Ujigami PDMS Operator Workstation

Ujigami Product Directed Manufacturing System(PDMS) –>100% Mistake Proofing – NO PLC REQUIRED ! Operator loads parts into fixture. Sensors provide feedback for Ujigami to confirm correct parts are loaded. Ujigami completely manages torque controller to ensure the power tool only operates with correct components. Scanners can be used to ensure the correct component is selected – lot, serial, and/or part number verification. For multiple fasteners, Ujigami uses spatial positioning to ensure they are run down in the correct sequence. When successfully complete, Ujigami prints the barcode label for the part. Scanning verifies barcode readability. Although Ujigami cannot prevent the operator from “working up the line” by loading the next components… Ujigami CAN prevent the power tool from operating. As soon as the next part is in station, Ujigami instantly verifies all correct components are loaded… And enables the power tool. Ujigami’s Birth Certificate provides complete traceability of how the part was produced. Including operator, date and time, components, torque and angle, barcode label, and all other process results. Ujigami PDMS – easy to configure Zero Defect manufacturing – – – no PLC required.

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