Twin Mirror – E3 2018 Announce Trailer | PS4

This is it. This is where it all ended. I wonder how much
things have changed? It’s only been a year. Sam, I’m not trying to hurt you. It feels like a lifetime. I wish I’d come back
under better circumstances. What are you doing
back in Basswood, Sam? [KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK] Sir, hello? Ugh. My head. What happened last night? Oh Shit. All that blood. And that’s definitely my
shirt from last night. What is this? Did I blackout or what? I have to figure
out what happened. Okay.
Wake up. Focus. Remember.

100 thoughts on “Twin Mirror – E3 2018 Announce Trailer | PS4

  1. It’s awesome that West Virginia is getting some love! This game and fallout 76 will be taking us home to country roads!

  2. Looks like Heavy Rain mixed with Alan wake and that game that came out that was a TV show at the same time. Hahah

  3. Despite where the name says, this feels like Grafton, WV. I would know, I live barely an hour's drive North of there.
    Now, do you fight the Mothman or not?

  4. DONTNOD are on fire. They just finished working on Vampyr and they're already onto their next game, while also giving us a free prequel to the LiS sequel. I hope in the midst of working on Twin Mirror they're simultaneously working on LiS 2 as well lol

  5. Looks intriguing. Love these settings. Twin Peaks / Alan Wake, those kinds of environments. Will be keeping an eye on.

  6. Вы охуели? Это графон 2011! Вы это на PS4 собираетесь выпускать? Я бы это на третьей плойке не включил!

  7. Well this game is clearly not coming out till 2020(I'm expecting delay) because the trailer is in 2013 model graphics

  8. With Telltale gone, Dontnod is now the new king of episodic story/choice driven games! And I couldn't be happier…..well I could if Telltale were still kicking out games but yeah, at least we have someone continuing this amazing style of game.

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