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Hey, how’s it going? Dave2D here. So the other day, I put up a poll on Twitter, just to kind of see what setups you guys were using, and the most common answer was the Android phone with a Windows laptop or desktop. And I kind of expected that. But, the thing that I thought was interesting was how few people were using Android phones with MacOS ss their operating system on their computer so basically an Android phone with an apple computer And I thought it was strange because just so many of my friends and family use that as their primary setup It was just a little bit strange But I thought I would make a video to kind of showcase the stuff that I’m using in March of 2018 So I guess I’ll start with the phone the phone amusing right now is the pixel 2 XL This is a relatively recen t switch if you ask me three weeks ago It would have been the iPhone 10 but Two things number one the camera on the pixel 2 XL is just I think it’s the best camera in the smartphone market right now And the other thing that’s been bugging me recently is I picked up the Apple home pod pretty good looking device, and I also been using the Google home max for quite a while now since it launched and I’m not gonna do a review these. I like this a lot, and I will say that This is a cooler looking device, and it sounds pretty good I would actually say it sounds better than the Google home max But I really don’t like how aggress I’ve they’ve been with the whole anticompetitive stuff like the fact you can’t you Spotify with it and like there’s just so much to dislike about this thing and The fact that Siri is as bad that it is compared to Google assistant It just makes me not want to use this so it just makes it an easier choice for me to use this as my primary phone the Google pixel to excel okay the computer that I use the most frequently right now is this the Dell XPS 15 It’s not brand new or anything this thing’s actually from early 2017, but it’s just such a well-built machine And the screen is awesome one of thin bezels. I like this thing a lot now I feel like it’s due for refresh relatively soon the 8th gen H processors will probably hit this chassis in the spring or summer and Yeah, I’m looking forward to that But this is my main laptop the other laptop that I use occasionally is a 13-inch MacBook Pro without the touch bar And I just use that to go to access some of the stuff at work that requires Mac OS Ok next up is a battery pack. This is from Ankur. No no the model name, but 26800 Power Core Plus, that’s a mouthful But the thing that I like about this thing is the USBC so uses use BCE to charge and it can also output through use BC so you can fill up your laptop your phone through that port and you can use the charger from those devices to Fill it back up. It’s really convenient now the backpack that I use for all of this is a backpack from a company called oh This is this is gonna show sure it’s made by a company called cote ACL, and it’s a French company So I’m sure screwed up the name, but it’s a pretty big backpack that can hold a ton of stuff And it’s just a nice looking backpack that I chose because of its aesthetics more than anything else Okay, backpack done. What else do we got in the backpack? I’ve emptied it out just for this video But the stuff will normally go around with include the MX anywhere 2 s So I think this is literally the best travel Mouse available. It’s small lightweight long battery life awesome Mouse I also travel with this This is a backup Drive Western Digital and the reason why I like this drive over the Seagate drives that I used to use is simply because of the rubber feet on the bottom it gives you a little bit of traction on your table wherever you place it and I like that I also travel always with these cables if you guys have seen them my videos before it’s they’re called chef phone or something and there’s just awesome utility They’re like 9 bucks you get every single charging cable that you could possibly need and it’s just something I always have in my bag the External drive that I use the most frequently is this thing it’s the SSD to go from angel bird it’s a smaller faster better Drive than the really common Samsung t3 or t4 is the The real reason why I bought this was because of the blue color. I know I’m a loser ok Headphones that I use most frequently h7 Wireless B&O. I like these a lot They’re not cheap, but I think I’ve tried a lot of wireless headphones And these are my favorite again aesthetic plays a role in these these look really clean But they also sound excellent so other stuff that I use is this thing it’s a flash drive It’s got USB C on one end use BA on the other hand I have this around all the time just in case I need a flash drive I think that’s basically it for tech. I have a whole bunch of knives in there. Hope I have this This is a Gerber knife. It’s by far my favorite small knife. I like small knives I like to have them around, but this is my favorite one because you can replace the blade always stays sharp And it’s just very compact very inexpensive the knife that I use in my studio most often is this thing It’s the James chapter knife, and you can’t get this anymore unfortunately, but it’s like a limited edition I got it because of the blue like I’m all about that blue you guys know that That’s well, there’s this this isn’t really tech, we’ve kind of like devolving into this non, tech channel at this point Books I use one for work one for YouTube. It’s just and a pencil these are poppin books different colors I like that and then a mechanical pencil from Pentel. It’s called the graph gear 1000 I feel like I’ve shown this before in some video or another, but I really like this pencil and obviously like these books You’ll see these in all my videos of different colors and stuff sunglasses from Ray Ban obviously they’re teal Cameras that I’m using I shoot off a red scarlet W This is like my regular camera And I’m actually recently trying out the Canon 1dx Mark -. I really like that camera way more than I thought it would it’s not meant for video only It’s primarily a stills camera. I think but I’ve shot some b-roll with it I really like what I’ve seen with it so far, but that’s basically it This is the stuff that I’m using right now in March of 2018. Okay. Hope you guys enjoyed this video thumbs We liked it subsea. We loved it. See you guys next time

100 thoughts on “Top Tech I Use – Spring 2018

  1. Daaayyyuummmm.. I got XPS & Pixel 2XL but is that a skin on your Lappy??? I want one 😍😍😍

  2. You like the blue? Well you need to see this one

  3. Hate Dell (had a really bad experience years ago); love B&O (been a lover since 1990). Appreciate your sharing. BTW, I have an iPhone X and just can't understand the hype around cameras.

  4. My usual backpack is a TimBuk2 Uptown backpack. It's amazing and I couldn't recommend it more. From what my friends who also have TimBuk2 backpacks say, their entire lineup is great. Mine specifically supports up to a 15" laptop, but they also have ones that support up to 17"

  5. The GraphGear 1000 is an amazing buy. So much smoother and nicer to write with, and not having to get up to sharpen is awesome.

  6. Agree HomePod would be a lot better if there wasn’t all that anti competitive BS. The HomePod would be kind of cool and it sounds great but apple does a good job at neutering their products and this one is the best example.

  7. Hi I'm from Sri Lanka. I realy like your channel. Because it helps me more to understand how I choose my Techs. So good luck & like to watch your new upcoming VEDIOS.Thanks…

  8. Used a mac with android phones and tired of apple badly. Now I roll the same dell xps 15 1050nvidia 256ssd and hate tha times i fight macos every day even more!

  9. No matter how hard you guys try and how many subscriber you have at the end of the day you guys can't even get close to Mr ,Mobile ,, Michel Fisher cause that guy really knows how to edit a video and has style !!! The truth !!

  10. Hello Dave, could you recommend photo editor for Macbook air? and some guide how to post some Hollywood video to channel without copy right strike. thank you very much for your help, because I am a new YouTuber. Vannak from Cambodia.

  11. Hi I have been trying to contact you in every way but can’t get through to you. I just wanted to hear if it’s possible you can donate a old 2015,2016,2017 MacBook Pro 15”. I have started to study my Business Management degree in Namibia, Africa and I don’t have a laptop. I would really appreciate it and be honored. I have a single mom and don’t want to put that financial stress in her to buy a MacBook for me as they are very expensive.

  12. Anyone here…suggestion plz
    I have a budget of 2000$.. I am interested to create my own channel.. And i will be doing content like ((((bullet journals/Arts(Overhead shots)/Lifestyle/random Vlogging/Makeover vedioes))) pretty much this combination of vedioes. Can anyone here suggest me what DSLR/Camera/lense/ I mean everything that i'll be in need to make those type of vedioes with this budget?

  13. Love your videos! Made me spit out my coffee when I saw your RED Scarlet camera. That's a beautiful piece of equipment, but isn't that kinda like bringing a bazooka to a water gun fight? The resolution on that thing is overkill for a youtube video? Plus, it's RED, not blue. LOL. Keep up the great content. Thanks.

  14. "I like small knives. I just have them around." You are lethal, Dave LOL.

    You should've used them when Tim Apple visited upon your MacBook Pro 2019 review.

    You could've been the hero who saved Apple.

  15. A fucking logical tech pack dude
    ……like i don't need fucking 4 phines and a switch three laptops all the cables cameras and all the flagship items from every company gosh

  16. Everybody else: Gerber is meant for babies

    Me, an intellectual: GERBER πŸ”ͺ KNIFE πŸ”ͺ

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