Top Chiropractor in Millard shares how to set up your workstation

Sitting all day at work is definitely in
the top three reasons why someone would go to a chiropractor with back pain, neck
pain, headaches, shoulder pain, wrist pain, or any of the above things there. So
today, we’re going to give you a simple ergonomic evaluation you can do yourself
on your own workspace and make sure you’ve got everything set up exactly how
it needs to be. I’m Dr. Rodney white with Sarpy Chiropractic, and right now
we’ve decided to offer complimentary ergonomic evaluations for any business
within the Omaha area. So if you are interested, just go to our website, or you can reach out to us over the phone 402-593-9930 and we’d be more than happy to send someone from our team
and go through our full checklist and make sure everything is how it should be.
That will help you cut down on lost production time and missed days due to
pain. Also if you’re just looking to connect with a good chiropractor because
you are suffering, you can click on the big yellow button on our website. It says
new patients click here, and we’ll set up that complimentary consultation and take
care of you. So, without further ado let’s go through all the things that are wrong
that we commonly see at a desk set up and we’ll show you how to correct them.
So I’m going to take the camera here and we’ll show you with Dr. Sullivan. So,
let’s start with the chair. So right now the one good thing he’s got going for
him is his feet are touching the ground. They’re flat on the ground but you’ll
see that his hips are actually below his knees so his chair needs to come up
higher. Because we want to see hips above the
knees yet feet still on the ground. So that’s perfect. This chair also has arm
rests so on a better office chair because we would never want someone to sit
on this chair all day long. The arm rests are bigger and at the right height to
rest your arms on comfortably. You also want to make sure your chair has a good
lumbar support and if it doesn’t that’s right where his hand is there that’s
your lumbar spine; if it doesn’t have that support, you can roll up a towel and
keep it there because that will help keep you in a better position. Next, the
computer monitor has to be directly in front of you. You can see here he’s at an
angle now that that’s straight in front, that’s going to
put a lot less twisting on his low back and his neck will be in a better
position. Now the next problem we have here is his head is going to be looking
down the whole time, which is a big problem with laptops. So we don’t
recommend people using a laptop because you want this top of the screen to be at
head height or it should be level with your eyes and there’s no way it can be
like this unless with a laptop you lift it up so he could have books under that,
but then you need a portable keyboard so that your keyboard is still at the right
height because lift your shoulders up Dr. Sullivan as if the, no just your
shoulders not the computer, yeah exactly like that.
You can see the strain on his shoulders and neck if the keyboards too high, and
now drop that down and just show us exaggerate with your wrists so you can
see the bend in his wrists that would cause a lot of carpal tunnel issues. So
another thing that will help with that is having a good mouse pad with the
wrist protector too. So, if you can do and I’ll spin back around to me now. If you
can do all of those things, that alone will definitely cut down on some of the
back and neck pain that you suffer from. However, you may still continue to suffer
because sitting all day is not the best thing for you to be doing. So, if you’re
not in a position where you can get a standing or variable desk; do all of
these things first. We’d be happy to come and do the evaluation for you and then
if you’re still suffering then you need to go and find a really good
chiropractor in your area. If you’re in Omaha or Papillion, we’d be more than
happy to meet you and assess you. Just go to click on that big
yellow button that says new patients click here, and we’ll take care of all
the rest.

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