Top PC Cases of 2018!

hello you people who I have a surprise
good people look where I’m at what’s up guys come to meet it’s matx case two systems stay present and now
well hello good what’s up guys hello good people I’m Dimitri welcome to the
case awards of 2018 you know I feel like the case market has redeemed itself
this year based on the disappointment that was 2017
I feel like new trends are emerging that I’m excited about and 2019 is looking
kind of a mystery like I can see certain things becoming more mainstream and more
popular but then a large portion of that remains a mystery so I’m excited now
some 27 cases have passed through the studio there’s some good options in
there my friends some good options the new master liquid ml AI a liquid coolers
from Coolermaster come in both 120 and 240 millimeter variants now with
addressable RGB LEDs both the fans and the pump that can be controlled via this
hub with options to adjust the lighting effects and speed along with the ability
to control them through the respective motherboard software check out the ML
120 and ML 240 ra iOS down below as usual the rules are simple the cases
must have been released and reviewed by us in 2018 and I make sure to double
check all the availability as well because in our last case awards video
for 2017 the define r6 won the case of the year yet the holes not yet available
until like January so none of that this year alright I hope you enjoy the
categories for this case words are my favorite case the best overall value
case the most innovative case best water cooling enclosure The WOW collection of
features the fan favorites fail compilation and of course we got to
conclude with the case of the year oh all right let’s begin all right so
let’s start off with something fun my favorite case of the year came on April
1st this tiny wooden case you construct
yourself from cooler master I feel like this should legitimately become a thing
from more brands if you’re the type of person to collect unique items when it
comes to PC building like the detail on a cooler the
the motherboard tray is kind of insane and is definitely something any builder
will appreciate as my real favorite case of the year this easily goes to the new
NZXT H500 so this is a replacement for the s340 that was one of the best
selling cases on Amazon and the H500 is a nice compact mid tower that
usual NZXT character it’s boxy it’s full metal frame a very nice tgd mount the
interior layout is perfect for most systems whether your air cooling or
installing a 240 rad at the front with actually pretty decent air flow to with
that side ventilation despite the fully solid front panel I do
appreciate the plastic keel magma channels the perforated power supply
shroud the old one front IO connector and purple USB ports and for 69 bucks
you should definitely consider the NZXT H500 and the only crappy thing is the
hard drive cage as it was on the s340 there are no draft carries and therefore
can only house 3.5 inch drives moving on to the best value enclosure
I feel the P350X from Phanteks deserves the spot at 69 bucks over the
NZXT H500 simply because it’s likely a longer so you can stall more fans at the
top the drive cage is easily accessible from the front with drive caddies it has
built-in lighting that actually is quite tasteful the interior has expanded over
the p300 granting EATX motherboard support with deeper section at the front
for cable management you can install radiators up to 280 millimeters at the
front cable management is easy and the only downside is that you cannot install
a 360 rather than the front because the shroud is closed the runner-up is the
very basic micro ATX frame from Cooler Master the Q300L at $39 now the
interior is fully open to support large PSU’s and GPUs it’s nothing fancy there
are no rubber grommets plus the side panel is acrylic but I love the fully
perforated exterior so you can have more flexibility on where to mount your fans
with these unique looking dust filters steel and even the side that yo can be
repositioned and for ITX and micro ATX budget systems the q300L is a must
consideration now let’s get into the most innovative category I want to give
this one to the cooler master SL600m because it is not at all what I was
expecting and really a appreciate the different direction with
the interior layout so the PSU shroud is relocated to the front opening up this
bottom section from massive intake with those 200 millimeter fans that’s
delivering the best cooling for the GPU you can also rotate that entire PCI
bracket for vertical GPUs as long as you get additional riser cables and I feel
this case is all about experimentation and needs refinement as
vertical air column mean the CPU cooler must face up for proper exhaust or you
need to install a 360 rad up top as well I love the illuminated IO the rail
system for PSU installation and the exterior design it is kind of risky but
I really want to see more like it the runner up is not the case itself because
the execution is kind of poor but the concept of Riotoro Morpheus is what
I’m more excited about so this case comes disassembled with a few extra
pieces to expand the frame height wise in its smaller configuration you can
still fit an ATX motherboard but with only 5 PCI slots available so it’s
perfect for you know single GPU systems while expanding the height is both easy
and grants you extra PCI slots for multi-gpu configurations and I want to
see more designs that incorporate this type of frame level flexibility perhaps
going from smaller ITX to full sized ATX with sliding exterior panels like we see
with the Morpheus no for extra spacing for radiators and hardware and I’m
really hoping we’ll see a derivative of the Morpheus in 2019 moving on to the
water cooling category the corsair 1000d is kind of a no-brainer given its
massive size and just a frame that’s built for multiple radiators thanks to
these convenient sliding brackets at the front and the top they are
interchangeable so you have the flexibility with the size of radiator so
you can install the extra height and length of the case means push-pull
really thick radiators is kind of the way to go with a ton of room available
beside the motherboards for reservoirs and pump installations so this is kind
of your super tower that needs a custom loop for dual systems and the fantastic
lay out behind the tray for cable management with these doors but a
smaller run route for water cooling is the latest define s2 from fractal design
they’ve always delivered the fantastic experience when it comes to user
assembly and hardware support and who doesn’t love the simplicity of this
exterior there are several minor changes versus defined r6 but without the hard
drive cage so the s2 is all about radiators to the front the top and the
bottom and the rear to the top bracket has a fill port there are several
mounting strips for a reservoir near the front and everyone who has built a
custom loop in the fractal enclosure will guarantee an awesome experience
this next section is my collection of WoW features the deep good quad stellar
is highly impractical difficult to work in has bad cooling but is one of the
coolest frame designs from 2018 with this mechanized front flaps for airflow
and even an app for RGB control and fan rpm I absolutely love the curved acrylic
panel on the view 37 from Thermaltake again this departure from traditional
side panels to deliver this wow element is appreciated despite the totally
choked front fans and non-existent cable management the end when a one ITX
enclosure has several wow factors like the glass top panel with the built-in Qi
charger a transparent and RGB illuminated bottom section for extra
flare support for normal CPU towers up to 160 millimeters and an included 600
watt power supply with short cables while the street come that too is one of
the most elegant ITX enclosures with an innovative mounting system using these
universal brackets it’s unconventional a bit uncomfortable during assembly but
the flexibility on what you can use them for is appreciated who knew you could
comfortably fit a second ITX system above your main motherboard inside the
Evolve X by Phanteks and then route a riser cable behind the motherboard tray
so both systems could have a graphics card it’s very cool but it does lock you
into the revolt X power supply that can power those both systems and finally the
angle GPU bracket on the cosmos c700M is all about show-off vertical alignment
is kind of old news so why not try this 45-degree wallet cleanser this even lets
you mount it on the side of the motherboard perhaps for proximity to
that front intake but the consequence is an extremely ugly system that leads us
to the fail compilation of 2018 you know it’s very nice to have handles on the
cooler master q300P so you can easily carry it into the garbage because those
plastic panels one to kill your hardware anyway with no
airflow you know what’s really nice to have for a full glass enclosure
absolutely no cable management system in place whoever designed the level 20 VT
has an even lower IQ all I’m asking for is some effort the return of land cool
as the budget lineup for Lian Li is great with a nice front panel design but
please reinforce your frame so it’s not easily bent ditch the molex connector
for the RGB controller and promise we’ll have a more interesting name for the
next release the Lian Li 011 Air had everyone’s expectations super high
despite not having adequate dimensions for the most popular CPU towers but a
larger disappointment came with a dust filter that eats air cooler master
please have a team meeting to discuss consistency because the H500m from a
feature standpoint is amazing but the user experience is so frustrating with a
thousand different panels on the PSU shroud and behind motherwort ray perhaps
set on where to put the RGB controller because the H500p Mesh and the
H500P have them all in different spots for no reason Corsair
with a 500D wins on the word for the most frustrating top fan bracket
installation with non captive thumb screws and access only from the interior
and no 360 rad support either despite the bracket being the same as the front
bracket revert back to your old days please just like you did with the tramp
stamp logo I’m actually very happy to fix the side panel installation on the
Carbide 275R because it is absolutely absurd to have no caching pegs and use
an allen key to tighten four screws while holding a pretty heavy
tgd panel hey be quiet I love the silent base 601 in 801 cases
but please stop lying to yourself about the front panel airflow because there is
none I dropped ten degrees with a front panel removed man I love doing the fail
compilation because it’s hilarious and really reveals all the crap that’s been
going on the case industry you know I bring you guys down but then we spike
right back up with the case of the year so this one’s from my eyes goes to the
Lian Li O11 dynamic I feel partially because it revived Lian Li as this
competitive brand with the case selling for only $129 while delivering something
beautiful and the two side glass design is an
opportunity to showcase your hardware without sacrificing cooling as the
bottom top and the side areas can all mount triple 120mm fans or dual 140 mils
the elevated motherboard tray is a brilliant designed for cable management
and this whole dual chamber separation as the O11 dynamic is not much taller or
wider than your standard mid tower but because the PSU is rotated behind we
have so much more room in this main chamber there is a Type C port the front
and do a PSU option if you remove the drive cage and many ways to configure
your airflow provided your air cooling or stick with a CPU tower below 155
millimetres all the vents are dust covered I love the slide and mechanism
for the side panels and this is just an exciting beginning of dual chamber cases
that are not conventional for all the right reasons in the 11 dynamic from
nearly deserves our case of the year word for 2018 whew alright so that is
this for me I hope you enjoyed this case awards for 2018 I’m excited for 2019 and
let me know if you agree with my picks I know there there’s some cases that did
not pass through my hands but 27 is a lot for our Canadian audience memory
Express is a place to go for home business and gaming electronics you can
try before you buy especially great for peripherals by visiting one of their
stores in Winnipeg Calgary or Greater Vancouver and more with a new Victoria
store now open with the same quality of service and product selection they do
custom pcs and will beat any Canadian price guaranteed how many trip thanks
much for watching we’ll see you guys in next video

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    Fave Case: 1:55
    Best Budget Case: 3:06
    Most Innovative Case: 4:16
    Best Case for Water Cooling: 5:50
    Coolest Features: 7:02
    Fail Compilation: 8:39
    Case of the Year: 10:43

  2. Thanks! Here i am spending my tax money, an stuck on the most important part of a pc. The CASE! Thanks again for helping !

  3. Hi!
    I actually have a corsair carbide spec alpha case and I want to change it, but I don't know what new case I have to purchase. I want one who the cable management isn't so terrible, a epurate case and I want to be able to put my cooler master ml120 at the back of the case. I was interested in nzxt h500i, fractal meshify c and phanteks p400s. Can you give your opinion and tell me what is the best case?

  4. i love my corsair 500D. since i don't mess with my case very often (just cleaning). it has never been an issue for me. got to love the hinged doors! 🙂

  5. I just built a PC with the RaidMax Alpha Prime. Its a solid mid tower and budget friendly. I have a video on my build. I'm moving away from the larger cases. Good video. Thumbs up.

  6. The PC 011 Dynamic seems neat, but I keep hearing about the adhesive failing on the tempered glass panels. Maybe next time they'll use screws to keep the panels captive to the bits that slot into the case for assembly so no one has to worry about coming home to a shattered panel all over the floor by their desk.

  7. In one word people… Buy only the one and only best case Lian-li PC-011 dynamic. Don't spend your money on different products!

  8. Cosmos 2 is trying to recreate something that Raven series have – but its bad copy. Plus weight of Cosms 2 is making that case totallly unusable.

  9. Planning my first ever build soon, the Lian li 011 dynamic is the case i choose looong ago, great to see it here getting some love. I cannot wait to build in it, think it will spoil all other cases for a while.

  10. Man call me old school, but I wish more modern cases included at least one external drive bay… I'd like to have a 4k Blu Ray optical drive at some point.

  11. To be fair to be quiet they don't market the 801 or 601 as having good airflow or cooling, they market it as being quiet….which it is.

  12. I wanted the phanteks but seeing 82 C on the temps puts me off.. thats the temps im getting now with my case with the glass on. Would like to hit lower 70s under full load.

  13. lol starlord(the guy that punched thanos in the face when they almost got him) has a youtube channel?

    I tweeted Coolermaster and they are not planning on bringing them back D:

  15. 500d fits my radiators a little too perfectly
    My first watercooler build (probably last?) And the tibe between the 2 rads is just a bit big bit is soooooo close it doesn't really matter, had to put both in at once and the right fit made it a freaking nightmare…looks great now but not easy especially for a first timer.
    Edit of note I used the black ice 360 and 280 flowers otherwise I would have had at least one tube going across the radiator on top…ugller but easier to fit

  16. Where is the Thermaltake V200 😑😤 that case is BEAST with 3RGP fan 12v controller for just $69

  17. "You know it's very nice to have handles on the CoolerMaster Q300P, So you can easily carry into the garbage."

  18. do u have a picture of the lian li dynamic with all the coolers, I would like to see ur intakes/outakes.

  19. 2:41..that is just f. horrible temperatures and no wonder why knowing how terrible airflow that case has. You have great videos but I wish you actually recommend actual good cases to people. When it comes to computer case, the thing which matters the most is airflow and thermal performance. Everything else is almost not important because it is very subjective.

  20. Why is it so fashionable for case reviewers to put plants on top of cases ??. If you water those plants you will only burn that PC, unless they are plastic plants, in which case it would be worthless to put it on top of the case anyway. Who would use something arrficial to give the sense of nature and truthness?

  21. Dmitri! What is that build in the background? If you already made a video on it, please send me the link; otherwise, please make a review video on it

  22. you said it right at the beginning . NZXT. mee to. technically perfect. with rgb lightning inside looks great.

  23. Every single of of those are horrible. I have 4 3.5 hard drives, 2 2.5 drives a 165mm Air Cooler, a Blu Ray recorder and a 5.25 hot swap cage. NONE OF THOSE cases could fit my hardware. NONE! I hate these new retarded trend of AIO-ready and 5.25-less cases. They are stupid. AIO is worse than AC and 5.25 bays still has many uses available. I guess I'll have to stick with my Cougar MX500 ad infinitum.

  24. I have the Lian Li O11 Dynamic and don't recommend it for AC, it's only good for LC/AIO BUT!
    – If you have an AIO on your GPU and it has wide PCB like 2080Ti Kingpin – it won't fit, the tubing sticks out too much, or you'll have to squeeze it very hard with the side panel (not recommended). It does work when you mount the card vertically tho.
    – Big AC like D15 or BQ DRP4 won't fit, too tall
    – The latches on the glass panels feel very wonky, you only slide them in from above and the top panel prevent them from falling out.

    Otherwise perfect case if you have 2 AIO's.

  25. All of those cases are garbage compared to the Cooler Master Haf Evo XB

    Motherboards are made horizontally at the factory for a reason.

    Plus you won't need to mod anything to have your video card to be vertical.

  26. Hey ! Nice vid. Where do you got your pc stand that is right next to your desk. It's exactly what i need. Thanks.

  27. I know no one hardly ever use blu-ray disc player or even dvd player, but I'm still looking for a case for that.

  28. why does new cases just dont care about disk drives xD
    its such a pain in the ass to find a good case that has room for my blueray drive

  29. Just got Define S2. Looks amazing already, especially coming from Inwin 303. Inwin is beautiful but such a pain to work with and doesnt end up looking that good.

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