Tortuga Setout Laptop Backpack Review | Tech Focused 25L Pack For Carry On Travel

30 thoughts on “Tortuga Setout Laptop Backpack Review | Tech Focused 25L Pack For Carry On Travel

  1. The Tortuga logo is so unobtrusive and such a minimal design that I actually think it's rather cool having it all over. I like that it opens fully, but I prefer the divide.

  2. @Pack Hacker Could you please update your height information box(es) to also put meters / cm in it as an addition? Not everybody is using feet as a unit. Thanks!

  3. Could you put an article or video comparing the different setout models side-by-side so we can get a feel for how they look next to each other?

  4. Hey Tom,

    Great video as always. It was one of the most helpful yet but for a different reason than the review of this bag. Somehow I completely missed the video on the Divide version. Not sure if it’s because it was before I was following or because I dismissed it out of hand after experiencing the original bags from Tortuga but I went and watched the Divide video after this one and it just might be the perfect size travel bag – at least for me. While as a day pack I prefer a smaller/tighter bag (with my current favour being the Arktype Dashpack 2) but I think I could deal with the compressed size as my day pack if it meant I only need to carry one bag! It’s surprisingly inexpensive as well, at least when compared to similar and even inferior packs. I love the beefy handles and it has the duffle carry which I ideally want at least as an option in any travel bag ( and ideally in a daily work carry). There’s a good chance I’d pick something up like a Loctote as a non-work buzz around town or go exploring day pack.

    Note on Soap Nuts… I called the active ingredient Sapanella (sp?) but that’s the name of just the plant I referenced. The actual name of the soap ingredient is sapanen and soap nuts have much more of it than the actual plant which I mentioned was used a lot in WW2 Britain due to shortages. Of course it’s use goes back to the Middle Ages. Another neat fact and a good reason it might be ideal for cleaning Merino Wool is it’s the soap used on restoration projects where a modern soap is way to harsh. I also love the fact it doesn’t foam since the hardest part of rinsing Clothes is getting rid of all the foam.

    Note 2 – As much as I love the Arktype bag it has 1 (almost) fatal flaw. That is the external laptop compartment is made for a MacBook 15” so even my rather svelte X1 Extreme won’t fit. It does fit in the internal sleeve which makes it not a total flaw just annoying. Like so many manufacturers they seem to target Apple devices and forget the 80% of the market using windows (or Linux in my case) laptops.

    I need to send the dimensions of my X1 to Tortuga to ensure it fits in the Divide’s pocket and if it does I think I’ll be grabbing it as my travel bag of choice. 🙂



  5. I like Tortuga's backpacks for their design. Each model looks neat and stylish. This one is no different. But it seems to be a bit small for a carry-on bag unless you're a consummate minimalist.
    I remember that moment when i bumped into Tortuga's website, there was only The Outbreaker. But now they have Outbreaker, Setout, Setout Divide – and all of them are carry-on. The more options the more difficult it is to choose backpack %)

  6. Hi there! i'm from Brazil and your reviews are so incredible, relevants and informatives. Good job man!! Lets go to my doubt(s): I'm planning an one month trip to eastern Europe or some nearby countries (and probably I will get some cold weather) and my plans include washing clothes during the journey. Here in Brazil we don't have this variety of carry-on travel bakcpacks (just Thule is available sometimes). What do you recommend in terms of capacity (I tought about 35-45 liters so I don't need to check in) and what about buying one at the destiny (and travel from here with one bag I can throw away)? Thank you so much!

  7. My main problem is this..I have 3 kids, every time I do have to take with me clothes etc.Plus I do have a Dslr, a GoPro and a mirrorless and each time I choose 2/3 to take with my. Furthermore i go every day to school with a laptop and small accessories and have 3 separate backpacks for each occasion and I would like a suggestion in combining all a my needs in 1 backpack. Now I have a small Tenba messenger bag for every day use ,a Logitech for my work and laptop and an Amazon basics Dslr backpack for traveling with gear and some Clothes but not very happy with it..thnx in advance.Keep the quality Up

  8. Hi Pack Hacker. This video has been republished with title the same but added '…with pros and cons' at the end. Happened to me. Filed a copyright infringement with YouTube today which only take s a few minutes and it was removed from their website "Krohm Reviews' within a few hours. Good luck.

  9. Hi guys, nice as always. The divider fit under the airplane seat? Or this one it's better as a personal item? Tks.

  10. There is a new 35l Tortuga backpack. Not the divide. Its a full 35l. I think its better than the divide since it has more storage space, a smaller and more compact almost perfect bag than the 45l one.

  11. Hey Pack Hacker,
    I‘m currently looking for a backpack for school (a4 folder, 2 thick books, laptop), work (laptop and papers) on the same day. I also have to travel occasionally by air.
    Is the opening suitable for school and work or is it too much like a travel backpack? Is there anything you can recommend for my purpose?

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