Top Gun: Maverick – Official Trailer (2020) – Paramount Pictures

– Thirty plus years of service. – Combat medals. – Citations. – Only man to shoot down three enemy planes
in the last forty years. – Yet you can’t get a promotion, – you won’t retire, – and despite your best efforts,
you refuse to die. – You should be at least a two-star admiral by now. Yet here you are. Captain. Why is that? It’s one of life’s mysteries, sir. ♪♪ – The end is inevitable, Maverick. – Your kind is headed for extinction. Maybe so, sir. But not today.

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  1. three things: 1 – When the first top gun premiere increased by 80% the number of enlisted in the US air force 2 The Chinese won, I don't know if I know what I mean 3 I want the immediate opinion of Quentin Tarantino 😁

  2. Its real alright. In the last cockpit shot, inverted, he is in trouble. The shoulder straps are in a bad place and he starts slipping. The lap belt is all that's stopping his full weight hitting the perspex.

  3. I've been a fan since Taps (1981), but I have to say removing the Japanese and Taiwanese flags from Maverick's jacket for the sake of Communist Chinese investors is a disgrace. This is probably the first Tom Cruise movie I will boycott. Shame on Paramount.

  4. Maj.Gen: 30+ years of service, maybe you should have changed that old helmet by now.
    Mav: Maybe so sir…but not today.

  5. I've always wanted to be a fighter pilot since I watched tv series Supercarrier

  6. F-14 Tomcat в конце трейлера интригует) Красивый он, прям ностальгия нереальная от его профиля, видеосалон, детство)

  7. Stupid scientology member. I will never again watch a movie of this person. Shame on you. Donate your money even more scientology.

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  9. Well let me tell you something. Don't! Don't let them promote you. Don't let them transfer you. Don't let them do anything that takes you out of that plane, because while you're there… you can make a difference!!.

  10. To be fair there are a lot of fighter pilots in their low to mid 40's so seeing wrinkled Tom Cruise in fighter plane really isnt that unrealistic compared to most of his other movies

  11. My very first model I glued together was an F-14 (truth be told it was probably mostly my brother) when I was 13 because of Top Gun. I lost that model. It had folding wings. Will build another when this comes out. I'll be 47.

  12. correct me if im wrong but since he is a naval aviator at the rank of Captain doesnt that make him equivalent to a Colonel pretty much everywhere else?

  13. I need Tom Cruise's…
    1. Diet Plan
    2. Exercise routine
    3. Daily Routine
    4. What hair products he uses
    5. What clippers and shavers he use.

    Simply put, I just wanna know how the FUCK he manages to look so cool at 57….

  14. If J.J. Abrams, Kathleen Kennedy or even Rian Johnson had even a modicum of a say in the creative process of Top Gun 2, then they would have made Maverick into a broken down old cynical shadow of his former self. Who would have given up on his unnerving patriotism for his country and self belief that he's the best combat pilot in the world.

    In other words they would have gone full Sequel Trilogy, but Tom Cruise ain't having any of that cunt fuckery. Based on what I have seen in terms of trends and comments on social media more people are excited for this than they are Rise of the Skywalker.

    Does this mean Top Gun Maverick is by some accident the kind of thing we actually did want out of the new Star Wars? As opposed to what Disney rammed down our throats? Maybe time will tell on that one, but I get the feeling if their paths ever crossed Tom would tell them to fuck off, because he is doing this his way.

    Sure he's pushing sixty now but he's showing us all that just because a long time has passed that doesn't mean the hero still can't matter or have no vitality. Maverick is back, and I believe that more than I did when I saw what Disney did to some of the most iconic characters in film history. Take note Kennedy and the rest of your ilk, Tom is showing you up for the hacks that you are.

  15. This trailer bring so many memories…The words on the end of it: "Your kind is set for extinction" and the response from Maverick: "May be so sir, but not today" gives me chills all the time. It's only trailer but I still can not wait.

    Statutory warning… Please watch the spoof with headphones…

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  17. maybe the reason why Tom Cruise hasn't starred in any astronaut films is because he can't do the stunts himself up there… that's his only boundary.

  18. I know it is going to be super cheesy – but I don't flipping care. Please take my 💵, I want to see Maverick in the air again! 🛫

  19. “You should atleast be a 2 star admiral by now, but here you are… Capt. Why is that?”

    “My hair sir… I can never get it within regs…”

  20. You know it's a movie right and the actors ((sellouts)) are acting right.

  21. Someone stop giving cruise pocket money before he decides to actually go to space to shoot a movie.

    Wait… I shouldn't have said that

  22. Tom Cruise is one of those crazy bastards who's going to try to learn how to pilot the Falcon X rocket when he's 90-years-old with poor eyesight.

  23. it's been so long and they've released the part 2 just now. There could have been part 3 or 4 by now. But it's amazing though. Fan of Tom Cruise ever since the world began. Lol

  24. How the fuck did he have such an amazing career and only get promoted twice in the last 34 years? How is that possible? There are probably O-6s in the military today that weren't born when top gun came out. 40 plus years in a fighter. seriously

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