Top 10 – The Best Thin and Light Laptops! (2017)

73 thoughts on “Top 10 – The Best Thin and Light Laptops! (2017)

  1. Will you give me one of those? Im getting behind of my projects in summit learning, i dont have laptops only one phone😢 I got A grades but my problem is my projects😭😓

  2. Hi I want to bought a laptop for doing engineering and designing program what is you suggest for me???
    The cost must be around 450 US dollar.
    How is the stock ones??

  3. Can you review some of the best linux compatible laptops? I haven't seen you cover any System76 products yet. Testing out different mainstream products running a linux OS would also be really valuable for a lot of viewers!

  4. how in the world you have all this laptops and I can even have money for LG gram….. give me that one DAVEEE… god made a mistake ^_^

  5. I need a laptop which has dedicated graphics, touch screen, i5 processor for my media consumption, software package usage. I also need 1TB storage with 8GB RAM. SSD is not needed for me specifically as it just adds on to the price.. I'm happy with HDD.

  6. This is great, really helped me to start my search for the next non-apple laptop. But i have to chip into the update request that has been made.
    Not only has the air been updated and the ux433 is really good. But yoga has shifted away from touch and the s730 (and s530) look really nice. I would also suggest to price-segment these machines.
    Still, thanks for all the well presented info.

  7. I dont understand why the screen size is getting small. I want to buy the macbook but usually the sizes 13 inches aroud. Yes mobility is important point but in my opinion minumum size has to be 15 inch. Meanwhile ı know apple also produce 15 inch laptops with expensive prices.

  8. At 3:29 you scared me i thought it was going to fall and shatter………. I think i am the only one who was surprised

  9. im a student and 1000 fucking dollars is suprr fucking exspencive can you make a video for normal cheep ass poor ass fing students plese lik 300 to 600 dollers

  10. Can you make a video like this for current models (in 2019)?? Debating between the MS Surface Laptop 2 or the Lenovo X1 Carbon

  11. Should I get the Huawei Matebook X Pro, Dell XPS 15, or Asus Zenbook 15? I think they are all about 1,300 USD, but they have some spec differences. Dell has best CPU and GPU, but only 8gb of ram. Asus has the 2nd best CPU and GPU with 16gb of ram. Huawei has the worst CPU and GPU but 16gb ram, best speakers, and my favorite design.

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