it looks clean. I think I did it right. Yup, it’s not coming off anytime soon. So I’m happy. This was dbrand. I love it, they do great
stuff and that’s that. Next thing next we need a glass protection because I’m gonna be rockn’
this without a cover. I don’t want it to get
scratched and this is where MiiKare more than I care comes in. This is not a bad option but
it says for iPad Pro 2018 but they still haven’t
updated the packaging. So I don’t know, did I get scammed or not. We gonna open it. I bought it off Amazon. It said it covers the 2018 iPad Pro. But I wish they would
change the cover of it. The only reason that I
purchased this one other than something else was that because they had one day delivery and it was easy for me to order. So once you get it,
inside you basically get a couple of tapes to
take away any small hairs that you have inside of there. A guide on how to do
this, we might need it. And the actual item itself. Now one thing that I
liked about this brand other than other ones that are out there is that it comes with a guide. So it’s easy to install. So pretty much you put this on your tablet and yes this is the updated version. And this way it helps you basically know where to put the glass
and how to install it. So you put this guide in there. It’s supposed to help you install it. So let’s clean the glass first. First step we gonna spray
our Sunglass Hut spray. Clean it off. Take away all the
residues that are inside. Make it clean and sparkling. And it’s magic. We have it installed. Alright this is not bad. This is it. We got our cover installed. It’s a matte so it’s not
a fingerprint magnet. And although I’m not fond of the quality because it drastically brought
down the quality of my iPad. But it does the job for now. But let me tell you what I am getting another
cover called PaperLike. I believe they’re in Germany. They do fantastic job at covers. Next thing next. I go to school and I do
presentation, I do PowerPoint and this where Logitech comes handy. This is a spotlight presentation remote that is actually very useful. With this you can connect
it to your PowerPoint or any type of presentation
that you’re doing and click forward, next, back, rewind. It is rechargeable, USB Type-C. And it works with a regular laptop or it works with Bluetooth
and it’s very simple. It has a really clicky feeling to it and I just love it. It comes with a carrying pouch so you just put it inside of here and then you rock and roll with it. (upbeat music) And it could go to any PowerPoint. Go forward, backward, or start recording. This is a little gadget
that I’m really fond of and I really like. Next thing next is a stand. Of course you understand if
you have the Apple actual case you don’t need a stand. But if you don’t have that,
this is what I recommend. Now it came, the box was a little beat up but this is called Compass. It’s a mobile for for iPad
stand, mobile iPad stand. (techno music) And it’s pretty heavy. It’s made out of aluminum. So you know it’s durable. And it comes in this really nice packaging and it has it’s own case. So that’s always nice. And what do you get inside
is pretty much this. This is it. You open it up, stand it out, take the wings out, and that’s it. Next thing you know you formed
yourself a little stand. And it’s pretty handy. I really like it. You could adjust the actual tilt of it. You could make it go up, down, and you could even put your phone in it. So this is pretty nice. It’s pretty handy and I know
it looks really really good. I mean doesn’t this look good? Look at that. To me this looks like a champ. And of course since I’m not
using my actual Apple keyboard. You need a keyboard then this is where Apple keyboard comes in. Simply to connect it
you go to your Bluetooth and you go to pairing mode. The way you pair this,
just like this turn it on. And that’s it we are connected. It takes couple of second. So now you can go to your Microsoft Word. Simple as that. And just have your computer,
your tablet out there and just start going at it. Blank page. This is very cool. Sub Atreef. (upbeat music) – [Announcer] Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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