Tutorial: How to install a Visiontek Radeon R9 390X Video card

Hey Guys, Iggy back again with Dragonblogger.
So you’ve bought your Visiontek Radeon R9 390X but… now what? What what what do you
do with it? It doesn’t just magically appear in the system like you see right now, I had
to install it. So, if you don’t know how to install it, let me show you how to do it and
if you do know how to install it,… you might learn something, who knows. But just remember,
for those of you that might be a little intimidated on doing this, we were at, all at one point
noobs we didn’t know how to do it and even the most elite of elite pc builders started
off the way your starting off today. I am going to help you get up there, I am going
to help you install it and uh…. hopefully you teach you a thing or 12. Today I am going
to show you how to install the Visiontek Radeon R9 390X. Alright, some of you may have never
done it. You’re a little intimidated but I am just going to make it a little easier for
you. So lets,… take this out of the box first. Alright so, and then. Right here we
have our video card. Alright but we already have a video card in here so,… lets go ahead
and take it our real quick. Alright so I am just going to unscrew the 2 screws here,…
holding the card in place. So we can see, right here,.. there is the little PCIE retention
mechanism that’s holding your card in place. So you cant just rip the card out. So you
take the PCIE power 6pin out, or what ever it may be on your particular card. Then you
push this in with a screw driver, its a lot easier and if you saw the card came a little
tiny bit, I will push it back in so you can see. Alright just watch… Card came out a
little tiny bit. So then, now that we’ve undone the screws over here, we can just easily pull
the card out, and we’re done, at least unplugging the card. Alright so then, now we’re left
with installing the card. This is a 13 inch video card, so your gonna wanna make sure
you have enough space in your system for the card to fit. So you can see right over here,
I’m gonna match this part, this part, this so your DVI’s can stick out of course and
these 2 ports, HDMI and Display port can stick out so you can plug in your video card, your
monitor, if not then you have a video card you can do anything with it. So now, were also
going to want to put this, the PCIE portion into the PCIE slot of course. Again, match
up the back of the card right here with the back here, and then that’s just going to make
sliding the card into the PCIE, slot that much easier. Pretty much done, let me get
a little closer and show you guys a little bit better. Again, I’m going to take the card
out and then show you how to put it back in. So again, what were going to to is we’re going
to want to push this little PCIE retention mechanism down, in but remember the cards
going to pop out a little tiny bit so we want to make sure you put you hand under here in
case the card does fall out of the slot and then push in, your going to notice the card
pop out a little tiny bit. Ok, now we can just pull the card out. Alright and then we
will go again, going to match up this, this portion with the back of the case here. So,
match it up here stick out the uh, the DVI connections and then that’s just going to
make sliding the card in that much easier. And when I slide the card in, you’ll notice
that little PCIE retention mechanism just popped right back up. This particular power
supply, I’m lucky enough that with this power supply, my PCIE connections have, they’re look
like they’re both 6 pins but that’s only because I’ve hidden,… the 8 pin connections, so
I’m just going to cut the zip tie that I had them held down with. Oh it looks like maybe,
this one didnt have a 6 pin, uh 8 pin. So thats OK, with this video card, it has 1 x 8
Pin and 1 x 6 Pin. So I can just easily plug my 8 pin there and then I can plug my… 6
pin over here. The requirement for this video card is a 700, at least a 750 watt power supply,
you can go as large as you want to of course. So,… there is going to be a chance that
maybe your power supply,… doesn’t have an 8 pin PCIE connection, it might only have
2, 3 or 4 x 6Pin. That’s alright, because Visionteks, Visiontek helps you out. They provided with it, a 6
Pin to two to 8 Pin converter, so with the 6 Pin all we need to do is plug it in, don’t
worry there is no possible way unless you force it with all your superman might or wonder
woman might to get this the wrong way. Because if you’ll notice here, its a not a square,
it square then rounded off, square rounded off, square, square, square rounded off, square
rounded off connection so it makes it a lot more difficult to plug in the wrong one, so
then you can just plug that in like that,… then you plug in your 12 x Pin (I meant 8 Pin) and you plug
in your 6 x Pin. And then of course when you’re done just screw the card in. Alright and you’re
done. So, I’ve just shown you how to install the Radeon R9 390X from our friends at Visiontek
and the case I installed it in, which is super long is the Corsair 780T, sweet case. Alright
guys, this is Iggy with Dragonblogger out,… again I was just showing you how to install
the Visiontek Radeon R9 390X. See you guys.

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  1. Tutorial: How to install a Visiontek Radeon R9 390X Video card https://youtu.be/Clc0s2Y0-1k via @YouTube

  2. Check it out on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ZQ9JL0U?tag=iggyc-20
    Check out the full review at Dragonblogger: http://www.dragonblogger.com/visiontek-radeon-r9-390x-8gb-video-card-review/

  3. Thanks, this will help me to install the XFX R9 390, i was a little worried about the power connector, i'm using the XFX XTR 650W and it have 4 cables of 6+2 pin, you use only one bifurcated cable, i'll do the same, thanks again.

  4. Bought my first new video card ever earlier today. Gotta say, I had no idea the extra piece on the power supply cable was an extra 2 pins. This really helped me out, thanks!

  5. thanks a lot! you saved my day… I was only connecting one pci cable into the graphics card and couldn't say why it was not working for over 2 hours!

  6. Hello, very informative video, thank you! I do have a question tho. I'm a Granny Gamer and this is my first comp build. I think I've done pretty well on it but this has me a bit confused. I have 2 separate 6/8 pin cords from my power supply with 2 6/8 pin connectors on each cord. (My card takes 2 6 pin connections; its the R9 380 card.) Do I connect the 2 on one cord or do I connect 1 6 pin connection from each cord? (I think it's the connections on 1 cord but I'm not entirely sure.) Thanks in advance!

  7. Hello AhmaLyra, I cannot directory comment to your post since it is a linked comment but the way personally I like to do it is to connect one from each cord, just to make sure all of my load is not on 1 rail. That is a great question by the way. I am very happy my video could help you, please be sure to check out the entire review, it might help you a little more


  8. i wannna install a new R9 390 ….. please tell me if my system config is enough for it …. Operating System
    Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit
    Intel Core i3 2120 @ 3.30GHz 45 °C
    Sandy Bridge 32nm Technology
    8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 665MHz (9-9-9-24)
    Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. H61M-S1 REV 3.0 (Intel Core i3-2120 CPU @ 3.30GHz) 28 °C
    LED MONITOR (1360×[email protected])
    2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 (ZOTAC International) 52 °C
    931GB Seagate ST1000DM003-1ER162 ATA Device (SATA) 37 °C

  9. Well spoken, clear concise instructions and humble as well. I subbed. Well met. Bought this but in xfx today about to install.

  10. i have a msi h81 p33 mobo and its a micro atx mobo and i have a wifi card on the smaller pcie slot and iam wondering would the graphics card fit?

  11. Hey, quick question: i have an R9 390 as well, but it has two 8 pin connectors. right now i connected it with my PSU by using a single cable that ends in two 6+2 plugs. should i have used two cables instead?

  12. Hey so I have this graphics card but my psu only comes with a 6/2 pin connection. When I connect my hdmi to the graphics card it does post. This is my psu https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00K85X23O/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awd_EgfixbAB2P560 and this is my graphics card http://m.newegg.com/Product/index?itemnumber=N82E16814150727. Please help:(

  13. my HX620 PSU only has 2 6pin.

    I guess it should work fine if I use the 6 to 8pin adapter that came with the GPU.

  14. Just got this card used without the user manual, this video was just what I needed to get it installed properly, thank you.

  15. Hello, the pc I have is an Acer Aspire ax1430g-uw30p I'm hoping to upgrade to a faster desktop one I'm hoping for would be one with built in wi fi and one that is 60 fps as for building one of my own you see I 'm not what you would call a "tech person" so I'm not sure where to start I'm looking for something around 400 and something dollars if possible any suggestions?

  16. Thank you for the video! It helped me last year when installing my GPU, and helped me again just today- was putting in a new power supply, and couldn't remember how the power cables were set up. Referred to your video, and got it hooked back up, no prob!
    Thanks for being there for old people with memory problems like me, lol!

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