100 thoughts on “UNBOXING A QUANTUM COMPUTER! – Holy $H!T Ep 19

  1. d-wave was dope but then. then i saw the dollar shave club.


    ok d-wave. keep tellin yourself that.

  2. Well Linus, I’d probably say that’s exactly what I was expecting, given the title and thumbnail of this video. Stop wasting my time. 🙁

  3. Well Linus, I'd probably say that this is exactly what I was expecting given the title and thumbnail of this video,
    stop wasting my time. 🙂

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  5. Ive watched this video several times since it was uploaded and I still have no fucking idea what's going on

  6. thats not even close to the coldest place in the known universe you stupid canadian fuck. the coldest place in the known universe is at MIT

  7. Around 7:13
    Kelvin is a unit of measurement equal to one degree Celsius (also called Centigrade). The only difference is the starting point: Kelvin starts at absolute zero (-273 degrees Celsius), and Celsius starts at the freezing temperature of water (273 degrees Kelvin). Keep in mind that actual 0 Kelvin is an irrational number, like pi (273.15…).

  8. its been done already…life IS quantum computers…when we have it all figured out we will merely have reinvented ourselves, then we will know what's going on and humanity will freak..

  9. but why go from powers of 2 to just boring powers of 10?
    wouldn't it make more sense to go: 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048. like with Memory?

  10. We’ve reached the “who cares” level of science. Can we try and feed the starving for one generation before wasting billions on stuff like this…

  11. I've watched several videos of people explaining quantum computers and qubits and I still don't understand them. Everyone tries to simplify it for easier understanding but it really doesn't help me to understand how these processors work . The explanation in one video made it feel like we are stealing energy, or possibly affecting other universes or realities in some way. Creepy stuff.

  12. It was a risky bet to allow Linus hand get too close to the expensive quantum computer, something could have fell on the floor.

  13. @0:01–0:05 – Really? That's funny Linus, you don't LOOK shrunk down – floating in the void of my Ex's dead heart.

  14. Well Linus, I'd probably say that this is exactly what I was expecting given the title and thumbnail of this video, stop wasting my time. 🙁

  15. Sometimes i think Linus treats us like we are 7 years old, the way he explains things. Other times like this, i just think he doesn't know what he's talking about. Lol

  16. it's like the computers back in the 60s. Give it a couple of decades and we will have quantum computer cell phones in our pockets.

  17. broke ass people I’m using an rgb super mechanic quantum ultra 200080 rtx gtx ti I can run any game on 2000 FPS u broke ass b****

  18. I see the future as having a few central quantum computers. And we have dumb 5g/6g devices (laptops) running very low power cpus, and having Incredible battery life's.
    Then all of these connect to the cloud quantum computer to do tasks. Meaning, no upgrades needed. Just monthly subscriptions.

  19. Hi, cold chip, what is your objective … and why… love… oh, almost forgot, do you need to exist in the world of matter to be taken seriously, … ??

  20. Quantum computers are so scary. They solve none of the problems we really like to solve (AI, DNA sequencing, complex molecules simulations), and solve the one problem no one sane would want to solve (cracking your passwords by rate of millions per day)

  21. Well Linus, I’d probably say this is exactly what I expected given the title and thumbnail of this video, stop wasting my time 🙁

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