Twitch’s NEW Highlighter Makes Editing EASY!

What’s up, guys? Welcome back to the Gaming
Careers YouTube channel. In today’s video, we’re
going to be looking at the brand new updates
to the Twitch highlighter that have just been
released, today in fact. They were announced back at Twitch Con, but the features actually
become live today and it makes it so much
better if you’re creating highlights from your twitch streams for offline content to help you grow whilst you’re not live streaming. Now the Twitch highlighter has actually been out for a while, but previously you’ve only been able to create highlights as one single segment of your livestream. With this new update to
the Twitch highlighter, you can now combine
several different segments of your live stream into one highlight effectively editing
highlights from a stream together into one combined clip. We’re going to be diving into
the full feature overview, how you can use it, why
you should be using it, after a quick message from our sponsor. The HD60 S from Elgato allows
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link in the description. Now you might be
thinking, why would I want to be spending time editing together highlights of my stream? Am I not doing enough by streaming three or four days a week already? Well the truth of the matter is, you need to be spending
time after your stream editing together the
highlights of your stream because they VODs, these videos, they work for you whilst you are offline. The way this works is
that if somebody arrives at your stream when you
aren’t live streaming, they obviously see your offline image, but they’ll also see
in the top right corner a link to either your most recent stream or your most recent video. You can let that video be a highlight reel of your last stream, effectively showing this person that’s arrived at your stream all of the best bits that they missed last time you were live streaming. And that greatly increases the chances that they’re going to follow and look out for your stream next time you’re live. You can also, of course,
share these highlights on your social media. Places like Twitter and
Instagram are incredible places to share highlights of
your gaming moments, of your live stream
moments, and every single like and retweet you
get there is effectively opening up your network and
your potential audience. More people seeing the best
bits of your live stream. To make your life even
easier and to prevent you from potentially having
to sift through hours of your own live stream footage, Twitch has a feature that they introduced last year called Stream Markers. When you are live in your
actually Twitch live dashboard, you will see a section
called Stream Markers. When a specific moment
happens in your stream that you want to remember
and you want to add a Stream Marker for, you can simply click the add marker button
and it will add a marker at the current timestamp. After you’ve added these Stream Markers, they will be visible
in the highlighter tool that we’re going to
get to in just a second which makes it much easier. You’re not going to have to sift
through all of that footage. You can see specifically the highlights or the Stream Markers that you created whilst you were live streaming. There are actually a few different ways that you can create markers that don’t all have to be done from
the Twitch dashboard. You or your editors can
type in slash marker and then a description if you want to and that will also add a marker. Another way of doing it if you
are using your mobile phone to monitor your stream, is
you can add Stream Markers through the Twitch app. Finally, if you have
invested in a Stream Deck or a Stream Deck Mini, they of course have an integration to adding
markers at the current live timestamp whenever you press it. Which makes it super easy ’cause you can just press the button
on your Stream Deck whilst you’re live and
you know that moment is then marked when you
get to the highlighter so you can easily find your highlights. So, actually how you use the
new Twitch highlighter is, if you go to your Twitch dashboard and you come down to Video Producer, you should see a list of all of the videos that you’ve produced and all
of your last live streams. If you come to the live
stream that you want to create highlights
of and you come across and click the highlight button, it’ll take you into the new highlighter. Now let’s quickly go
through the interface here. In the top left you have
the Highlight Queue. This is kind of like the render queue of a traditional editing software. It’s basically where all
of the separate highlights that you want to produce go before you actually publish them. So we’re not going to spend
too much time on this section, but in the top right you
have your source video. This is the full VOD of your live stream. So however many hours you
were live streaming for, this is the full amount. You can see this live stream that I did was 2 hours 51 minutes. This is where you’re going
to be previewing exactly where you want to set
your in and out points and actually watching back
the edit that you have. And then down in the bottom
you have your timeline. This is specifically where
you’re going to be setting in and out points for
the individual segments that you want to highlight
and put together. You also have some controls
for zooming in and out and displaying any markers
that were made on the stream. So to use the new Twitch highlighter, you just need to scrub through and find a point roughly where you want
to start your first segment. So, just any moment that you remember, or if you have Stream
Markers in your timeline, you can obviously skip straight to those. I’m going to look around this
section a little bit earlier, around about here, yeah. And then hit the play button
and watch through this. Now, I don’t want this
whole thing segmented. I just want to get the
points where, you know, you get a kill or some sort of highlight. And in this example,
I’m just going to create highlights from a match
that I won in Apex Legends. So, I obviously don’t
want to get the bits in where I’m missing shots. I want to start this clip
just after this person dies and shoot across at this person. So what I’ve done now, is I click the start segment at playhead button. You can also use the hotkey,
Alt and less than sign and that has moved the
start of the segment to the point of the playhead. I now want to end this segment there. So you can see I have a nice
little yellow section here of a timeline which is the
in point and the end point that I have just set and
to do that all I’ve done is been clicking these buttons, start segment at the playhead
and end segment at playhead. And if you want to, you can come in here, zoom in and actually drag and
change the in and end points that you want, but that is effectively how you create a segment. And the idea is, with this new update, you can create multiple
segments from one livestream and stitch them all
together into one highlight. So find your next segment that you want to start the highlight at. You can also scroll through here on the timeline rather than
the actual source video preview and find the section
that you want to start the next highlight at. Here you can see I’m in another fight. So just back a few frames and I’m going to start a new segment here. Now, it’s key that you
don’t press here to start a segment at the playhead. You actually need to
add a new segment first. So click the plus icon. That’ll start a new
segment at the playhead. Watch through the clip and find the bit that you actually want
to end the segment at. So this is just a little fight
with a couple more people. And when you get to the
point where you want to end the segment, you’re going to again hit the end segment button or
Alt and greater than sign on your keyboard just
to finish that segment. Now keep repeating this process throughout the whole of your live stream, finding the exact segments that you want to be stitching together in your video. A quick note. If you ever need to delete a segment, you just make sure that
you’re highlighting it. You can tell which one’s
highlighted because it’s yellow. So click on it to highlight it and then come up to the
remove selected segment button here and that will actually remove that segment from the highlight. Now that you have chosen
all of the segments that you want to include
in your highlight, you can come up here and use
the preview all segments button and this is going to play
back all of the segments that you’ve chosen without
the bits in the middle that you’ve chosen to cut out. This is going to be exactly
as the highlight video is going to appear. So watch it back. Feel free to go back in
and make any changes. You know, drag things a little shorter or change things up however you need to to make the highlight
exactly as you want to. But once you are happy,
you can come up here, name your highlight
whatever you want to name it and choose the game that is being featured or the Twitch category
that’s being featured and then you can click publish highlights. Now Twitch will take a couple of minutes just processing and actually
creating the clip for you. In the meantime, you can
create or you can rename or you can rename the title. You can add a description. You can also upload a custom thumbnail which could be interesting because, as I said before, this
is going to be the video that is shown when somebody
arrives at your Twitch channel whilst you’re offline. So if you get a nice custom thumbnail that really entices people to go and click to watch this highlight video, that’s certainly going
to drive more traffic. If you’re going to be doing highlights for every single stream that you do, creating a thumbnail probably
isn’t the best use of time. There’s probably things
that you could spend your time on to grow your stream that would be a better use. So, completely up to
you as to whether or not you want to use a custom thumbnail. It will generate one for you just based on the video that you’ve created anyway. Now once your highlight
video is published, you might notice that there
is a share option up here where you can share it to social media. Which I definitely recommend doing, but I actually think there’s
a better way of doing it. If instead of using the share button, you instead download this highlight, you’ll get an actual video file that you can then upload to Twitter or to Instagram and that’s
much better than using the shared dialog ’cause the shared dialog will just copy a URL and when that appears in a tweet it’s not as engaging and it’s not as likely
as people are going to actually watch the video. Whereas if you download the
actual physical video file and upload that then to Twitter, you’ll get a much nicer preview window. It will also play it just
below a certain length and people are much more likely to engage and watch your highlight reel. Now I think this is just great that Twitch is empowering users to
be able to create more offline content for all
those moments where they’re not live streaming to still
gain and grow an audience. But there are a few improvements I would to see Twitch make to the highlighter tool over the coming months. Firstly, would be the ability to be able to add segments from
different live streams. So, imagine a scenario where you’re trying to do a full walkthrough of a game and it’s going to take you
five or six live streams to actually get through that game but you want to create a
highlight video at the end of it. Currently, you can only create highlights from a single live stream. So you can stitch certain points
from that one live stream, but I’d like to see Twitch add the ability to be able to add segments
from different live streams and edit them all together
into one highlight. Another limitation that I found is that you have to play back the segments in the order as they
appeared in the live steam. So you can’t rearrange
things, take a segment from the end, put that at
the start of your highlight, or anything like that. They have to play back in the order that they appeared in the live stream. Finally, and probably the
biggest feature I would Twitch to add to the new highlighter, is the ability to undo
if you made a mistake. The specific mistake I kept making is when you want to add another segment, you would click the start segment button rather than actually adding
a second segment first. What would happen is when
you click start segment, it would take your previous segment and move it all the way across because you technically
didn’t add a new segment. I mean, that’s probably
just something that I need to learn to do, but I made the mistake, like, two or three times in a row. It was super frustrating not
being able to undo the mistake. Just to go back and
correct what I had done, I had to actually physically go back, create the segment again. I have been lucky enough to have testing this new highlighter for
the last couple of weeks. So I know that Twitch is
dedicated to improving it and hopefully they’ll take some of these suggestions onboard. So now my call to action for you guys, is if you’re going to be using
this new Twitch highlighter tool that’s been released today, come and share the clips that you create in the Gaming Careers discord. We’ve got a channel completely dedicated to sharing Twitch highlights, and now with this new highlighter tool it’s going to be easier to
create better highlights by stitching together multiple segments. I’d finally like to say thank you guys so much for the 150,000
subscribers we’ve reached here on Gaming Careers and also
for the amazing response that we’ve had to the previous video about OBS version 23 and all of the new Nvidia improvements. If you haven’t seen that,
I will link it up here in the top card, but it’s been
getting an amazing response. I’ve been really taken
back by how incredible the community has responded to that video. As always, a massive thanks to my patrons. These people keep this channel running by supporting me and what
I’m doing in creating these tutorials every month. And subscribers, I’ll see
you in the next video. Peace. (slow upbeat music)

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